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20% OFF - Black Friday Week

November 18th, 2014



Black Friday is a major sale day in America.  It originates from retailers kicking off the holiday sale season after Thanksgiving Day.  Black Friday is not traditionally a holiday but in California and a number of other states; schools, people in the non retail sector and government workers tend to take the Friday after Thanksgiving as a holiday.

Black Friday is a tradition that has been adopted by countries all over the world.  Retail outlets reap the benefits of people wanting to buy Christmas gifts at bargain prices.  In 2009 Cyber Black Friday became a phenomenon devised by online retailers allowing customers to grab bargains without having to get out of their pyjamas.  At Stand-Out.Net we too like to give our customers the opportunity to grab a bargain and hold our own Black Friday Sales.  Customers can get a whopping 20% off selected lines, if they choose to purchase goods during the Black Friday Promotion.  Get your mouses to the ready and get ready to click for a bargain on Friday 28th November.

As you know Stand-Out.Net stock a huge variety of garments from over 70 designer brands so you can expect to get a fantastic deal on Black Friday when you visit our store.

If your money is burning a hole in your pocket and you want to take a sneaky peak of some of the wonderful bargains to be had here are some of the wonderful items in our sale.

Animal Clothing


 You can never not have enough t-shirts, vests or back packs and Animal Clothing certainly knows this with high quality garments and accessories that will prepare you for your next holiday abroad.  We have a variety of Animal products available in our sale, many of the half price so you can easily buy two t-shirts for the price of one.

Levis Jeans


If you have always dreamed of owning a pair of Levi jeans then you will be delighted with the selection we have on offer in our sale.  Levis Strauss certainly knew what he was doing when he designed his classic denim jeans.  All we say is don’t go too near the fire or you will feel the heat from those famous rivets.

Converse Trainers


If iconic clothing is what you are after then you will be delighted at the Converse trainers we have available at bargain prices.  Instantly recognisable with the ability to raise your street cred exponentially just by tying a bow and wearing clean socks you would be a fool not to take the opportunity to buy a pair of Converse trainers in our sale.

If you are able to keep your cool while waiting for Black Friday keep visiting Stand-Out.Net to get updates on our Black Friday Offers.  Remember all our brands are purchased directly from the manufacturer so when you purchase anything at a reduced price you are really getting value for money.

November 14th, 2014

Win £200 Bellfield Clothing

We have another great competition available… to have a chance of winning £200 worth of Bellfield clothing you just have to simply enter your details below. You can even get extra chances by liking and sharing the Bellfield page, so make sure you tell your friends!

Rules and Terms:
- Closing date is 12th December 2014.
- Competition is for Bellfield items up to the value of £200.
- The winner will be selected at random and be notified after closing.
- Your email address will be added to our mailing list.
- You agree to be emailed with special offers and updates from Stand-Out.

November 11th, 2014


Let’s face it if your feet are cold the rest of your body feels chilly and you just feel plain miserable.  In 2008 two Swedish friends decided that it would be a great idea to spread happiness by brightening up the design of socks and other everyday essentials. The brand Happy Socks was born and many have enjoyed wearing their brightly coloured footwear ever since.  At Stand-Out.Net we also want to bring happiness to everyone’s feet especially at this jolly time of year.

Happy Socks come in many different colours, patterns and styles including; animal print, dots, stripes, diamonds and monochrome.  If your sock drawer is looking a little bit dull and is full of odd socks maybe you should consider livening it up with a whole new collection of Happy Socks.  If you are finding it difficult to think of what to buy your father, brother, uncle or best mate this Christmas a bright pair of Happy Socks would certainly cheer them up.

Animal Print and Argyle Happy Socks

 socks 1


Animal prints and Argyle patterns have never been so bright and vivid.  You can see for yourself how bright and exciting the blue Animal Print Socks are and how they make you feel instantly happy and jolly. If you are more traditional then this bright twist to the Argyle pattern will definitely make you smile.

Happy Socks Dots And Diamonds

socks 2


Without a doubt dots and diamonds are really popular and there is nothing like brightening up a boring workday with colour.

Happy Socks Multi packs and Stripes

socks 3 

If you can’t decide what style of socks to wear then a Happy Socks multi pack will solve your problem if not just opt for safe Stripy Happy Socks  in a variety of colours.

