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April 22nd, 2014

We all have a pair of jeans in our wardrobes that we want to keep forever because they remind us of great times we had when we were younger or when we went on that great holiday with the lads.  Fortunately it is possible to continue wearing your favourite denims with a little care and attention – and of course making sure that your waistline remains the same size of course.  Here is a list of ten tips to help you look after your precious threads!

levis jeans

Put them in the Freezer not the Washing Machine!

Now before you say it – it does sound quite gross because however great your Levis Jeans look they do start to pong a little with prolonged wearing.  Jill Guenza, who is a design manager for Levis Strauss, revealed this gem of information during an interview with Elle Magazine.  Apparently a bacterium causes our jeans to smell in the way it does and although washing does get rid of the odour frequent washing is also quite destructive to the denim.    Putting jeans into the freezer over night kills the bacteria and removes the smell without damaging the denim.

Don’t Wash too Often

If the last suggestion horrified you then make sure that you wash your Levis Jeans as little as possible.  Leave it until your jeans are humming before you put them in the washing machine rather than washing them every time you wear them.  When you do decide that it is time to wash them do it as gently as possible and only tumble dry on a low temperature with other clothes so that you don’t dry the life out of your Levis jeans.

Shine them up with Baby Oil

Apply generous quantities of baby oil on to your every time you wear your jeans so that when you wear your favourite threads they will develop an amazing sheen and smell pretty good too.  This will also have the added affect of making your legs feel really smooth too.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

In order to ensure that your jeans look fantastic all of the time please make sure that you repair any tears in the denim.  The sooner you repair them the better as it limits the overall damage the tear can cause.  If you are not so great with a needle and thread find someone who is; friends, family or a professional tailor.  Levis Jeans look even better with a bit of individual character so the added stitching, if done well, will only look more stylish!

However you decide to care for your Levis Jeans make sure that you read the label and take note of the washing instructions so that you can mould the jeans to suit your individual style.

April 8th, 2014

On the 3rd of April 2014 the bewitching city of Venice was awash with the full Diesel collection by Nicola Formichetti, the company’s first artistic director.  Venice was chosen as the background for premiering his collection because it was, ‘homage to the brand’.  The inspiring 2014 winter/fall collection has proved to be a fitting celebration for his first year with the company; in fact he started working with Diesel on the 3rd April 2013 so it truly is a date that he will remember forever.

Away from the Glitz and Glamour

Obviously we all don’t have access to the sparkling lifestyle of the celebrities who arrive at the show on planes, trains and gondolas but we will have access to the inspired designs that were exhibited at the beginning of this month when the autumn and winter weather returns.  For now we can consider the Diesel clothes available for us to wear at the moment.

The Standout Collection

Our Diesel collection is all about embracing the warmer weather and boasts large print t-shirts and brightly coloured trunks in its collection.  We mustn’t forget the awesome jeans that Diesel is so famous for designing.  We have chosen our favourite pieces from our own collection and are going to show case them here today on our own virtual runway.

Bottoms Up!

These Diesel Stripe/Sky/Fushia kody 3 Pack Trunks are eye catching to say the least.  They are undergarments but to be perfectly honest if anyone was to catch a glimpse of these brightly coloured briefs under loose jeans they would most certainly not be offended.  In fact you had better hide these fantastic trunks from your girlfriend or she will steal them from you and you will never see them again!

diesel trunks

Diesel Denim

We love these Diesel Stone Wash 800z Larkee Straight Jeans our model shows how sexy they are with the washed denim effect, the slightly slouchy waist and the amazing effect it has on making your legs look just fantastic.  In fact wearing anything else with these magnificent jeans would almost be a crime as they will attract admiring glances from any ladies you may meet.

diesel jeans

The Polo Shirt

This Diesel White Brillo Denim Collar Polo Shirt manages to incorporate style and comfort all in one box.  If you are tired of feeling like an over grown teenager in a t-shirt but don’t want to feel stifled in a shirt then the polo shirt is a fantastic alternative.  Being able to open the collar allows air to circulate around your body and you will always feel fresh.

diesel polo shirt

Showing Your Pins!

