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June 30th, 2015


On June  28th the Parisian catwalks were illuminated by a cacophony of colours and patterns during the 2015/16 Menswear Fashion Week in Paris. As many high street styles are inspired by elements of each design, we thought that we would look at the gear we already have in stock and match them up with the essence of the catwalk designs. We are stressing the words essence and inspired because to be quite honest you would have to be a brave fellah to walk down Romford High Street in some of the get ups the models were wearing.  We are going to take one look de-construct it and and then show examples of Stand-Out.Net clothing that can be worn as everyday fashion.

The Catwalk photograph  we have used has been sourced from the on-line Guardian article, ‘10 Key Collections in Pictures’,  dated June 30th.  

Our featured look incorporates practicality and fun by layering a check shirt and blazer under a trench coat.  To make the look summery; patterned shorts, socks and white sandals are added.  Obviously the designer must have only had a small window of opportunity to showcase their design and put all of their ideas together in one outfit. We have scoured our vast collection of designer threads to make suggestions of the pieces that make up elements of the look – obviously you are not expected to wear them all at once and because it is summer we don’t have any scarves in stock.

The gear featured in the image are; G-Star Valdo James Trench Coat, Scotch & Soda Knitted Clean Blazer, Gant Wilmington Twill Check Shirt, Farah Vintage Hobart Leaf Print Shorts, Lacoste Fraisier Flip Flops and Bjorn Borg Membrane Socks.

If summer is inspiring you to replenish or replace your wardrobe and you would like to see what other clothes are available, please feel free to visit our Summer Shop for more inspiration.

June 23rd, 2015


If you are a fan of Converse Trainers because you like their style, durability and their iconic status you are not alone.  Stars such as; Drew Barrymore, Demi Lovato and Kirsten Stewart have all worn them on the red carpet.  While Super Mario, Dr Seuss and Jimi Hendrix have all had special addition Converse trainers made for them.  The All Stars branding originates from legendary basketball player Chuck Tayler, whose name was added to the All Stars Logo on the original Converse basketball shoes.  For decades, Converse shoes dominated the sporting footwear market and saw off many of its rivals with its dedicated following.  Converse trainers even played their part in the second world war and White Chuck High Tops became the official footwear of the American Armed forces.

With Chuck Taylor at the helm Converse remained extremely popular and continued to dominate the sport footwear market until 1968, when sadly Chuck Taylor passed away and rival companies were able to take on the market share.  Converse sneakers were no longer considered to be the greatest sport shoes any more but did remain resilient because 70’s dudes really liked the feel of sneakers and Converse became more of an iconic lifestyle choice rather than worn as sporting shoes.  As with every brand, the Converse story involves tales of bankruptcy and stunning buyouts.  Did you know that Nike bought Converse in July 2003 for $309?

To date over eight hundred million Converse trainers have sneaked their way into our hearts and still remain world famous footwear.  The longevity of Converse means that they just keep on bouncing, the original All Star design has been around for 80 years and are likely to be around for many more decades.

Converse trainers are available as high tops or as a lower version Oxford shoe style. At Stand-Out.Net we have a wide selection of Converse trainers in different styles and designs.  You will notice that we also have a selection of Converse running shoes, which have been designed to cater for those of us who like to engage in sporting activities  and still hold a light to the Converse ethos. Many of our Converse trainers are reduced in price so it is one of the best times to grab yourself an iconic bargain.

Converse All Star Hi Trainers

Sporting the Chuck Taylor patch label, snug fit, canvas upper and classic black design these hi top trainers will really make playing football on a Saturday afternoon in the park an All Star occasion!


Converse CT Lean Bran Trainers

This low cut Converse trainer provides an interesting alternative to the traditional black style.  With two grommets at the sides and branding on the tongue and back, there is no mistaking the pedigree of these trainers.


Converse All Star Ox Trainers

If the All Star brand is most important in your Converse selection but you don’t really dig the hi top style, these low cut Converse All Star Ox Trainers in navy would be the best choice for you.


Converse Auckland Racer Trainers

If racing is your game and Converse is the important name,  then these Auckland Racer Trainers are what you are looking for.  These running shoes are really quite different to the traditional Converse style with racing tread and bouncy foamy sole.


