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September 16th, 2014


Palladium was established in 1920 to provide robust tires for the newly established aviation industry.  The composition of the tyres were so advanced that the majority of the planes in Europe were fitted with them.  Palladium benefitted greatly from the increased use of planes during the Second World War.  As the war ended the demand for aviation tyres decreased and the French company diversified into producing hard wearing footwear. 1947 saw the birth of the legendary Pampa Boot which was adopted by the Foreign Legion in North Africa due to their durability and comfort.  The Pampa Boot is still used to explore the world 60 years later and the company has increased it repertoire of designs ensuring that wearers can continue to explore their own corner of the world.

Palladium Boots At Stand-Out.Net

pampa boots

Palladium Boots combine the look of high top trainers with the durability of boots allowing you to take on whatever the weather and the terrain has to offer.  The many styles and colour combinations we have available will allow you to coordinate  your Palladium Boots with your favourite clothes. Being able to choose either leather or canvas allows you to select a Palladium Boot in your price range.

Canvas Boots

Two of the canvas boots we have in stock have been designed in collaboration with Hi Alpha Industries producing a bespoke logo design and orange detail that contrasts with the black and sage colouring.  Both the Palladium Sage/Orange Pampa HI Alpha Industries MA-1 Boots and the Palladium Sage/Orange Pampa HI Alpha Industries MA-1 Boots incorporate a zipped side and a vulcanised sole. While the Pampa Hi Cut Boots are all black with a robust vulcanised sole.

Suede/Leather Boots

If you are a fan of the more robust leather boots then our Pampa Sport Cuff WPS Boots  and Pampa Hi Cuff Boots in either desert yellow or classic brown and the robust and durable sole may be just to your liking.  If you are undecided between canvas or leather the Pampa Sport Cuff WP2 Boots combine the two materials together stylish and tastefully allowing you to get the best of both worlds.

If you would like to look at our full stock of Palladium Boots at Stand-Out.Net Just click on this Link and explore our range at your leisure.


September 11th, 2014

Some of you may well be about to start uni (eeeeeeekkk!) so we thought it apt to tell you about the university clothing brand UCLA. For those not quite in the know, UCLA stands for the University of California. UCLA sort of epitomises what we think about when someone says ‘USA college’. They have a very rich sports history background, populated (we imagine) by countless beautiful people, and is set against the gorgeous California sun and sea. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? That idealisation has made UCLA a pretty distinctive brand with a big following and they are now probably the worlds most famous college brand.  They’ve really nailed that aspirational California lifestyle by blending collegiate heritage, LA street style & sporting achievement together.With a sporting heritage definitely worth bragging about it is no surprise that they have put their stamp on athletic clothing – namely t-shirts, hoodies and sweats.

Stand-Out has some new season UCLA arrivals in time for the new term, so feast your eyes on these! Firstly, feel like part of the team in  a classic, simple UCLA t-shirt, the Powell shirt – nice and simple with the recognisable logo stamped on the front. You can’t go wrong really!

ucla tshirt

We couldn’t talk about UCLA without putting in some baseball threads. This is the Grey Marl Morrilton Baseball Jacket. It features a swan neck, poppers up the front and the branding stamped on the chest.  The baseball jersey below is the Harmon Baseball Jersey and has the classic baseball style fastening at the front and is soft to the touch!

17564a (1)


You‘ll notice that UCLA use a lot of blue and gold on their clothing.  The blue represents the ocean and California’s 840 mile long coastline and the gold represents the California Gold Rush in the 1840′s and 1850′s (and also the infamous California sunshine). For those of you who don’t know, the colour red is affiliated with UCLA’s biggest rival, USC (The University of Southern California) which is why you don’t tend to see too much red in their collections.

Lastly, you’ll need some joggers for all the time you spend running track (…or sitting around the house).  The Hayward joggers are classic, comfy and affordable.


So if you want to look like you’ve spent the best years of your life at a sun soaked American college, you know that UCLA are here to help!


September 9th, 2014


Described by Karen Key in the Observer, as the, ‘world’s great egalitarian footwear’, in her article about an exhibition of 40 iconic trainers were displayed in Covent Garden Piazza in an exhibition aptly named, ‘Sneaking into Fashion’.  Tory Turk the curator of the exhibition described his carefully chosen selection as one that, ‘tells the story of the development of trainers from simple generic plimsoll to fashion staple; a cornerstone of popular culture, sport and style.’  So whether you wear your trainers to run the London Marathon or to go to the supermarket you are wearing an iconic piece of footwear.

