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May 26th, 2015


Music Festivals have been in existence since ancient times and were mainly associated with religious ceremonies.  The very first recorded music festival was in Dublin, Ireland in 1897. The very first music festival, as we know them today was the Tanglewood Festival in Massachusetts.   This was followed by the very famous Woodstock festival which was considered to be one of the most pivotal moments in popular music history.  The three day festival was enjoyed by 500,000 revellers, who braved inclement weather to participate in the most revered festival ever.  These American music festivals paved the way for music festivals in England and large pieces of land have been used to celebrate some of the greatest bands ever.

Whether you are going to one of the big festivals such as; Glastonbury, ‘V’ Festival and the Latitude Festival or just going to a small local music gathering, you will want to make sure that you are wearing the right attire.  Festivals are renowned for showcasing adverse weather conditions and generally when you pack your gear you have to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.  Even super models like Kate Moss have to resort to wearing wellies in order to combat the squelchy ground.  We are going to look at possible clothing choices that will help you to dress to impress and suit whatever weather Mother Nature decides to throw at you.

Religion T-Shirts

religion tshirt

If you are lucky enough to have good weather when you go to the festival then you will want to make sure that your t-shirt shows everyone that you are right on trend but like to stand out from the crowd.  The sheer nature of music festivals tend to lend themselves to the Indie culture of the 1990’s, so it is appropriate to look towards t-shirts from Religion clothing.  those who are cautious may opt for plain black or white t-shirts with a small praying man logo because it shows intent but doesn’t commit you to full shock tactics.  If however you want to draw attention to yourself, there are plenty Religion graphic t-shirts for you to choose from.

Shorts From Jack And Jones

jack and jones

If we continue on the vein of having favourable weather then you will most certainly want to be wearing shorts.  We have chosen a few from our Jack and Jones collection.  The selection comprises of a long pair of chino shorts and three pairs of denim shorts, if you really want to look as if you have lived in a festival field all of your life, then the distressed denim shorts will add the dishevelled look.

Palladium Footwear


Making sure that your feet are comfortable and your chosen footwear can withstand the adverse conditions of the festival field is an important task.  There is nothing more guaranteed to spoil your enjoyment of an event than having aching, blistered and wet feet.  Apart from wellies the next obvious choice are Palladium Boots.  With their vulcanised sole originating from the aviation industry and the robust canvas covering, the Palladium boot really is the ideal footwear to wander around the festival field.

Waterproof Jacket From Voi Jeans


Throughout this post we have tried to optimistic about the weather, however there are times when you have to be realistic and prepare for the worst.  Chances are it will rain at some point during the festival and you will need to cover up.  Voi Jeans have designed a great range of wet weather gear that doesn’t make you look like a train spotter.


Whichever festival you are going to make sure that you are fully prepared with a warm hoodie, trousers, wellies, suncream and drink plenty of water.  if you would like to look at our complete range of festival type clothes visit Stand-Out.Net.


May 19th, 2015

501 tapered

Why customise your Levis 501 jeans when Levis will do it for you?  We are used to the original cut of Levis 501’s where they cover the top of your trainers and this is perfectly acceptable, especially if you like to follow Levis tradition.  For many years people, who want to showcase their trainers, have taken fashion design into their own hands and tapered their Levis 501 jeans themselves.  Many of us who are not that daring or have never used a sewing machine have had to make do with the original levis 501 cut. At last Levis have tapered their Levis 501 jeans so that the more cautious among us can now enjoy showing off our luxury trainers without destroying our precious Levis 501’s jeans.

At Stand-Out.Net we have selected three customized tapered Levis 501 jeans to add to our Levis 501 collection.  The best thing about our Levis 501 tapered jeans is that they have a customised look about them with the benefit of professional tailoring.  For people who like to collect Levis 501 jeans it is a great opportunity to expand your collection and own a different style with Levis 501’s fantastic fit.

Levis 501 Customised Tapered Original Fit Bristol Jeans


These Levis 501 Customised Tapered original Bristol Jeans are dark blue with a brand tab on the waistband, two back pockets, two front pockets and a coin pocket.  The jeans have a button fly and front button enclosure.  The tapered effect is completed with a roll up at the bottom.