Pink Converse All Star Hi Trainers

Converse are really unisex trainers and can be worn by both men and women so these delightful pink All Star trainers can be worn by everyone.  If you have a last minute birthday present to buy for your girlfriend or you are partial to pink yourself these are a great choice.


Converse have extended their collection to designing All Star t- shirts and shorts, at Stand-Out.Net we have collected many of these garments for you to choose from.  Please click here to view our whole collection. Remember to take advantage of the Summer Sale to save yourself cash.


June 16th, 2015

With the introduction of different fabrics and modern new cuts, the polo shirt has cast off its reputation of being worn exclusively for sports and for PE lessons.  Once the the favourite garment of golfers and tennis players but now a versatile stylish alternative to wearing a  short sleeved shirt in the summer months. Originally Lacoste dominated the polo shirt market with its basic white design now brands such as; Duck and Cover, Bewley and Ritch, Religion, Diesel and many more have all redesigned the basic polo shirt to fit in with the ethos of their brand.

At Stand-Out.Net we have a wide variety of polo shirts in our collection but we have chosen to show case nine of our favourites.

Duck and Cover Cedric Bird Graphic Polo Shirt


This 100% cotton machine washable polo shirt in midnight blue is decorated with a repeating Cedric Bird pattern completely loses the traditional polo shirt look in its fitted design and fine weave.

Bewley and Ritch Hudson Polka Dot polo Shirt


If you want to highlight the muscles in your arms you should consider choosing this 100% cotton navy polo shirt with polka dots.  The fitted arms betray all of the time you have spent beefing up in the gym.

Religion Plain Polo Shirt


From the front this plain white cotton polo shirt looks very traditional, but if you turn around everyone will see that you are not quite as straight laced as you may seem.  With a huge cross running down the back of the shirt it is obvious to see that this is no ordinary white polo shirt.

Carhartt Wild Rose Polo Shirt


With a beautiful rose design there is very little to suggest that this polo shirt is just for wearing on the golf course or tennis court.  This 100% cotton shirt would look very much at home in the beer garden or at a barbecue.

Lyle and Scott Polo Shirt


In rich claret, this fitted polo shirt gives off an air of class and style.  You can enjoy looking regal and feel cool at the same time with this 100% cotton shirt.

Voi Jeans Tramore Polo Shirt


The colour of this polo shirt is described as, Black Iris, but has a distinct blue hue.  The design incorporates many contrasting shades and patterns of blue in extremely small stylish doses.

Hilfiger Denim Pilot Flag Polo Shirt


In heather grey, this understated polo shirt tells us that you are discerning and are fully up to date with this years colours.  Not only does it look comfortable it is made from 100% cotton meaning that you will remain cool in any situations life may throw at you.

Gant Solid Pique Rugger Polo Shirt


Also available in green and blue, this raw pink polo shirt is extremely masculine indeed.  This cool polo shirt is fitted enough to show that you look after yourself but is loose enough for you to enjoy messing around with your mates.

Diesel Yahei Polo Shirt


Wow is all we can say about the fit and appearance of this fantastic black polo shirt.  Simply worn with your favourite pair of jeans this polo shirt is made for the man who likes to look after himself.

We have shown you just a taster of our whole collection, if you would like to see all of the polo shirts we have in stock, click here.


June 12th, 2015

Socks have always been considered to be a joke present because they sound so simplistic and a little bit boring.  This used to be in a time when footwear available for men was either formal or scruffy and socks tended to be white or black.  These days of course men have shoe collections that compete favourably with any women and wonderful shoes require interesting and comfortable socks. Wearing the right type of sock is very important because stunning shoes will draw everybody’s eyes to your feet and filthy socks with holes in will spoil any great effect achieved by your wonderful shoes.

Happy Socks Big Dot Gift Pack Of 4 Socks


These bright socks bursting with colour are brought to you by the brand, Happy Socks, which as the name suggests design socks that will make you smile. Your father’s face will not only light up with delight when he sees his present, the bright colours will reflect nicely off his face as soon as he has ripped the paper off.

Bjorn Borg 5 Pack Basic Seasonal Socks


Maybe your dad would prefer to wear bright but not patterned socks with his favourite shoes.  these blue hued offerings by Bjorn Borg are comfortable, practical and look really cool.