Sometimes it is just too hot wear jeans but you still want to be able to wear all of your t-shirts without them clashing with brightly coloured beach shorts.  If choose to buy these Diesel Blue kroo Sweat Shorts then you will find that it is just a case of swapping your trousers for shorts and still looking the bee’s knees!  These shorts will be so comfortable that you will always want the season to stay summer and never change to autumn.

diesel shorts

Whatever you choose from our Diesel collection you will look great and will definitely be delighted with the quality and design of your clothing choice!

April 3rd, 2014

While everyone else has been hibernating throughout the winter you have been thrusting those dumbbells, carrying hoses, jumping boxes and doing sit ups as if your life depended on it.  They are all just waking up to the flab on their chests and stomachs but not you – your body is toned to perfection and the warmer weather is going to allow you to show all of your hard work off.  Check out these well fitting t-shirts to see which one will show the contours of your gym toned body to the fullest!

Solid Blue Haseen T-shirt

What better way to show those iron man credentials than a design favoured by Superman himself! This blue t-shirt is not only cleverly designed to show off your bulging muscles it also bears the insignia of probably one of the most popular super heroes the world has ever known.  If you didn’t spend as much time in the gym as you wished you should then the large red and yellow, ‘S’ is very forgiving and will draw attention from any wobbles.


Original Penguin Blue Sapphire Flock Logo T-shirt

An icon of style and taste original Penguin always comes up trumps when they design their t-shirts.  The ability to combine a great choice of colour and flattering cut makes this t-shirt earn the Penguin name with flying colours.  Your six pack or two pack would look fantastic under this sapphire blue t-shirt that is designed to skim your contours perfectly.  This t-shirt most certainly would suit anyone who is dedicated to making their body look fantastic!


Franklin & Marshall White V-neck Badge T-Shirt

No T-shirt collection would be complete without a white v-neck t-shirt, the slight sheerness of the colour allows a sneaky peak at what delights lie beneath.  The straight hemline prevents a baggy fit and therefore allows all of your hard gym work to be seen by all.  The discrete Franklin & Marshall logo sits comfortably on the left hand side of your chest making sure that all of the attention is on your great body work.

franklin and marshall

G-Star Blue Ace Slim T-Shirt

For those hardcore gym bunnies this t-shirt is the big tamale!  Designed in slim fit with a straight hem this Blue Ace slim t-shirt is perfectly designed to show off a well honed gym body.  If you have been working hard dropping body fat through high cardio exercises, high protein diets and stomached high protein shakes you deserve to be able to wear this t-shirt with pride.  Not only does it say, ‘raw’, on the front – the man inside the t-shirt is raw with power and muscle.


If you would like to see more of our t-shirts check out our vast selection on

April 1st, 2014

At last the sun is shining and the rain doesn’t seem to be making as much of an appearance as it has been recently.  The change in season welcomes a change in footwear from heavy dark practical shoes to lighter more stylised trainers that can finish off your get up perfectly!  Here is a selection of trainers that will put a bounce in your step!

Converse Navy/White Star Player Trainers

Classic brand Converse has developed this smashing pair of navy and white trainers with the traditional star logo detail.  The robust design incorporates a rubber sole and metal eyelets with a low rise cut allowing you to wear them with trousers or shorts depending on the weather conditions.  With Converse it goes without saying that the longevity of the brand has been secured by its guarantee of comfort and enduring style.


Vans Andorra/Marshmellow LPE Trainers

Once the favourite of skateboarders; Vans have evolved to produce trainers that will suit many occasions.  Described as Andorra and marshmellow with waffle tread and heel you would be mistaken for thinking that we are describing a tasty sweet breakfast.  The deck shoes design is much more Sunday lunch than pounding the streets burning off fat at midnight.  A pair of these in your wardrobe will add both a comfortable and casual twist to your feet.