Levis 501 Customised Tapered Dalston Jeans


These Levis 501 Customised Tapered Dalston Jeans in washed blue denim has five pockets, button fly and branding to the waistband.  The blue denim is slightly faded at the shin and the taper is completed with a turn up.

Levis Customised Tapered Livorano Jeans


These Levis 501 Customised Tapered Livorano Jeans are pale blue with the original five pockets, button fly and branding to the waistband.  As with all of our tapered Levis 501 jeans the look is rounded off with a turn up at the bottom of the leg.


Owning a pair of Levis 501 tapered  jeans, allows you to wear your favourite trainers without hiding any of the design details.  if it is time to update your trainer collection we have a wide range of designer trainers for you to choose from.  if you would like to look at our complete Levis Jeans collection click here.  If you are considering buying a new pair of trainers click here


May 15th, 2015


What do Gaz Beadle, the Lake District and Eleven Degrees have in common?  Most people will have heard of at least one of these, unless they have been hiding in isolation for the past few years.  First of all Gaz Beadle is the hunk from Geordie Shore, who thinks that he, ‘Should have a degree in pulling women’. Secondly The Lake District is an area made up of mountains and lakes and is situated north of Manchester and south of Scotland.  The Lake District has many towns and villages including one called Kendal.  Kendal is the birthplace of the clothing brand Eleven Degrees, who design and manufacture exciting threads that are modelled by Gaz Beadle!


Eleven Degrees only hatched in 2014 and has already got 25 thousand followers on Facebook and nearly 8,000 on Twitter.  The progress of their business seems to be pretty quick and has gained following from, Geordie Shore fans and those who appreciate fresh and effervescent clothing design.  Eleven Degrees is such a new company that the only information we have about the creative mind behind it, is by reading the local newspaper, ‘The North West Evening Mail’.

Christian Hoyle is the 36 year old entrepreneur behind Eleven Degrees.  Christian Hoyle already owns a restaurant and half a hairdressers in Kendal.  In an interview with The North West Evening Mail,  ‘Mr Hoyle said: “We are aiming at the new-found man, between 14 and 30, who really cares about his appearance.”’ Eleven Degrees is certainly the brand to watch, as Christian Hoyle plans to build up his collection up to 100 pieces within the next five years.

christian hoyle

At Stand-Out.Net we pride ourselves in introducing our customers to up and coming brands and Eleven Degrees is of no exception.  At the moment we stock eight Eleven Degrees T-shirts – each with their own individual design and interesting detail.

group 1

The first four t-shirts are the;  Eleven Degrees Vertical Cut Sew Floral T-Shirt, Eleven Degrees Brand Carrier Logo T-Shirt in white, Eleven Degrees Brand Carrier T-Shirt in black and the Eleven Degrees Lotus Fade T-Shirt.  All of these t-shirts have the Eleven Degrees logo printed on the left hand side of the chest and have a twist on traditional t-shirt design.

group 2

The next four t-shirts are the; Eleven Degrees All Over Paisley T-Shirt, Eleven Degrees Paisley Logo T-Shirt in black, Eleven Degrees Paisley Logo T-Shirt in white and the Eleven Degrees Vertical Cut Sew Paisley T- Shirt.  Again these t-shirts have the Eleven Degrees logo on the front left hand side and have patterned detail to the sleeve cuffs.

Eleven Degrees is definitely a brand to watch and as their collection grows we will see many more exciting and innovative designs.


May 12th, 2015


Although Wimbledon won’t be hosting its international tennis tournament until July it is never too early to invest in a stunning pair of tennis trainers.   Not only have K-Swiss trainers won awards for style, they have also helped tennis players to compete in major championships. K-Swiss describe their trainers as,  being comfortable athletic shoes for the upwardly mobile.  The combination of high performance design for the tennis court and country club style allows the man about town to look and feel good from their toes upwards.