Carhartt College Socks


These white socks are for the feint hearted and those who are too scared to shock with bright colours.  Carhartt have produced these white socks with the father who doesn’t really want to be noticed but does want to look good in mind.

Lyle & Scott Stripe Socks


Sometimes a contrasting stripe is just enough to make socks a little more interesting.  These grey socks with a narrow black stripe from Lyle & Scott could be worn to work, especially as they have a teeny tiny lion logo on the side.

Polo Ralph Lauren 2 Pack Stripe Dots Socks


These regal navy and red dotty and striped socks from Polo Ralph Lauren have an air of sophistication about them and would suit a father who likes the best things in life.  These socks would look great with leather shoes and fitted suit.

Animal 3 Pack Socks


Anyone whose dad is a surf dude will know that these sporty socks from Animal have been made with blokes with salty sun bleached hair in mind – or those who aspire to life the surfing life.  If your dad cannot fulfil his oceanic dreams he could at least wear the right socks.

We have a wide range of socks and underwear available at Stand-Out.Net for you to choose from and an even wider range of gift ideas throughout the whole store for you to choose as a Father’s Day gift.


June 9th, 2015

When the sun is blaring down and your skin is getting visibly tanned (or redder in some cases) you can get away with wearing; vests, t-shirts and short sleeved shirts without feeling the inkling of a chill.  Unfortunately these heady days of vibrant sunshine can be quite rare, requiring you to choose your threads wisely.  Investing in a lightweight summer jacket allows you to wear your favourite t-shirt in all temperature combinations and still look amazing.  There are a wide range of jackets available to match any particular image you wish to project.  If you have a particularly large wardrobe and a healthy bank balance you could even stretch to buying more than one jacket this season.

Lightweight jackets are great for layering and can be worn with a cosy roll neck top and shirt to warm you up without having to wear a heavy winter coat.  Some lightweight jackets can also be worn with a gillet on the outside, increasing its warmth by a considerable amount.  A slightly formal lightweight jacket is very useful if you are going out in the evening or having Sunday Lunch with your folks.  If you are renowned for being scruffy, the addition of any one of these jackets to your wardrobe will instantly spruce you up.

At Stand-Out.Net we have a wide range of lightweight jackets for you to choose from, allowing you to look your best whatever the weather.  The jackets we have focused on in this article are from our, New Arrivals range and because they are full price items you can get a 15% reduction using discount code SUMMER15 for a limited time only.


The jackets featured in our group image are; G-Star Sham Bomber Jacket, Religion Phoenix Jacket, Levis The Trucker Denim Jacket, Foray Advance Zip Jacket, Duck and Cover Beagle Zip Jacket, Scotch and Soda Cotton Linen Washed Blazer, UCLA Seymour Reversible Logo Jacket, Hilfiger Denim Bobby Zip Jacket and the Franklin and Marshall Logo Sleeve Varsity Jacket.

Choosing a lightweight jacket requires you to consider how it will go with the whole of your wardrobe and whether you intend to wear it with shorts, chinos and combats rather than just with jeans.  Once your mates see how good you look in your lightweight jacket you will notice that they too will invest in a new jacket for the summer.


June 4th, 2015


Red is an unmistakably bold colour and whenever you wear it you are definitely making a statement about yourself.  When you look at the psychology of colour the intensity of red makes it a very emotional colour. This passionate hue can be interpreted as either the colour of love or as a sign of aggression.   Associated with bravery, nobility and courage – red has always played an important role in our history.  Red brings up connotations of vampires and other bloodthirsty creatures and is often seen in horror films. Cavemen produced cave art using red pigments such as; hematite, iron oxide and red ochre. Contrary to popular belief bulls cannot distinguish red from yellow or blue so as long as you don’t irritate them, wearing red is a perfectly safe colour to wear in the country.  Red is such an eye catching colour that it is important that you choose to wear it wisely and in small quantities.

The 2015 Spring/Summer runways (#SS15) were awash with red hues and the colour maintained a big presence in bold and berry shades.  The message coming across is that you don’t need to be bashful and self conscious when you wear red.  You don’t have to be suited and booted from top to toe in the colour to make red clothing a powerful addition to your wardrobe.  At Stand-Out.Net we have put a collection together of our red clothing and accessories for you to consider.