Religion White Run Origin Trainers

Understated and cool these off white suede and leather trainers from Religion are reminiscent of the trainers worn in the heavy rave era.  The subtle detail created by different textures such as suede, leather, waffle and bumps just radiates style and sophistication.  Another great combination of comfort and taste that will certainly allow the wearer to keep moving.


New Balance Grey/Green 410 Trainers

For those of you who want to wear trainers to train in the gym or rush around the squash courts then New Balance is the brand for you.  We have chosen this lime green and grey pair as an example because the colours are so vivid.  New Balance trainers are available in a range of different foot supports and styles specifically to help you to choose the right pair for your sporting activities.  Of course those who like the design but not the gym these trainers look equally as good with jeans and tracksuit bottoms.

new balance

Hummel Dress Blue Roma Low Trainers

These blue suede trainers from Hummel, which are low rise with suede uppers and rubber soles, are a combination of traditional trainer and old fashioned plimsoll.  The light design results in a comfortable trainer that can be worn casually with shorts or more formally with jeans.  The low cut allows you to wear the shoes with trainer socks and enjoy the sun in your favourite summer gear.


If this selection has whetted your appetite check out the rest of the trainers in our range at

March 27th, 2014

Apparently we only wear 10% of the clothes in our wardrobe because we tend to choose our favourite garments to wear and leave the rest for special occasions.  The fashion team in the,’Men’s Health’, offices compiled a list of twenty four items that include a variety of formal and informal clothes and shoes that can be mixed and matched.  We think that twenty four staple items is a little excessive and are going to choose selection of clothes that no self respecting bloke will be without!

Smart Shoes

Keep it simple and opt for practical smart pair that will suit being worn with jeans or a suit – why bother filling your wardrobe with lots of shoes that you are unlikely to wear. We really like these cool H by Hudson Washed Tan Angus Shoes because they have the duel personality of looking formal when worn with smart trousers and will look great with jeans too.  We like interesting details and the shine of the leather

h by hundson


Let’s face it when faced with a choice of shoes to wear – our comfortable trainers will always win hands down.  These days if you are not wearing trainers to specifically do sporting activities the choice you have is quite vast.  We quite like these Vans Navy Old School Trainers because not only are they are a nostalgic throw back to when we were kids but also because they are so comfortable to wear.

vans trainers


We are opting for this not too scruffy pair of Diesel Dark wash Carrot Jeans because we know that you have plenty of scruffy jeans hiding in your wardrobe.  The style allows you to dress both casually and smartly without looking as if you have just been painting or doing any other DIY type of activity.  They will also look great with the H by Hudson Shoes!

jeans diesel


It is so tempting to fill your drawer with impressively designed t-shirts and wear them with pride, however there are times when you need to wear a t-shirt that is understated and will go with anything.  There are lots of white t-shirts to choose from but we have settled on this White Denny T-shirt by Farah Vintage.  The old style design means that it is slightly fitted but not too tight or to baggy and would look great under either a blazer or a zipped top.

farah vintage white denny tshirt


As we are heading for warmer weather the type of jacket we need to wear is as much for show as it is for practicality.  We have chosen this UCLA Kenneth Jacket because it looks summery and is also practical at the same time.  Its varsity jacket qualities mean that you can get away with wearing it in the evenings in the beer garden.

ucla jacket


Finally we have chosen a Hilfiger Denim shirt to round off our very small capsule wardrobe.  We particularly like this crisp white offering of a Hilfiger Denim Classic White Thomas Shirt.  You just can’t go wrong with a classic like this and it will dress up or dress down for any occasion.

hilfiger denim shirt


Well we have shown you a very select few of staple clothes that you can choose from to give you a head start with your clothes choices this season and will continue to explore what’s hot and what’s not for the summer season.

