Win £200 Worth of Carhartt Clothing

The competition has now ended!

The new year is here and we bring you an exciting new competition. One of our favourite fashion brands, Carhartt, are giving you the chance to win £200 worth of clothing from their new season styles. It’s simple to enter – just fill in your email address below and share across social platforms.

Congratulations to: Scott Fallon

Rules and Terms:
– Closing date is midnight 7th February 2016.
– 1 winners will be selected at random and notified after closing.
– The winner will be sent a selection of clothing from Carhartt – which will be selected by us.
– Your email address will be added to the mailing list at Stand-Out.
– You agree to be emailed with special offers and updates from Stand-Out.

Celebrating 10 years of Stand-Out – WIN £1500 worth of clothing!

It is our 10th birthday at, and to celebrate we are giving 10 customers a chance to win £150 worth of clothing from 10 different brands! Yes that is a total of £1500 worth of clothing up for grabs. So if you fancy a new pair of Levi’s jeans or maybe Hype backpack is more your style – then enter now to be in with a chance. The 10 brands are: Levi’s, Hype, Original Penguin, Franklin & Marshall, Lyle & Scott, Religion, Gant, Ellesse, Converse and Hilfiger Denim.

It’s really easy, all you need to do is submit your email address and share across social platforms for extra chances to win!

Competition has now closed and winners will be notified shortly

Rules and Terms:
– Closing date is midnight 1st December 2015.
– 10 winners will be selected at random and notified after closing.
– Each winner will be sent a selection of clothing from 1 of the 10 brands listed which will be selected by us.
– Your email address will be added to the mailing list at Stand-Out.
– You agree to be emailed with special offers and updates from Stand-Out.

Win tickets to an exclusive party headlined by Sigma!

Original Penguin

Original Penguin is turning 60! And as part of the celebrations they are throwing an epic birthday party – with exclusive performances from both Sigman and Dornik! The party will be held in London on November 26th 2015. To have a chance of winning a pair of tickets simply enter below:

The competition has ended and the winner is… James Lincs

Rules and Terms:
– Closing date is midnight 19th November 2015.
– Entry is for over 18’s only.
– Entry is for UK residents only.
– 1 winner will be selected at random and be notified after closing.
– Your email address will be added to the mailing list at Stand-Out and Original Penguin.
– You agree to be emailed with special offers and updates from Stand-Out and Original Penguin.

Win £250 worth of Duck and Cover clothing

Duck and Cover

Our friends at Duck and Cover have given us £250 worth of clothing from the new Autumn/Winter 2015 range to giveaway. To have a chance of winning simply enter your details below and submit on Twitter and Facebook for extra chances to win!

The competition has now ended – and the winner was… Danny Evans!

Rules and Terms:
– Closing date is midnight 11th October 2015.
– Competition is for £250 of Duck and Cover clothing – selected by us.
– 1 winner will be selected at random and be notified after closing.
– Your email address will be added to the mailing list at Stand-Out and Duck and Cover.
– You agree to be emailed with special offers and updates from Stand-Out and Duck and Cover.

Diesel – The Universal Word For Style

Image result for diesel logo

Renzo Rosso not only knew about fashion he also knew about the power of words, he named his clothing brand, ‘Diesel’, because it is pronounced exactly the same in all languages. The seeds of the brand Diesel were sewn in 1978 when Rosso bought 40% share in the Moltex clothing company.  Rosso swiftly changed the company’s name to Diesel and sold jeans under the new brand name.  In 1985 Rosso bought the rest of the shares in the company for $500,000 and became sole owner, by 2009 the annual turnover was, 1.3 billion Euros.  So not only does Diesel power cars it fast tracks business ideas.  The Diesel range has extended from jeans to; hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, shoes and other accessories that can be branded.  Diesel caters for men, women and children so you can see why it has become such a popular name in modern fashion.

Our Diesel collection enables you to dress from tip to toe in Diesel attire, here is a selection of Diesel clothes that will cover all bases:-

Diesel SKM Ray 3 Pack Calzino Socks

This blue selection of socks come with so many different trims that they will go with almost everything that you choose to wear.  They are great for keeping your feet healthy and fresh in boots or trainers.

Diesel Shawn 2 Pack Trunks

These bright purple and pink trunks are eye catching and yes rather loud but hey they do brighten up dull days.  Obviously if you prefer more toned down colours you can choose the grey, white and black selection instead.