Happy Socks Hawaiian and Leopard Print 

socks 5


If you would rather add an interesting twist to black, white and grey socks you could opt for the Hawaii and Leopard print Happy Socks.

Whether dots, stripes, Argyle, flowers, diamonds or monochrome socks make you smile come to Stand-Out.Net to see our full range of Happy Socks.

November 6th, 2014

There’s nothing better in Winter than sitting around in your favourite comfy, warm jumper. Christmas is obviously a big time for patterned knit jumpers, some subtle and some not so subtle, and over the last few years we have really seen this trend grow.  Now, we aren’t saying reindeer and snowmen are for everyone so we’ve got  a load of subtle (and tasteful) Winter knits to try and tempt you.

ski bellfield copy

This pair of jumpers, the Grey Marl Saskatoon Crew Knit and the Navy Saga Jacquard Crew Neck Knit, are by Bellfield and have distinct skiing themes going on. As a brand, Bellfield like to take the traditional and then add some fun and style to it to create individual pieces. Whether you’re into skiing or not we don’t think it matters because with one of these you’ll be able to create a layered look hot enough to melt the slopes (…sorry).


The Gant Lambswool Crew Knit is, as you may have guessed, made of superb quality lambswool which is sure to keep you cosy, after all it does okay for the sheep out on the hills during Winter doesn’t it? Also, a subtle pattern means it can be worn with virtually anything else and it will still look good.


Hilfiger Denim have created this cool Earnest Knit which features a stripe pattern in purple and blue which is a key trend in current men’s knitwear. This would be an impressive one to add to your collection!

Whatever your style of knit with our big range of patterned or plain, wool or cotton, bright or dark, you will find the perfect one for this Winter season at Stand-Out. See the full collection here.

November 4th, 2014


Established in 1959 in Knoxville Tennessee to manufacture hard wearing clothing for the American Military.  It would seem that Samuel Gelber had decided to form Alpha Industries at just the right time because the American Military required the services of such a company to manufacture tough clothing for all seasons.  A contract to produce the MA – 1 Flight Jacket secured the future of Alpha Industries and lead to further contracts from the Department Of Defence. In 1970 Alpha Industries diversified and produced clothing for civilians using exactly the same process as they did for the military.  The company secured its identity by incorporating the three stripe logo onto their clothing resulting in the Alpha Industries brand we are familiar with today.


Alpha Industries And Palladium Boots

Films such as Top Gun not only increased the number of Navy Aviator applicants by 500% it also brought the bomber jacket into the forefront of fashion.  We are all familiar with the iconic image of Tom Cruise on his motor bike with Tomcat planes reflected in his Aviator sunglasses.  Alpha Industries have now been trading for fifty five years and now produce hard wearing clothing for men, women and children.  They have adapted the ranges to incorporate different colours, styles and embellishments while still maintaining military standards of clothing.  This year they celebrated a collaboration with Palladium Boots which is extremely fitting as they both exist due to the aviation industry requiring their expertise.

jackets 5

Alpha Industries And Stand-Out.Net

Stand-Out.Net have always applauded good quality men’s fashion brands and Alpha Industries is of no exception.  We particularly like the combination of style and practically in Alpha Industries clothing.  The jackets we have in stock include the iconic MA-1 Flight Jacket with a twist as it is completely reversible, the traditional black design can be alternated with a bright orange lining meaning that you have two jackets for the price of one.  The other jackets in our collection are robust parker style that will guarantee that you will feel warm and comfortable how ever tempestuous the weather is outside.

black MA1-jacket orange bomber

If you would like to see our collection of Alpha Industries Clothing and Palladium Boots please come and visit us at


October 30th, 2014

Lyle & Scott is a brand rich with history. It started way back in 1847 when two men with glorious beards (Mr Lyle and Mr Scott) set up a Victorian underwear business with an £800 loan on the Scottish border. They began to really become popular with modernists in the 1950s and their trademark styles also became very popular on the golf course, with many Open winners sporting Lyle & Scott apparel. This coincided with the release of their logo that we know and recognise today – the golden eagle. This represents how the brand is reliable and high quality but it is also a golfing symbol for achieving a score of two below par.

Once they the 2000s hit, Lyle & Scott sharpened up their look to appeal more to a younger audience and to create a modern look to be popular with the new generation whilst still retaining the classic gentlemanliness they have come to represent.