March 13th, 2014

Most of the clothes we wear today have their origins in the work wear of our ancestors, denim jeans are the most obvious example of such clothing.  Checked or flannel shirts were originally worn by lumberjacks and have now been adapted by designers to become one of the staple fashion items in our wardrobes.  The designs of the shirts have become more tailored and the material is much more refined giving a sense of style and a classic appearance.

Each Brand Has its Own Style

Whether you are wearing your shirt to go to the pub or for a spring stroll in the countryside there is always going to be a plaid shirt to suit your look.  With the different cuts and patterns available you will also be able to select a brand that makes your body look the best it can be.  Here are three classic pieces that are varied enough to help you to make a choice about shape and style.

Voi Jeans Steel Grey Voyage Shirt

This grey and blue plaid shirt from Voi Jeans is made from 100% cotton and has button detail on the pockets and cuffs.  The overall style is quite fitted on the torso allowing you to show off a well toned chest and a slim waist.  You would not look out of place anywhere wearing this shirt.

voi shirt

Levis Dress Blue Check Sawtooth Western Shirt

This classic red and grey checked piece from Levis is again 100% cotton with white button detailing.  It is slightly looser fitting giving a slightly more casual look.  The obvious accompaniment to this shirt would be a pair of classic Levis 501 jeans and converse trainers.

levis shirt

Hilfiger Denim Navy Blue Stuart Check Shirt

In classic Hilfiger Blue and white checks, this 100% cotton shirt would be great to wear for a lad’s night out. The style is quite loose and very comfortable allowing space for a delicious meal before you hit the town. 

diesel shirt

Wear your checks like Bendtner

It seems that everyone is into checks at the moment even Arsenal’s part time striker Niklas Bendtner was spotted wearing a checked shirt and purple pants while relaxing in his apartment complex in Hertfordshire.  It seems that Bendtner is one to watch at the moment as he is experimenting with a variety of fashion ideas in between training sessions.

February 25th, 2014

When you graduate from the University of Life and are on the cusp of a glittering criminal career like Franklin from Grand Theft Auto, there is no reason why you cannot choose to wear clothes designed for some of the most renowned colleges in America.  Franklin and Marshall and UCLA are both highly rated fashion ranges that have been designed to represent the dress sense of the Alumni of both colleges.

Shopping in Los Santos

If you have had the opportunity to play GTA V you will have discovered that the game gives you the opportunity to dress each of your characters in the various stores available in the city.  In many screen shots of Franklin we can see him wearing a leather Alumni jacket and baseball cap.  If you would like to emulate Franklin’s Alumni look, then here is a selection of Franklin and Marshall and UCLA clothing that may appeal to you.

Franklin & Marshall Blue Plaid Varsity Teddy Leather Jacket

This varsity jacket not only includes the name, ‘Franklin’, in its brand Franklin and Marshall, the contrasting blue and white leather design gives the impression of someone who knows about quality and style.  Franklin can be seen wearing this type of jacket when the weather is slightly cooler and he is in the process of relieving the owners of open topped cars of their vehicles.


UCLA Surf the Web Vang Script Snapback Cap

With the hot Los Santos sun beating on your head when you are out in the open it is prudent to wear a cap that will protect your scalp and face from the effects of the sun.  A UCLA alumni baseball cap not only looks smart but also offers protection from the sun.


Franklin & Marshall Grey Melange V-Neck Badge T-Shirt

This grey t-shirt is understated but exhibits confidence and great dress sense, its close fitting style means that you can show off the toned contours of your body making every hour spent in the gym worthwhile.  This effortless design worn under the Franklin and Marshall Teddy Jacket would really complete the Alumni look.

t shirt

Diesel Blue Darron 8Z8 Slim Tapered Jeans

A pair of Diesel jeans will always compliment any look and is a fantastic choice to wear with your Alumni gear.  They are not only comfortable and well fitting; they are also beautifully designed and a must for everyone’s wardrobe.  Teamed with a Diesel belt they can make you look like a first class Alumni.