Diesel Waykee Regular Straight Jeans

These very traditional regular fit jeans sport five pockets and a button fly, they are washed but not washed out or distressed and they will pretty much go with anything you choose to wear.

Diesel Michael 2 Pack V Neck T-Shirts

To avoid branding overload we have chosen these very simple crisp white t-shirts because they will go with virtually every combination of clothes you choose to wear and can be layered with a shirt to add extra warmth.

Diesel Sulf Long Sleeved Checked Shirt

The plaid or checked shirt is an ageless classic, you can buy one today and it will still be fashionable in years to come.  We have selected a blue one because it just looks clean and crisp and goes so very well with jeans.

Diesel S-Sho Pelpa Sweatshirt

This 100% cotton sweatshirt will add a warm layer to your wardrobe and can be worn over a shirt or a t-shirt.  It is smooth enough to wear under a winter jacket.

Diesel J-Aliphoro Jacket

This polyester and Nylon mix jacket is not strictly winter wear but could be worn in Autumn with layers underneath so that it is a protective outer layer.  The high collar will keep your neck warm and you can keep your smaller gadgets in the side pockets.

We haven’t any Diesel shoes to suggest but we have a wide range of other brands here and here for you to look at.

Getting Ready For Autumn With BellField

Image result for bellfield logo

As we come towards the end of August the weather gets a little clumsy and punctuates warm fine days with really chilly ones that seem too wintery for comfort.  Admittedly Summer 2015 has been one of many false starts and our flip flops and barbecues have only been out a fraction of the time they would normally be, but it has been warm and people have actually fainted in the heat.  Only when the seasons swing towards autumn do we start seeing smoke swirling from chimneys and we can see our breath in the cold atmosphere.  That is when it is time to start layering up and finding the right kind of gear to keep you warm on long romantic walks, at the football and various other outside events.

Our collection of Bellfield clothing definitely anticipates the permanent change in weather and will make sure that you are not left out in the cold.

Bellfield Nimrod Fur Hood Jacket

Without a doubt you will certainly feel snug and warm in this khaki, nylon jacket with polyester lining and padding.  The jacket is well ventilated and if you want a break from the fur you can remove it.  There are plenty of pockets for phones and cash.

Bellfield Sully Puffa Jacket

Puffa jackets definitely beef you up a bit and keep you warm and dry.  This navy puffa jacket is made from nylon with polyester lining and padding.  The classic wool collar can be removed if you wish and teamed with your favourite beany the evening walk to the pub will be a breeze.

Bellfield Harper Glitchy Jacquard Knit

This may be bordering on the, Love Actually’, or, ‘Bridget Jones’, type of attire but the fact that the patterned winter jumper keeps being redesigned year after year can only suggest that it may be your time to wear one. This mono-chromed designed knit only covers the top half of your body so is really a plain white jumper and a patterned jumper all in one.

Bellefield Lundrum Hooded Pu Jacket

This black polyurethane coated jacket has a look of leather about it and requires specialist cleaning.  The hood and long sleeves enables you to wear layers underneath and keep the rain at bay while still looking pretty cool.

If you are interested in seeing the whole of our Bellfield Autumn/Winter collection click on this link.

Behind Every Great Castle There is A Crook – Crooks And Castle Clothing

Image result for crooks and castles logo

In 2002 Robert Panlilio and Dennis Calvero decided that they wanted to bring out the villain in all of us by creating a brand based on the adage that, ‘There is always a Crook behind every castle’.  These sentiments refer to the concept that we all have a little bit of deviousness in us to help us to achieve our goals of wealth and success. The Crooks and Castles brand enables us to live out our criminal fantasies without committing fraud, theft or anarchy.  If your bank card won’t land you in a whole lot of hot water if you use it then you may want to peruse our Crooks and Castles selection of threads and shake up your wardrobe with an urban edge.

Now is a fantastic time to get into Crooks and Castles clothing, as many of our t-shirts, hoodies, hats and joggers are reduced in price.  You can buy your favourite brand without being a victim of daylight robbery.  When you look at our Crooks and Castles range you will see that the designs and branding does have an edge to it that is often absent from less racy ranges.