New Balance and Chicken Feet

Trainers have developed from a very simple design that enabled the wearer to enjoy the freedom comfortable footwear gives you.  Now of course trainers have been scientifically designed so that they optimise your running performance.  Technical development of trainers is by no means a new idea and the inspiration behind the technology can be somewhat surprising.  In 1906 William J Riley, a 33 year old Englishman, set up his, ‘New balance Arch Support Company’, in Boston.  The company initially manufactured arch supports to improve shoe fit in the Boston area.  His unique selling point was the concept of three support points in the insole, this was a concept inspired by the way that a chicken’s three clawed foot results in perfect balance.  He used to have chicken feet on his desk so that he could demonstrate his concept to prospective customers.  The name New Balance was inspired by observations of chickens running about in the yard.  The company expanded in many ways from its humble beginnings and in 1960 Riley’s daughter and husband bought the company and manufactured the ‘Trackster’, which was the world’s first running shoe with a ripple sole.  Now of course New Balance trainers are manufactured in the UK and USA and are very popular throughout the world.


New Balance at StandOut.Net

All New Balance trainers are identified by a number rather than a name simply because they are made in different width and support fittings to cater for everyone’s needs.  Not only can you choose your trainers to fit your feet you can also select a pair to coordinate with your clothes and individual style each style family, such as the 373, comes in different colours and designs.

New Balance 373 Family

373 family

This collection is described as being a classic sneaker with a retro design that makes it look like you have been wearing these trainers for a long time.  Of course they have been manufactured with the most up to date technology resulting in the best of both worlds – style and performance.

New Balance 410 Family

410 family

These low level running shoes are inspired by the US track and field running teams of the 1980’s.  The design is flexible and promoting amazing freedom of movement.

New Balance 574 Family

574 family

Described as a retro running shoe that simply looks good and feels fantastic you cannot go far wrong in choosing your next running shoe from the 574 range.


If you would like to browse Stand-Out.Net’s full range of New Balance trainers you are very welcome to explore  our New Balance selection.



September 4th, 2014

What comes to mind when you think of the Carhartt brand?  Probably a man hard at work, getting dirty and lifting heavy things? Well you are not far off! Carhartt has been around for over 120 years now, originally founded in Detroit in 1889 making overalls for railroad workers. This work-wear theme continued and they now produce clothing suitable for many activities whether that be cutting down trees, driving diggers or even being a nurse or doctor. They are all about being robust and hard wearing, so you know if you buy Carhartt you have an item that’s going to stand the test of time.


Carhartt has always been seen as a manly and practical brand, which still rings true today, however they are now appealing to a wider audience producing more fashion conscious clothing.  Here are some of the Carhartt items we have at Stand-Out and we think you’ll agree they aren’t just for railroad workers any more!

Simply designed and still made with the same things in mind of being tough, practical and comfortable, Carhartt have made their College range of t-shirts and sweatshirts in different colours with just the Carhartt logo on. We like the no-fuss look!


This Anchorage Parka Coat is classic Carhartt. As the name suggests, this one will keep you warm even in Anchorage (Alaska). Thick and durable, this coat will last you a very long time!


They also make a great pair of denims. These Carhartt Rigid Vicious Jeans (we swear they’re not as scary as they sound!) have pockets in all the right places and a great modern fit to them.

To discover more Carhartt items at Stand-Out click here

September 2nd, 2014


The phrase, ‘Duck for Cover’, relates to the advice given to people in order to aid survival if they are in danger of encountering a surprise nuclear attack.  As soon as as the nuclear flash is seen, people are advised to lie flat on the ground preferably under the cover of a table or next to a wall.  This method has saved many people who would have otherwise died had they had been standing up in the open at this point in time.  In Japan during the second world war in 1946 a Hiroshima policeman went to Nagasaki to teach the policemen there the, ‘Duck for Cover’, method of survival. As a result there were more policemen available to help with the relief efforts, unfortunately the rest of the population had not been tutored in this method and perished immediately in their quest to find out where the source of the bright light was.  In 1950’s America a Civil Defence Film was produced to train children in the act of duck and cover, it depicted a turtle surviving a blast by ducking and covering.