The K-Swiss story started in 1966 when two Swiss brothers moved to California with aspirations of starting their own footwear company.  Surprisingly  it was their interest in skiing that influenced their trainer designs.   Their all leather tennis shoe was inspired by studying leather ski boots.  Apparently tennis and skiing require a tight leather shoe that allows the foot to move left and right. K-Swiss trainers have been so successful that many other trainer companies have based their designs on this successful brand.

There is no mistaking the clean crisp lines of the K-Swiss tennis shoe, all K-Swiss trainers can be identified by the five stripes each side of the shoelaces and the iconic logo situated on the tongue.  At Stand-out.Net we stock a very classic range of K-Swiss trainers that are available in white, black, red and navy allowing you to choose a colour that most suits your wardrobe and clothing needs.

group 1

K-Swiss Belmont Navy/White Canvas Trainers


These K-Swiss Belmont Trainers are navy and white canvas trainers with rounded toe and K- Swiss logo on the tongue.

K-Swiss White/Neutral Gray Belmont So T Trainers


Made in canvas with a vulcanised rubber sole these K-Swiss White/Neutral Gray Belmont Trainers have grey stripes on the quarters, lace fastening and rounded toe.  The K-Swiss logo can be found on the tongue.

K-Swiss Navy/Antq White Adcourt LA-SDE Trainers


Made from navy suede and leather these K-Swiss Adcourt LA SDE Trainers have a lace up feature with metal eyelets, white stripes at its quarters, vulcanised rubber sole, rounded toe, logo to the tongue and stitching detail throughout the whole shoe.

K-Swiss Biking Red/Antq White Adcourt LA-SDE Trainers


These striking red K-Swiss Adcourt LA SDE Trainers are made from suede and leather, have a lace up feature with stripes in each quarter.  The brand logo is situated on the tongue and the vulcanised rubber sole finishes off its rounded toe style.

group 2

K-Swiss White/Jolly Green Lozan III Trainers


These classic white leather K-Swiss trainers have the wonderful name of White/Jolly Green Lozan III Trainers. They have green branding on the logo, are padded round the ankles, have a rubber out sole and lace up using metal clips.  The five K-Swiss stripes are embroidered on.

K-Swiss Black/White Arvee 1.5 Trainers


These K-Swiss Black/White Arvee 1.5 Trainers are made of black leather with subtle white detailing.  Brand detailing can be found on the tongue, toe guard, heel and the side of the boot.  These trainers are slightly raised and are fastened with laces.

K-Swiss White/Neutral Gray Arvee 1.5 Trainers


These K-Swiss Arvee 1.5 Trainers are made from white leather with muted grey stripes.  Subtle branding can be found on four points around the shoe.  The counter of these trainers is slightly raise and they have a lace fastening.

K-Swiss White/Navy Lozan III Trainers


If traditional white leather K-Swiss shoes is what you are looking for then these K-Swiss Lozan III Trainers could be what you are looking for. Branding can be found on the tongue and at various other points around the shoe.  It is padded at the ankles, a rubber out sole and metal clips for the laces.

If you would like to see our full range of K-Swiss trainers please click here.  If you would like to enter our competition to win a pair of K-Swiss trainers click here.

May 11th, 2015

K-Swiss Sneakers

This time we are giving away 3 pairs of K-Swiss sneakers. You can enter below by submitting your email address and sharing on twitter, facebook, instagram and with your friends.


Rules and Terms:
- Closing date is 25th May 2015.
- Competition is for a pair of K-Swiss trainers – selected by us.
- 3 winners will be selected at random and be notified after closing.
- Your email address will be added to our mailing list.
- You agree to be emailed with special offers and updates from Stand-Out.

May 4th, 2015


Whether you are a keen surfer or just like spending time in the great outdoors you will be very familiar with the Animal Clothing brand.  Animal clothing captures everything that is cool about living your life on the crest of a wave.  The origins of the Animal brand are pretty cool as the first product, the unbreakable watch strap, was invented in 1987 because two surfing dudes were fed up of their watch straps snapping in the water.  They set up a little watch strap making factory in the spare bedroom and sold their invention to their fellow surfers.  The watch strap proved to be popular and they sold enough to fund mega surfing trips to Australia and Hawaii.  It wasn’t long before other extreme sport enthusiasts such as; biking, snowboarding and windsurfing.  Eventually the two guys progressed to selling waterproof watches and then embarked on developing their own sports clothing brand for those who are really active and of course those who want to pretend to be active.