Crooks and Castles Inked Core Logo t-shirt

This black t-shirt is bursting with bling and prosperity by displaying eye catching branding at the front.  Notice how the word, ‘Crooks’, is very brash and bold while the word, ‘Castles is much more sedate.

Crooks and Castles West Squad T-shirt

The branding on this t-shirt is far more subtle as the initials are intertwined with a circular pattern design.  It would seem that the C for, ‘Castles’, is written as a large white chain while the word, ‘Crooks’ is represented by, ‘CRKS’, where the two vowels have been omitted.  There is a yellow number 2 on the left arm accompanied by the words, ‘Crooks and Castles’.

Crooks and Castles Surreal Medusa T-shirt

This may be the only time that you cannot turn people to stone when they look at the snake clad Medusa on your t-shirt.  There seem to be two stories relating to the origins of Medusa, the first that she was one of three equally eye catching sisters called Gorgons.  The second story tells of a beautiful girl who thought she was the fairest of them all and was punished for her vanity by being turned into the snake haired vixen we know and love today.  one thing for sure is that Perseus used her head for the greater good in the film, ‘Clash of the Titans’.

Crooks and Castles Core Emblem T-shirt

If you prefer white with just a smattering of branding, this classic white t-shirt with the words, ‘Crooks and Castles’,  written in black outlined lettering, surprisingly stands out really well.  There are two branding tabs on each shoulder and the whole look is crisp like newly printed counterfeit money.

If you would like to awaken that inner crook in you please feel free to visit our entire Crooks and Castles collection by clicking here

Emporio Armani The Classy Underwear Collection

Image result for giorgio armani logo

With a name like Giorgio Armani, it is hardly surprising that this Italian born in 1934 became an iconic fashion designer.  Best known for his, Power Suits the Giorgio Armani saw his designs being worn by the cast of Miami Vice and The American Gigolo in the 1980’s.  Armani took many of his inspirations from watching Hollywood stars in the local cinema, which he claimed was one of the only places of refuge he could go to escape the impoverished life he had.  As with many great people, Armani escaped his lowly life in a small suburb of Milan by working hard.  Armani’s life was set to go in a completely different direction as he studied anatomy in medical school, he was intrigued by the human form.  His studies were interrupted by Military Service and when he came back he started working at a department store which set him on the right tracks to become a world renowned fashion designer.

In 1975 The brand Giorgio Armani was created and the world was introduced to understated suits that fitted the body perfectly.  The Giorgio Armani name is synonymous with style, elegance and class and the collection has extended from sharp power suits to; watches, ladies clothes, children’s clothes, leather goods and of course underwear. At Stand-Out.Net we have gathered up a rather wonderful collection of Emporio Armani underwear and if you are a man who is prestigious about his underwear then this article will certainly appeal to you.

Emporio Armani 2 Pack Stretch Cotton Briefs

With these briefs there is no mistaking which brand they are, the contrasting branded waist is a huge give away.  You will not be afraid of anyone rummaging through your underwear drawer with undies like these.

More Armani briefs can be found here.

Emporio Armani 3 Pack Stretch Cotton Trunks

If you prefer to wear trunks to briefs, then these cotton trunks are equally stylish and the waistband would look great under slightly loose jeans.  Again the waistband is branded and the trunks tailored to look flattering so what’s stopping you from looking so cool?

More Armani boxer trunks can be found here.

Emporio Armani 2 Pack Stretch T- Shirt

Never get caught out looking scruffy when you are in your pyjamas – these really comfortable Armani stretch t-shirts would look great work with the Armani pyjama bottoms.  You could even get away with rushing to the corner shop to get that pint of milk.


More Armani t-shirts can be found here.

Emporio Armani Logo waistband Pyjama Bottoms

Don’t forget your pyjama bottoms when you venture outside.  Worn with the white fitted t-shirt no one would ever suspect that you have just rolled out of bed – except for your hair of course.


Need more choices? Take a look at our full range of pyjama tops and bottoms.

If you would like to see our whole Emporio Armani underwear collection, click on this link.