Be #readyforanything with Duck and Cover

With the origins of the phrase duck and cover it is hardly surprising that Liam Tootil, the brand ambassador set up the #readyforanything campaign.  The spirit of the campaign is twofold; keeping ahead of the fashion stakes or being able to face up to any challenges that life may throw at you.  Duck and Cover is a relatively new brand that has been inspiring a generation to stand out from the crowd with their alternative take on current trends since 1996.  As the summer sun is fading and unpredictable autumn is heading our way, it is important that we are ready for anything the weather may bring.  These Duck and Cover jackets will make sure that you are prepared for whatever the elements may throw at you!

Duck and Cover Havant Jacket

 havant jacket

This substantial navy jacket will ensure that you can get on with your life whatever the weather.  With its hood and cuffs you are certain to keep warm and dry on those cold autumn mornings.

Duck and Cover Kempston Jacket

 kempston jacket

The Kempston Jacket is slightly more understated than the Havant Jacket due to its sleekness.  Again it has a hood to save your hair from the elements.

Duck and Cover Mullery V2 Blazer


If you are planning on looking formally casual this autumn then this blazer would look great – it would look great with a smart pair of jeans and suit many occasions.

Duck and Cover Theon Jacket

 theon jacket

This Windsor blue jacket could be your last chance to grab a Duck and Cover bargain with its warm design and plenty of decoration.

Duck and Cover Owen Jacket

 owen jacket

If you like to fill your pockets with loads of gadgets then this coal coloured Owen jacket would certainly do the job.  It has generous front pockets that will be able to take the strain of anything you put in them.

If you would like to see our complete Duck and Cover collection come and visit us at Stand-Out.Net

August 26th, 2014


In 1983 Abraham Bux opened his laundry in Preston Lancashire in order to distress and washing jeans for designer brands such as Lee, Wrangler, Next and River Island. The business was so successful that it processed 150,000 jeans every week.  By 1988 it was decided that instead of distressing jeans for other brands it was time for the family to develop their own brand and use their expertise to produce jeans in their own style.  A trip to Italy inspired the three brothers, Rizwan,  Asif and Feroz to name their brand, ‘Voi Jeans’, ‘Voi’ being the Italian for, ‘You’, and the whole ethos of the brand is about the focus of the brand being about You the customer and how you are the most important part of the whole process.  By 1994 production moved to locations around the world and this is when the world started to notice the brand. Most recently Voi Jeans have launched Voi Jeans India as there was seen to be a huge gap in the engineered jeans market in that area of the world.

Expanding the Voi Jeans Collection

As with every successful brand Voi Jeans have diversified and now include; chinos, t-shirts, shirts, jackets and various accessories in their collection.  Again they have kept You,  the consumer,  in mind and the price of garments remain reasonable and affordable.  Here is a selection from our own, newly arrived,  collection of Voi Jeans clothing.

Voi Jeans Cart 039 Regular Jeans

distressed jeans

We have chosen this particular style to show you because it demonstrates exactly how engineered jeans can be.  These distressed jeans are washed to within an inch of their own life, feature patch pockets at the front and have an adjustable strap at the back so that they can fit snuggly.

Voi Jeans Captive Long Sleeved Quilted Overshirt

quilted over shirt

This two toned grey quilted shirt is perfect for the change in season, this tailored design has contrasting shoulders and a logo stitched on to the left pocket.

Voi Jeans Infinity All Over Print T Shirt

infinity tshirt

This ribbed crew neck straight hemmed t-shirt is white with square print spread throughout the garment.  It is amazing how simple lines can be placed on a white garment and produce an eye catching design.

Voi Jeans Cuffed Jeans

cuffed jeans

These grey jeans have a look of the outdoors about them with contrasting dark grey ribbing on the waistband and dark flaps on the front pockets. The whole design makes them stand out, especially the cuff detail at the ankles – they are certainly worth a look.

Voi Jeans Ogden Long Sleeved Polo Shirt

long sleeved polo

This dark long sleeved polo shirt has wonderful pattern detail to the left shoulder and a yellow logo on the right hand chest pocket. It would most certainly allow you to be smart and warm at the same time.

If our Voi Jeans tasters have whetted your appetite for more garments from this range we have have more to look here at Stand-Out.Net


August 21st, 2014

If you aren’t familiar with Crooks & Castles, it’s about time you were.  Fresh and modern with a gangster, hipster edge, they are a Los Angeles based street wear brand with tons of attitude.