New Balance Grey/Navy 620 Trainers

To completing your Alumni look with a pair of trainers that serve two purposes, style and speed, will ensure that when you are on the run you will always look fantastic.  This pair of grey/navy trainers will coordinate with the rest of your Alumni outfit and still give you an edge that reveals a slightly darker and cunning side to your nature.



If our suggestions have made you curious about the Alumni look, visit Stand-Out to have a look at our complete range.

February 20th, 2014

Best Dressed At The Brits
Love it or loathe it, the Brit Awards is a staple of the Great British TV Schedule in February, famed as much for its often catastrophic presenters as its sometimes mindblowing collaborations (anyone remember Bjork and PJ Harvey in 1994? No? Just me then?) Well in any case, the Brits never fails to give us something to talk about. And last night was no exception – say what you like about Katy Perry but her day-glo Egyptian look absolutely nailed it. And OMG Prince! *salutes James Corden for selfie action*
For me, however, the most exciting thing about the Brits was the incredible men’s fashion on parade. I don’t know if you agree, but I felt like this year the men seemed to be streets ahead of the women in the fashion stakes (although DAIM Beyonce!). From Pharrell, to Tinie, to Labrinth, to Alex Turner, the dudes were looking supa SHARP. And it’s good to think about what sartorial lessons we can learn from these stylish hombres to take us forward through spring.
Blue is the Colour
This season you don’t have to be a Chelsea fan to agree that blue is the colour. At last night’s Brits everywhere you looked the coolest men were rocking blue. From the intense shiny sapphire blue of Dot Major of London Grammar’s suit to Tom Odell’s deep blue dandy frock coat, blue was all over the show last night and being used to great effect. A bright blue polo shirt will bring you up to date and suits pretty much all skin tones.
Pharrell Williams cannot put a foot wrong. I know it, you know it, every woman on planet Earth knows it. There’s no use trying to fight it – Pharrell makes us HAPPY. And he knows how to dress, right? So that means that there is a very strong chance that we are going to have to get our collective heads around the idea of extreme turn-ups in time for spring. The key to making this look work is having the right shoe. Tinie Tempeh’s been leading the way in teaming a short trouser with a nice neat loafer for ages now and if you follow his understated, super slick example you won’t go far wrong. Try pairing a tailored chino like these twist seam offerings from Jack & Jones, turned up to show off these H by Hudson Florio Navy loafers.

This look ticks all the style boxes but still manages to be super wearable. The only rule is NO SOCKS.

King Rocker

Alex Turner has basically won at life. He’s dating Alexa Chung, he’s the singer in by far one of the best bands of the 21st century so far, and he just keeps getting more and more damn hot. He’s been pioneering the rocker look for a while now and at last night’s Brits he looked amazing in both his outfits. The Rockabilly look can be a difficult one to pull off so if you’re dabbling for the first time it’s worth going for a more wearable/ less “Hi I’m an Elvis Impersonator” version. Try combining a nice dressy shirt from Original Penguin with some skinny jeans from Religion Clothing, and bring the look together with a really good jacket like this smart but practical Windbomber Jacket from Levis Jeans for a totally achievable Alex Turner vibe.

February 13th, 2014

When we fasten a belt around our waists we rarely consider its humble beginnings, originating in the Bronze Age its sole purpose was simply to fasten the wearer’s clothes together and was generally made of whatever material was available at the time. As time has moved on and fashions have developed, belts have become as much of a statement of who you are as well a practical piece of clothing. Many different areas of society have made use of the versatility of the belt and have adapted them for military purposes, police, Goths and many other uses, including adding different accessories to accommodate the equipment the wearer needs to carry.