Herschel Supply Co – Bags of History And Style

herschel supply co

When you look at bags designed by the Herschel Supply Co you would understandably be mistaken to believe that they have been in circulation for over a century.  The Herschel Supply Co brand has only been around since 2009, but the origins of its existence roll right back to the early 1900’s.  If you visit the official Herschel Supply Company Website you will find out that inspiration for the brand originates from the ancestors of James and Lyndon Cormack.  Peter Alexander Cormack who left Scotland, with his wife, and settled in the small town of Herschel Canada.  Now living in Vancouver, the two brothers decided to name their new brand after the tiny town that generations of their family grew up in.  They state that, ‘our goal is to create a timeless product with fine regard to detail’, and this is most certainly represented in their designs. (Featured Image has been taken from the Herschel Supply Co website)

Where most bag companies concentrate on producing loud and busy designs, the Herschel Supply Co focuses on designing understated classical bags that are reminiscent of the type of luggage that our ancestors used.  We have a growing collection of Herschel Supply Co bags for you to look at including; duffel bags and backpacks.  Here is a taster of some of the bags we have in our range.

Herschel Supply Co Novel Duffle Bag


This navy and tan duffle bag has stripy lining and has ample space for all of your hand luggage.  With a large central pocket and shoe section you could use it as a gym bag when you are not travelling.  You can choose to use the handles or a detachable shoulder strap to carry the bag.

Herschel Supply Co Retreat Straps Backpack


The tan trim on this grey backpack is the detail that make it look classical and reminiscent of the ruck sacks used years ago.  The large central compartment and small inner compartment means that you can carry large objects and more precious possessions without fear of losing them.  An ultra modern twist includes hole for you to put your headphone cable through.

Herschel Supply Co Classic Backpack


This navy backpack has a nicely lined central pocket, which is fastened with a double zip.  On the outside there is a small zip pocket and the shoulder straps are padded for your comfort.

Herschel Supply Co Settlement Backpack


Again with beautiful lining this backpack enables you to hold a 15” laptop with ease.  There is an external zip pocket and the bag has a waterproof coating.

As you can see the Herschel Supply Co manages to make the simple backpack into a luxury item by adding beautiful lining.  All we ask is that you remember to put the lid on any pens you may carry in your new Herschel Supply Co bag so that you don’t ruin the lining.

If you would like to see our complete range of Herschel Supply Co bags please click on this link.

How To Commit Criminal Damage Without Getting Into Trouble


With an edgy name like, ‘Criminal Damage’, it is hardly surprising that the rebel in us all is sorely tempted to buy clothes from the Criminal Damage brand.  Founder, Jas Ayton, started committing Criminal Damage in 1991 when he set up the brand in East London.  The whole ethos of Criminal Damage was to resurrect the retro styles of the past and shake them up a bit with modern urban trends to create a completely new look.

Criminal Damage has maintained its originality by making each new clothing line different from the last, the only constant are the initials, ‘CD’, or the words, ‘Criminal Damage’, on each garment.  If you like bold and colourful clothes that make you stand out from the crowd then Criminal Damage may indeed be the brand for you.

Within our range of Criminal Damage clothing we have some fantastic new arrivals which epitomise the edgy boldness of the brand.

Criminal Damage Aqua All Over Print T-Shirt


This sparkling blue t-shirt has a swimming pool catching the light effect with branding to the front and a branded label to the side.

Criminal Damage Boulevard Graphic T-Shirt


With an all over graphic print on the front and smaller one at the back, this edgy t-shirt will most certainly bring out the, ‘Miami Vice’, out in you.

Criminal Damage Casper All Over Print T-Shirt


If going to a tropical island is beyond you this year, then don’t fret as this all over graphic t-shirt brings the tropical island to you.  Envelope yourself in palm trees, sandy beach and glowing sun and people will most certainly warm to you.

Criminal Damage All over Print T-Shirt


If you want to conquer florals this year but multi coloured clothes make you wince, then this monochromed floral t-shirt sports white flower graphics on the black material with only the branding words being a bold red colour.

Criminal Damage Splatter Reflective T-Shirt


The splatter effect has become increasingly popular this year and Criminal Damage does not disappoint with this white t-shirt with reflective splatter effect.  With branding to the front and all over splatter effect you will look as if you have been committing vandalism.

Criminal Damage Thatcher Graphic T-Shirt


Maybe a little bit of Criminal Damage is all you would like to commit, if this is the case why not restrict your graphic to be at the side of your t-shirt with subtle branding to the front and side.

Whichever Criminal Damage t-shirt you decide to add to your collection, you will be secure in the knowledge that your choice will not be replicated in the future.

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