Polo Shirts

SO lyle and scott

The polo shirt is something Lyle & Scott are well known for. Sleek, smart and simple, take your pick of any colour and get wearing them out in town or out on the golf course! If you aren’t much of a fan of graphic prints or slogans on your tops, these could be perfect for you.

Jumpers & Sweatshirts

SO lyle and scott2

You’ll always look like a gentleman in a Lyle & Scott sweatshirt. V-neck or round neck, they still look as dashing as they did on men back in the 1950s. If luxury is what you are after, many of their jumpers are made from finest Merino wool which is the ultimate in quality.


SO lyle & Scott3

They also like to keep you warm during the winter with their range of hats, scarves and gloves. Get a matching set to feel like a coordination king!


The company still has their original motto “Good work makes more work” and well, since they are still going strong in 2014 we have to say that we agree! Have a look at their whole collection here.

October 23rd, 2014

Converse has got to be one of the world’s most well known brands, particularly for their trainers. It’s always exciting when they come out with a new range and with their new Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber collection we think they must have had us Brits in mind! Converse have created a range of high tops completely made of rubber.  These are the first fully rubber shoes out in the market and will be especially great for us in the somewhat questionable British weather. If you like to wear your Converse to college or work or out at the weekends but end up messing them up or getting them wet, have no fear because these are just what you need.


Converse’s new rubbers come in 6 different colours so you’ve got plenty to pick from – Black, yellow, red, olive, navy and purple. We’re particularly excited about the soft sheepskin inside lining which will keep our toes toasty when we are out in the cold plus we imagine that makes them pretty damn comfy too!


For something a little less rubbery and a bit more leathery the Pro Blaze Hi Tops are available in black or grey and fasten with Velcro and laces. They have a big skate style tongue and, overall, just look stupidly comfy!


For the more traditional among us there are of course always the classic canvas Chuck Taylor All Star Ox trainers. If you haven’t got yourself a pair already what are you waiting for!? These are a staple in many people’s shoe collection.


Converse of course don’t just do footwear, no no no. They also do a range of different clothing for men, women and children. This Blue Chuck Patch Crew Neck Sweatshirt keeps in tone with Converse’s simple, subtle designs with just the logo on the chest and with its fleece lining it is the ultimate in comfort.

Of course there are plenty of other colours and styles available in their huge range so you are bound to find something you like! To see Stand-Out’s full collection Of Converse click here.

October 14th, 2014


Religion is defined as being a set of organised beliefs shared by different groups of people to explain their existence on this beautiful blue and green planet.  Religion is overwhelmingly associated with the worship of a specific deity or in the case of the Ancients a variety of gods.  With approximately 42,000 religions all over the world there is a theory or explanation of,  ‘life the universe and everything’, that will suit everyone.

Different religions generally originate due to a charismatic prophet prompting a revolution with their amazing new ideas.  Whether a religion is based on faith or ritual it provides a network of support during the happy and sad times in our lives.  All religions seem to be based on promoting peace on earth but unfortunately not accepting other people’s beliefs tends to cause a friction that is far from peaceful.

Religion Clothing

It is therefore hardly surprising that over time youths have found other ways of identifying themselves and formed groups based on their interest in clothing and music.  Religion clothing was formed in the 1980’s and 90’s during the heady days of rave.  The brand is not only inspired by the music of the time but also by the people who believed that it was important to have a good time.

Initially Religion Clothing produced garments which were brightly coloured and garishly patterned in order to keep up with the rave scene.  The, ‘We Believe in Black’, slogan is testament to how the brand has matured with its followers.  Religion Clothing has evolved to accommodate the modern youth and the mature raver, with a wide selection of styles and designs there is a look that will suit everyone.

Graphic T-Shirts


A t-shirt is one of the most versatile blank canvases that you can have to show who or what you believe in.  Whether you have a jokey slogan, a large graphic or a plain white t-shirt it speaks volumes about you.  Religion Clothing allows you to choose graphic t-shirts that are quite frankly shocking in design or more subtle block coloured t-shirts with only a small logo to show where your clothing has come from.  At Stand-Out.Net we have a great range of Religion Clothing t-shirts that will most certainly cause a stir.

Block Coloured T-Shirts


If you are afraid of scaring your Auntie Marg with some of the graphics available on our graphic t-shirts then maybe it would be advisable to select one of our bold Oil Wash T-shirts – your Auntie will never know how rebellious your t-shirts actually are!