The black Leather and Buckle Design
There have been many variations of belt design but the black leather and buckle design remains a favourite with fashion conscious men these days. Not only is the design practical but it also compliments any outfit the belt is worn with, generally the belt is worn for aesthetic reasons rather than the purpose of holding trousers up. Diesel has produced its own take on the popular design and added its own signature to the buckle, the texture and the lozenge shaped holes of the Diesel Brown B-Star Belt add class and style to the design and the tiny star detail on the needle will endeavor to attract attention from observant eyes.

Wear with a Classic Pair of Diesel Jeans

If you are a person who favours jeans over any other trousers, combining the stylish black leather buckled belt with either a white t-shirt or crisp white shirt and classically cut dark denim jeans, such as; Diesel Dark Wash Krayver Regular Slim Carrot Jeans would enable you to fulfill the need to look smart and feel casual at the same time. If you really would like to complete the look, selecting a well fitting blazer would certainly do the job.

Choosing the Casual and Relaxed Look
If you require your attire to reflect a more casual and relaxed attitude you can combine your classic belt with a looser style of Diesel jeans such as, Diesel Stone Wash Larkee Regular Straight Jeans. The look you would have would be more casual and the purpose of the belt may be more practical rather than just aesthetic. In fact your belt may be the only piece of kit that you are wearing that is formal, giving the edge on the attire you are wearing.

A Classic Belt Design Can Last Forever
Once you have purchased your diesel belt, you will find that it will last for a long time and as your style choices mature so will your belt, the wear and tear on the leather will give it character and an appearance that can only be achieved by the friction caused by fastening it and unfastening it. Choose your belt carefully because you will be using it for a long time!

February 4th, 2014

Here is a question for you stylish and fashion conscious young men, what outfit opportunities are there that enable you to look smart and casual at the same time?  If you want to be able to wear your Farah Vintage t-shirt and Hudson Loafers to dress to impress, teaming them up with a well fitting blazer allows you do just that without making any compromises.

Who Wears a Blazer?

Once the chosen garment of sports people, clubs and adopted by the Mods to make a rebellious impact, the blazer is now coming back into its own again.  There are many styles and fabrics to choose from so you would be able to find a blazer to suit your needs.  Whatever you do -make sure that you take either your partner or your friends with you to help you select the right blazer because it would be a crying shame for you to leave such a versatile and stylish garment festering in the wardrobe.

When Would You Wear Your Blazer?

Depending on how stylish and original you want to present yourself you may decide that a blazer really defines you as a person and allows you to stand out from the crowd.  You can wear it with any combination of clothing and footwear depending on how you want the outside world to perceive you.  Long gone are the days that you had to wear a shirt and tie under a blazer and feel as if you are conforming with the values of others – today it is how your wear your shirt and tie that matters – if you want the shirt hanging out of your trousers and your tie partly undone you can.

Block Coloured Blazers.

If you want to go for simplicity and coordination a block coloured blazer will enable you to choose either plain or patterned clothes underneath.  The Blue Depths Bridge Blazer is one of the smarter designs not being far removed from a suit jacket; a similar design is a favoured by stars like Robbie Williams, who embraces his move from boy band status to a well seasoned and respected performer. This style really accentuates the muscles and breadth of a man who is ready to embrace his increasing maturity.             

 Selected Blue Depths Bridge Blazer

Slim Fit Blazers

The slim fit blazer tends to suit younger male bodies due to it being much closer fitting and much more suited to being manipulated by the wearer.  We see Harry Styles embracing the concept of wearing a blazer and according to him, his collection is immense.  How you wear the blazer really defines who you are. This Anthony Morato Charcoal Slim Fit Blazer will help you to develop your own unique style.

 Antony Morato Charcoal Slim Fit Blazer

Making that final Choice

Choosing your blazer completely depend on if you want to adopt a similar style to Robbie Williams or Harry Style – you may in fact decide to choose a completely different style and become an icon in your own right.

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