At Stand-Out.Net we stock a wide variety of Animal clothing for those who seek action and adventure and those who like to watch the excitement or just chill out.  Our Animal selection is very much about enjoying the outdoors and relaxing with friends and family.  We are going to focus particularly on swimwear and fun in the sun.

Animal Swimwear


With a wide choice of patterns and styles Animal enables everyone to look cool in their swimming shorts.  If you really like to stand out from the crowd these relaxed graphic printed swimming shorts would fit the bill.  If you would rather be a little more subtle, these fitted single coloured plain swimming shorts would certainly look good.  If you would like to see the whole of our Animal swimming shorts collection, please click here.

Animal Flip Flops

flip flops

In a previous blog post we looked at ‘Why we love flip flops’ and ascertained that its was simply because they are cool to wear and make a lovely flippy floppy sound.  Animal have designed a selection of fabulous flip flops that vary in colour and have different shaped T – bars.

Animal T-shirts

t shirts

You always know that a t-shirt is an Animal t-shirt simply because it has a huge Animal logo on the front.  Sometimes the logo can be a little more subtle like the little one in this two toned long sleeved t-shirt.  Animal also like to decorate their t-shirts with philosophical graphics such as in the case of this, ‘Love Hurts’, t-shirt  or the, ‘Wish You Were Here’, t-shirt.

Animal clothing is a brand that you can rely on to make any experience you have fun and exciting, whether you are a; surfer, windsurfer, biker, swimmer or just like to observe – you will definitely find an Animal design to suit you.


May 1st, 2015


When you delve into the origins of Palladium Boots you will find that they have always been high fliers. Palladium was founded in 1920 to manufacture tyres for the aviation industry, their layering and vulcanising technique resulted in Palladium tyres being fitted to almost every European aircraft during the second world war. Palladium’s tyre production boomed until the end of the war, when everything suddenly stopped. This resulted in Palladium having to rethink their product and alter their direction so that they could remain in business. In 1947 this French company decided to manufacture footwear that is as strong and hard wearing as the Aviation tyres they once produced – the famous Palladium Pampa Boot was born and Palladium Boots have been associated with exploration and adventure ever since.

The Secret Is In The Sole

Palladium Boots are world renowned for their robustness, durability and comfort. The French Foreign Legion was so impressed with the quality of the boots that they adopted them as part of their uniform. The vulcanised sole is really the most important part of the boots, as this is what makes them stand out from other similar boots. Palladium also pride themselves on using the highest quality materials in the production of their boots and shoes and produce boots of many different colours attracting a wide range of fans.

Palladium Pampa TW Sports Boots

Sports boots
These Palladium Sports Boots are available in; black, sand and navy canvas with a large logo on the tongue. The lace fastening and rounded toe make them perfect boots for exploring the streets or indeed rougher terrain. If you are planning on travelling this Summer, these boots will keep your feet comfortable enough to cover many miles.

Palladium Pampa Hi Trainers

Available in espresso and concrete, these Pampa Hi Trainers are armed with the traditional robust sole, canvas finish and large logo detail. These comfortable boots provide the possibility of adventures and exciting experiences with their appearance and unbelievable quality.

Palladium Pampa Oxford Trainers

Available in ivory or espresso are perfect if you want the benefit of Palladium Boots but are not really a boot wearing person. These trainers have the same robust vulcanised sole, canvas upper and are extremely comfortable.

If you are feeling lucky and would like to win a pair of Pampa TW Sports Boots please follow this link. If you don’t feel lucky then check out our entire Palladium Boots collection here.

April 28th, 2015

Palladium Boots

Another great competition is underway. This time Palladium have given us 3 pairs of their TW Sport boots to giveaway. All you need to do to enter is simply enter your details below, follow us on twitter, facebook, instagram and share with your friends.