Be Who Ever You Want To Be And Wear Whatever You Want To Wear.


Whichever t-shirt choice you make it will most definitely be a great one because it is your choice.  Life is too short to hide your beliefs behind an ill fitting badly designed t-shirt so make sure that you choose Religion Clothing as your inspiration for Style.


October 9th, 2014

A Dutch brand founded in 1989, G-Star has made a name for itself making ‘raw’ (unwashed and untreated) denim. Taking a lot of inspiration from military clothing they keep their styles pretty rough and rudimentary.

With denim being the main focus, G-Star Raw have been responsible for many denim ‘firsts’. For example they introduced luxury denim for the street – bringing untreated denim onto the high street as a desirable item and also using a variety of different washes on the denim to create original and distinctive looks.

They are also a very environmentally conscious brand and their latest venture has seen them partnering up with Pharrell Williams to turn scrap, waste plastic from the oceans into a range of awesome street clothing including jackets, t-shirts, jumpsuits, jeans and snapbacks.  The photo below is Pharrell showing off a few items from the range. You can follow the campaign by searching RAWfortheoceans.


If you are after a new pair of darker denims the Indigo Arc Aged 3D slim jeans could be just what need. The 3D range of jeans is another innovation in denim wearing from G-Star. They are architecturally inspired and taper around the leg to give a more streamlined appearance.


For lighter, more washed out looking denim wearers there is also tons to choose from. These Medium Aged 3301 Low Tapered Jeans are, again, that modern tapered shape and add a bit of edge to your look whilst also being smart enough to wear with a nice pair of polished shoes.


Keeping in with G-Star’s military theme this cool G-Star Sulphur Camo Jacket is a great addition to any outfit. An ideal companion to a light pair of washed jeans, a modern camo jacket will inject some interest into your off duty wardrobe!


For denim in all of it’s glory click here for the full G-Star Raw collection.


October 7th, 2014

Autumn is an Equinox season where the heat of the sun reduces significantly enough to make us feel chilly and grab for warmer clothes.  Many of us get caught out at this time of the year because we either wrap up too much and boil all day or we wear too little and suffer from the cold. There is a Norwegian saying, There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes,’ which is a very optimistic phrase considering the extremes of weather they have to encounter.  There is a waking shop in Keswick in the Lake District that has this phrase above the door as if to encourage walkers to buy the, ‘good’, clothes from their shop.

Duck and Cover, Bjorn Borg, Levis, Palladium and Foray Clothing

We are not going to suggest that you purchase a shed load of walking gear to help you to counteract the inclement weather.  We are in fact going to explore the concept of layering your clothes so that you can dress to impress and feel the right temperature whatever the weather.  We are going to look at how you can layer clothes from; Duck and Cover,  Bjorn Borg,  Levis, Palladium and our newest brand Foray Clothing to give you some ideas.

brand image

Bjorn Borg As A Base Layer

Originated in Sweden it is hardly surprising that Bjorn Borg has thought about warm cosy underwear to keep you warm.  We are talking long johns, socks, underpants and a Levis vest top.  The purpose of the base layer is to draw sweat and moisture directly from the wearer’s skin so that they maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the day.  If you choose to wear the whole suggested base layer ensemble you will be able to watch a bonfire or go trick or treating in great comfort.

Foray Clothing As A Mid Layer

Basically the purpose of the mid layer is to provide even more insulation, this layer needs to be looser than the base layer so that air can circulate and provide extra warmth.  Obviously you can mix and match brands to make up this layer but as we are all in a whirl about Foray Clothing at the moment we are going to use their pieces as an example.  This layer is made up of jeans, long sleeved polo and a zip up tracksuit top. All of these selected items are loose enough to allow air to circulate but close fitting enough to look tidy and stylish.

Duck and Cover As A Shell Layer and Palladium Boots

A shell or outer layer is the final layer that protects you against all of the elements and therefore needs to be wind and rain proof as well as allowing the moisture to evaporate.  We have chosen three robust coats from Duck and Cover that will certainly serve this purpose.  The Flitwick 4 in 1 Parka has its own mid layer included. While both the Richmond and Langport provide a robust and stylish waterproof outer layer.  We have suggested Palladium boots as a great footwear choice because there is nothing more miserable than cold damp feet to ruin your day.  Palladium are renowned for their hard wearing soles and robust tops and will definitely complete your Autumn ensemble.


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