The idea behind the brand and name is all about ‘crooks’ i.e the criminals, gangsters and hustlers who managed to get rich and get their ‘castles’, taking inspiration from colourful characters of the past like the Vanderbilts and the Rockefellers (two of the wealthiest American families ever) to modern day billionaires.

In their range you will see a lot of black, white and greys as the main colours with splashes of bright red and gold to make an impact and create that luxurious, regal appearance. You will also see key slogans and designs across their clothing, with bold, graphic prints but also simpler more low key designs. Whatever mood you are in their is something to suit you, whether you want to say more by saying less or say more by saying lots!

The brand has been doing great since starting out in 2002 and has even captured the interests of mega stars such as Kanye West and Jay-Z. Here’s P Diddy sporting their now famous Cocaine & Caviar t-shirt.

Cocaine-Caviar1 p diddy

Crooks & Castles are moving the boundaries of men’s streetwear and is excited to have them! Here are a few of our picks and new arrivals to get you started.

The Son of Crooks T-shirt sums up what Crooks & Castles are about pretty well. Mostly black, some bold colours and a criminally good design (huh huh huh).


Amongst our new arrivals are an awesome collection of snap back caps.  We’ve  picked the Bandana Multi Luxe Bandit Cap here but there are tons of others so you will find whatever you are looking for. A snapback is the perfect accessory to complete your ‘crook’ look.


The Imperial T-shirt is great for a subtler look. Light and comfortable with just an understated gold logo on the front and a ermm, shall we say, cheeky statement on the back for people to see as you walk away. This t-shirt will be as versatile as you like but will still give that gangster edge to any outfit.
c and c imperial t shirt

Now obviously we aren’t suggesting you turn to the crook lifestyle but we definitely do suggest you get some of their clothes to make you feel like one! If you’ve ever had a rooting for the villain have a look at all of Stand-Out’s Crooks & Castles range here and live life a little closer to the edge.


August 19th, 2014


According to the Urban Dictionary the phrase, ‘Right on the Money’, means to be correct or true or in other words. ‘hit the nail on the head’. Money plays an almighty part in our lives whether you have loads of it or you have to count every penny it is always on our minds.  Money is filthy and has been known to carry the flu virus for up to 17 days and there is evidence of other nasty germs that live on our banknotes.  Did you know that 90% of US$ have traces of cocaine on them?  Dealers contaminate the money during transactions and cash machines spread the particles throughout the money supply.  Bob Marley’s final words were, Money can’t buy me life’.

Money Clothing


Money Clothing exploded on to the fashion scene in 2003 and has been rising through the popularity ranks due to its fresh approach and unique range of menswear.  The company describe their style as a combination of classic artisan design and British lifestyle, humour and swagger.  Its ethos in its tenth year is to, ‘Continue to Create’.  Money Clothing is certainly not ‘filthy’ and can only be described as fresh and clean, as many of the designs are monochrome and bright.

Stand-Out.Net and Money Clothing

Amongst our new arrivals we have selected a great taster range of Money Clothing for you to indulge in.  If you are looking for trackie bottoms and long sleeved tops to wear as you relax in front of the TV, gym or pub as the nights draw in then our collection is, ‘Right on the Money’.

All Over George Gorilla T-Shirt

This wonderful eye catching t-shirt speaks for itself and is not only comfortable it will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

money tshirt


Money Classic Sweat Pants

With a large logo on the back pocket these stylish sweat pants would look great in a multitude of settings.

money grey track suit


Money Howl Signature Sweatshirt

We love the cheekiness of this long sleeved top.  If you want to attract attention to yourself, this clever combination of dollar signs and cartoon style looks fab.

micky mouse money

Money Raglan Signature Ape Sweatshirt

Not mono-chromed but a lovely burgundy colour – this warm looking sweatshirt will look great at the gym, pub or at home.

burgandy money

If you have liked our Money selection why not see everything we have got at


August 12th, 2014

It is almost 29 years since Marty McFly burst on to our screens in the first of the Back to the Future trilogy in 1985.  Michael. J. Fox became an icon and, due a resurgence of vintage clothing and 80’s fashion, his costume remains fashionable even now.  The advertising department in the movie took product placement to a different level when it incorporated the brand, ‘Calvin Klein’,  into the plot of the film.  We will never forget the awkward moment when Marty discovers that his jeans have been removed and his mother assumes he is called, ‘Calvin’, due to the name on his underwear.