Congratulations to the 3 lucky winners. You have been notified.

Rules and Terms:
- Closing date is 4th May 2015.
- Competition is for a pair of Palladium boots – selected by us.
- 3 winners will be selected at random and be notified after closing.
- Your email address will be added to our mailing list.
- You agree to be emailed with special offers and updates from Stand-Out.

April 21st, 2015

guide london

When you fasten up the buttons on your Guide London white shirt you probably don’t realise that wearing a white shirt was once considered to be a garment to be worn by the upper classes during the summer months. You may have heard the phrase, ‘You can’t wear white after Labor Day’, this was a fashion rule made specifically to discourage people from flaunting their wealth by wearing white all year round. Of course that rule never became law and we wear white all year round, sometimes you may hear Labor Day referred to in films such as, ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’, during the prison scene where one of the inmates insults Boss Hogg who is wearing a white suit.

Guide London white shirts are in keeping with the British tradition of style and and can be worn with smart clothes or casually with jeans and chinos.  Guide London white shirts also include little details in the buttonholes, collars and front pockets to add a little flourish to your attire.  At Stand-Out.Net we have five Guide London white shirts for you to choose from.

Guide London Plain Stretch Shirt


The Guide London Plain Stretch Shirt is a slim fitting crisp white shirt with full sleeves, cuffs with button detail.  This white shirt is one that can be smartened up with suit trousers and a waistcoat or worn informally with jeans.

Guide London Short Sleeved Trim Pattern Shirt


The Guide London Short Sleeved Trim Pattern Shirt has a curved hemline, button down collar, contrasting brown buttons and pocket flap.  This white shirt would make perfect work wear or beer garden attire during the warm summer months.

Guide London Plain Long sleeved Shirt


The Guide London Plain Long Sleeved Shirt has a low hemline, is slightly fitted and has contrasting collar, buttons and cuffs.  Perfect for looking your best and dressing to impress.

Guide London Plain Short Sleeved Shirt


The Guide London Plain Short Sleeved Shirt has a curved hemline, plain stitching to the sides and clear buttons on the front.  This subtle shirt will definitely help you to stand out from the crowd.

Guide London Polka Dot Trim Long Sleeved Shirt


The Guide London Polka Dot Trim Long Sleeved Shirt adds a bright contrast to the white shirt design.  with contrasting neck collar, false pocket detailing and bright button holes, this shirt is bound to be eye catching.

If you would like to wear white this summer and liked our Guide London Shirts why not check out all of our white shirts available in the many brands we stock.  Click here to see the whole range.


April 17th, 2015

Religion Look Book -10

Stand-Out.Net recently caught up with Religion Clothing and got the opportunity to find out more about the great minds behind the innovative and exciting brand that allows us to choose our own identity and reminisce about the Rave era.

Since the 90’s your identity hasn’t changed, how do you achieve such a strict brand vision whilst still keeping things current ?

The devils in the details!

Religion Look Book -3

What can we expect from Religion over the next year ?

Partying, good style, laugh, and loud music.

Religion Look Book -21

How do religion staff balance their work social life based in such a busy city ?

Work and social life mould into one, when you work for what you love and love the work you do.

What’s your favourite piece from Religions new collection ?

Crib drop crotch quilted joggers.

Religion Look Book -16

What’s Religions 5 must do’s for 2015?

  • Lose your mind at Glastonbury Festival
  • Sleep under the stars on the Ibiza sands.
  • Find a hangover cure.
  • Drink lots of beers at the Camden crawl.
  • Visit proud galleries for a burlesque show.

Who’s the craziest artist/musician you have ever met ?

That’s an easy one – Liam Gallagher

Religion Look Book -22

Funniest celebrity story you have ?

We have a few but there best not told, but a funny celebrity fact is that George Foreman (the boxer, grilling machine) named all 5 of his sons George Foreman Jnr!

What advice would you give to people wanting to get into the fashion industry?

Be true to yourself and take things with a pinch of salt.

Religion Look Book -14


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