We have featured the following accessories and clothing; Red Hype Backpack, Logoshirt DC Flash Logo T-shirt, Levis Red Tab Hoodie, Red Vans Authentic Trainers, Red Casio Digital Watch, UCLA Peterson Joggers, Polo Ralph Lauren Hawaiian Boxer Swim Shorts, Polo Ralph Lauren 2 Pack – Stripe/Dots Socks and Solid Keenan Shirt.

As you can see our red collection is tasteful and choosing just one of the items you will be adding great boldness and excitement into your wardrobe.

Here is another colour fact before you go – did you know that the visiting football teams changing rooms are often painted a tranquil pink because it is meant to drain the opposition of their energy?


June 1st, 2015


If you have read our previous blog post about Sperry Top Sider Boat Shoes you will be aware that the soles of Sperry Top Sider Boat Shoes were inspired by the herringbone pattern on the soles of Prince, the Spaniel’s feet.  Up until then any kind of footwear worn on boats exposed the wearer to the prospect of having a tragic accident due to the slippery surface caused by water on the boats and jetty.

Although still extremely popular with sailors, Sperry Top Sider Boat Shoes have become a stylish alternative to trainers and boots during the summer months.  Sperry Top Sider Boat Shoes are considered to be rather preppy in some circles, particularly if worn with chinos and a blazer.

Whether you wear your Sperry Top Sider Boat Shoes on the lake, the beach or about town you will be guaranteed luxury and comfort, regardless of what type of design you choose.   Boat shoes differ from loafers in that loafers don’t have laces while boat shoes have laces and lacing around the side.

Sperry Top Sider Boat Shoes can be worn with a variety of different trouser styles, including shorts, chinos and jeans.  Here are a selection of trousers and shorts that you could wear with your Sperry Top Sider Boat Shoes.

Wrangler Colton Denim Shorts


These faded blue denim shorts from Wrangler feature a button fly, four pockets and turn ups. These Wrangler shorts are a classic cut and would look superb with any style of Sperry Top Sider Boat Shoes.

Gant Prep Bermuda Chino Shorts


If you do wish to capture the prep look, then these sandstone, zip fly, straight cut chino shorts from Gant are certainly the ones for you.

Original Penguin Slim Fit Chinos


Wearing these Kelp slim fit chinos rolled up at the ankles will certainly give your Sperry Top Sider Boat Shoes a relaxed look this summer.

Levis Billy Ray 511 Slim Fit Jeans


These pale blue slim fit jeans with zip fly and four pockets will really complement your Sperry Top Sider Boat shoes.

Deciding whether to wear socks with your boat shoes is really a matter of personal choice.  However if you are wearing them for the purpose of sailing, then being sock-less and embracing wet feet is de rigueur.

If you would like to look at our complete collection of; shorts, chinos and jeans please follow the links.  If you would try your luck at winning a pair of Sperry Top Sider Boat Shoes sign up to our competition that finishes at the end of June.


May 28th, 2015

Sperry Competition

For your chance to win a pair of Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes simply enter the competition below on our blog page. We have 2 pairs to giveaway and will pick 2 random winners at the end of June. Remember for more chances to win follow us on twitter, facebook, instagram and share the post with your friends.

The competition has now ended

Rules and Terms:
- Closing date is 30th June 2015.
- Competition is for a pair of Sperry boat shoes – selected by us.
- 2 winners will be selected at random and be notified after closing.
- Your email address will be added to the mailing list at Stand-Out and Sperry.
- You agree to be emailed with special offers and updates from Stand-Out and Sperry.

May 26th, 2015


Music Festivals have been in existence since ancient times and were mainly associated with religious ceremonies.  The very first recorded music festival was in Dublin, Ireland in 1897. The very first music festival, as we know them today was the Tanglewood Festival in Massachusetts.   This was followed by the very famous Woodstock festival which was considered to be one of the most pivotal moments in popular music history.  The three day festival was enjoyed by 500,000 revellers, who braved inclement weather to participate in the most revered festival ever.  These American music festivals paved the way for music festivals in England and large pieces of land have been used to celebrate some of the greatest bands ever.