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures

Marty’s Gear

Without a doubt Marty McFly was one fashionable guy and wore his body warmer, jeans, trainers, shirt and denim jacket to perfection.  His costume is so cool that it would be perfectly acceptable to wear the whole ensemble today and feel confident that you will look just as good as Marty did nearly 30  years ago!  We have selected items from our range that resemble the clothes worn in the film.

Calvin Klein Underwear

With so many styles to choose from we have decided to opt for the 3 pack of trunks by Calvin Klein because why choose one great piece of underwear when you can have three? The brand name is present round the waist elastic as in the film and you have a choice of three great styles in one set.

calvin kleins

Hilfiger Denim Check Shirt

This Hilfiger Denim Sorbet Check Shirt is not the one featured in the film but is very similar and would look just great under a denim jacket and red body warmer.

hilfiger denim check shirt

Levis Slim Trucker Denim Jacket

If you are going to wear a denim jacket in such an iconic ensemble then choosing this Levis Slim Trucker Denim Jacket is the classic choice.  Not only is it part of denim royalty it is also a slim fit meaning that it would fit perfectly under your gilet.

levis jacket

G-Star Low Tapered Jeans

These G-Star Low Tapered Jeans are a perfect match because they have a distressed look and the legs taper in the same way Marty’s do in the film.

G- star jeans

Cross Hatch Zebco Gilet

This red gilet by Cross Hatch is the updated version of the red body warmer that was worn by Marty.  For some reason body warmers are now called gilets and definitely don’t look like, ‘Life preservers’, as mentioned in the film.

cross hatch gillet

Converse Hi-Plus Trainers

In the film Marty wore Nike trainers but we think that these Converse Hi-Plus Trainers are just as cool.  They look suitable for using on a skateboard and will look great on stage when performing a rift on the guitar.

converse trainers

Back to the Future 2015

It is quite ironic to think that the fashion that they predicted we would wear by the time we got to this time in the future is nothing like they expected.  In reality Marty could have worn the same costume in the 1985 and 2015 version of the film and it would be completely accurate.  However there are six months to go until 2015 and we may have an extreme change in fashion but we doubt it – cars have more chance of flying!


August 5th, 2014

original penguin swimwear


In Roman times we used to splash about in water naked due to the waterproof nature of our skin and a respectful appreciation of the human body.  However as time went on it was thought more appropriate to cover up our bodies and shroud them in swimwear that would not only spare our blushes but also keep our wobbly bits in check, as this picture from Punch in 1877 shows.


The Art Deco period in the 1930’s introduced the concept of more streamlined styles and the concept of swimming trunks was born.  In the 1950’s the middle class members of American society sported leisure wear consisting of Hawaiian shirts and patterned shorts.  in the 1960’s swimwear became very brief and thongs were designed by Rudi Gernrich – he also designed the first topless swimwear for women, which was precursor to the bikini.  1970’s brought in cut off shorts while the 1980’s brought out flamboyance and the introduction of Lycra meant that men could wear outrageously patterned trunks that fitted perfectly and skimpily.  The 1990’s  fascination with Calvin Klein boxer shorts introduced the concept of swimming shorts that we are familiar with today.  Trunks have made a comeback in the 2000’s and are now a great compromise between swimming shorts and trunks.  Recently Harry and Bobbie from TOWIE were photographed wearing a, ‘Half Thong’, which is too obscene to show a photograph on this blog.

Original Penguin Swim Shorts

If you feel that trunks and half things are way too skimpy for you and you just like to chill out by the pool then our collection of Original Penguin swim shorts will suit you just fine.  If you favour plain black then these Original Penguin Earl Tipped Swim shorts  would be the best choice.

black earl tipped

If you like the idea of a pattern but don’t really want to be too flamboyant then the Original Penguin Oh my Penguin Print Swim Shorts with little pictures of penguins all over them are cool enough to break the intenseness of black.

total eclipse

Original Penguin Cloud Stripe Swim Shorts are bright, bold and eye catching so if you want to be noticed and comfortable then this is most certainly the choice for you.

cloud stripe

Swim Shorts at StandOut.Net

Obviously Original Penguin is not the only brand of swim shorts available at StandOut.Net so if you have whetted your swimming shorts appitite today – check out the full range of swim shorts at StandOut.Net

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