Whether you are going to one of the big festivals such as; Glastonbury, ‘V’ Festival and the Latitude Festival or just going to a small local music gathering, you will want to make sure that you are wearing the right attire.  Festivals are renowned for showcasing adverse weather conditions and generally when you pack your gear you have to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.  Even super models like Kate Moss have to resort to wearing wellies in order to combat the squelchy ground.  We are going to look at possible clothing choices that will help you to dress to impress and suit whatever weather Mother Nature decides to throw at you.

Religion T-Shirts

religion tshirt

If you are lucky enough to have good weather when you go to the festival then you will want to make sure that your t-shirt shows everyone that you are right on trend but like to stand out from the crowd.  The sheer nature of music festivals tend to lend themselves to the Indie culture of the 1990’s, so it is appropriate to look towards t-shirts from Religion clothing.  those who are cautious may opt for plain black or white t-shirts with a small praying man logo because it shows intent but doesn’t commit you to full shock tactics.  If however you want to draw attention to yourself, there are plenty Religion graphic t-shirts for you to choose from.

Shorts From Jack And Jones

jack and jones

If we continue on the vein of having favourable weather then you will most certainly want to be wearing shorts.  We have chosen a few from our Jack and Jones collection.  The selection comprises of a long pair of chino shorts and three pairs of denim shorts, if you really want to look as if you have lived in a festival field all of your life, then the distressed denim shorts will add the dishevelled look.

Palladium Footwear


Making sure that your feet are comfortable and your chosen footwear can withstand the adverse conditions of the festival field is an important task.  There is nothing more guaranteed to spoil your enjoyment of an event than having aching, blistered and wet feet.  Apart from wellies the next obvious choice are Palladium Boots.  With their vulcanised sole originating from the aviation industry and the robust canvas covering, the Palladium boot really is the ideal footwear to wander around the festival field.

Waterproof Jacket From Voi Jeans


Throughout this post we have tried to optimistic about the weather, however there are times when you have to be realistic and prepare for the worst.  Chances are it will rain at some point during the festival and you will need to cover up.  Voi Jeans have designed a great range of wet weather gear that doesn’t make you look like a train spotter.


Whichever festival you are going to make sure that you are fully prepared with a warm hoodie, trousers, wellies, suncream and drink plenty of water.  if you would like to look at our complete range of festival type clothes visit Stand-Out.Net.


May 19th, 2015

501 tapered

Why customise your Levis 501 jeans when Levis will do it for you?  We are used to the original cut of Levis 501’s where they cover the top of your trainers and this is perfectly acceptable, especially if you like to follow Levis tradition.  For many years people, who want to showcase their trainers, have taken fashion design into their own hands and tapered their Levis 501 jeans themselves.  Many of us who are not that daring or have never used a sewing machine have had to make do with the original levis 501 cut. At last Levis have tapered their Levis 501 jeans so that the more cautious among us can now enjoy showing off our luxury trainers without destroying our precious Levis 501’s jeans.

At Stand-Out.Net we have selected three customized tapered Levis 501 jeans to add to our Levis 501 collection.  The best thing about our Levis 501 tapered jeans is that they have a customised look about them with the benefit of professional tailoring.  For people who like to collect Levis 501 jeans it is a great opportunity to expand your collection and own a different style with Levis 501’s fantastic fit.

Levis 501 Customised Tapered Original Fit Bristol Jeans


These Levis 501 Customised Tapered original Bristol Jeans are dark blue with a brand tab on the waistband, two back pockets, two front pockets and a coin pocket.  The jeans have a button fly and front button enclosure.  The tapered effect is completed with a roll up at the bottom.

Levis 501 Customised Tapered Dalston Jeans


These Levis 501 Customised Tapered Dalston Jeans in washed blue denim has five pockets, button fly and branding to the waistband.  The blue denim is slightly faded at the shin and the taper is completed with a turn up.

Levis Customised Tapered Livorano Jeans


These Levis 501 Customised Tapered Livorano Jeans are pale blue with the original five pockets, button fly and branding to the waistband.  As with all of our tapered Levis 501 jeans the look is rounded off with a turn up at the bottom of the leg.


Owning a pair of Levis 501 tapered  jeans, allows you to wear your favourite trainers without hiding any of the design details.  if it is time to update your trainer collection we have a wide range of designer trainers for you to choose from.  if you would like to look at our complete Levis Jeans collection click here.  If you are considering buying a new pair of trainers click here


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