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January 20th, 2015

Calvin klein’s creative director Italo Zucchelli’s latest collection has been inspired by black and white movies and the varying shades of grey the colour scheme produces.  The 2015 winter collection includes shades such as; slate, dove, granite, charcoal with splashes of black and white.  Grey has had a resurgence in popularity during the last decade as its versatility allows it to be worn in the gym and the boardroom without looking out of place. With the release of the raunchy film, ‘50 Shades Of Grey’, the colour will certainly be at the forefront of our minds.

40 Shades Of Grey

At Stand-Out.Net we have a collection 40 items of clothing that are classified as grey including underwear and outerwear.  We have counted twenty three brands that have designed clothing in various shades and styles of grey.  These include; Levis, Calvin Klein, Eastpak, Hilfiger Denim, Polo Ralph Lauren, Logoshirt, Religion, G-Star, Duck and Cover, Alpha Industries, Carhartt, Diesel, 55DSL, French Connection, Happy Socks, Bellfield, Antony Morato, Voi Jeans, Cross Hatch and Solid.

Grey Underwear by Calvin Klein

There was a time that grey underwear meant that it was time to replenish your underwear collection, now of course it means that you have an underwear drawer that is is full of the most desirable trunks you could ever want to own.  Calvin Klein is the king of underpants and they never disappoint with their collection.  In fact they are so proud of their briefs that they embroider their name on the waist band.

calvin klein

Jeans By Levis

Blue jeans have generally dominated fashion trends followed closely by the more formal black versions of our favourite styles.  Grey jeans tend to allow us to wear a distressed style of dark  denim without looking to scruffy or too worn out.  Levis  have of course perfect the grey look with these skinny fit 510 jeans.


Grey T-Shirt By Logo Shirt

Grey can be jollied up and have an injection of humour by altering the shade and adding a burst of colour and the personality of a favourite cartoon character.  Logo Shirt  have designed this friendly and chirpy Micky Mouse t-shirt to brighten up the days and make you smile.

logo shirt

Duffle Bag By Eastpak

Accessories such as bags are also available in grey making sure that everything you have to carry can be transported in a highly sophisticated way.  We particularly like this duffle bag by Eastpak in Sunday grey and are sure it would be great for your football gear.



Stand-Out.Net Grey Collection

Here is a sneaky preview of some of the items in our grey collection to give you a taste of the items we have in store for you.


grey collection




January 15th, 2015

Whether you’re hitting it hard at the gym (New Years resolutions going strong?) or playing on the pitch you’ll need some sweats to give you peak performance and comfort.

Good news, whatever you choose to wear on your bottom half can still be effective AND stylish. It really depends on what shape you prefer (skinny, harem, regular) but remember if you are having a full on workout at the gym darker sweats can be the best option (less obvious sweat patches). We’ve also got a few brand new Franklin & Marshall tracksuits in store if you want matching top and bottoms.  Below are the Jack & Jones Black Push Sweat Pants and Original Penguin Secret Sam Joggers.

Or if you prefer shorts we’ve got these Franklin & Marshall Navy Jersey shorts which would be perfect for the gym. Whatever you choose though we suggest always steering clear of the short shorts!

 sweat pants copy

The instinct might be to wear as few clothes as possible at the gym but actually covering up will help keep your muscles warm and reduce any risk of injury. We’ve got a huge range of hoodies and track tops at Stand-Out so keeping warm and looking good will not be a problem. Check out the Levis Original Zip, Sik Silk Grey Long Zip and the Scotch & Soda Home Alone Hoodie.

hoodies copy

Trainers can be precious to a man and when you find the right pair you’ll want to keep them forever. A few good ones for running and the gym which will give you maximum comfort and support are Onitsuka Tiger Black Trainers, Lacoste White/Green Light Trainers and Converse’s Oxheart Racer Trainers.

trainers copy

To carry your things to and from the gym look no further than the no-nonsense CrossHatch bag for only £5! Great for shoving your towel, drink and wallet in after a sesh.


January 13th, 2015



Also known as funnel neck, roll neck or turtle neck, the classic polo neck jumper is worth its weight in gold when it comes to layering up this winter.  Generally made out of pure wool and easy to pack the polo neck jumper can enable you to wear autumn weight jackets throughout the winter.  If you have to look smart and hate wearing a tie, the polo neck jumper is a great alternative under a shirt, the polo neck jumper has historically been worn as a rebellion against the tie.

We have three classic polo neck jumpers in our collection by John Smedley, Guide – London and French Connection all of them are either black or very dark grey so they can be teamed up  with a variety of different garments.  Here are some garments from our collection that would really suit a polo neck being worn under them.

Under A Casual Shirt

levi work shirt jack and jones padded g-star

This is where the magic of layering really enables you to wear your favourite check or denim shirt without suffering from the chill.  We have chosen three shirts from our vast collection that would look superb layered with a polo neck but you will have your own style ideas in mind.  The Levi Long sleeved work shirt is a classic denim shirt that would work really effectively with the John Smedley polo neck.  If you like wearing shirts but really feel the chill then this Jack and Jones quilted shirt will provide a toasty combination. An article involving shirts would not be complete without a check shirt and this red G-Star shirt certainly fits the bill.

Under A Guide London Blazer

military blazer dan blazer rog blazer

If you are aiming to look dapper then teaming your Guide London polo neck with a Guide London blazer would certainly put you in the realms of James Bond.  Our blazer collection has been designed by Guide London and consists of a grey military blazer, a formal grey Dan blazer and black Rog blazer. The three designs allow you to choose exactly the perfect impression that you would like to make and keep warm at the same time.

Famous Polo neck Wearers

How ever you choose to wear your polo neck jumper you can be assured that it is a fashion staple that will never expire.  One of the most famous wearers of the polo neck was the late great Steve Jobs, who shunned ties and shoes and preferred to launch his ground breaking Apple products in his signature turtle neck.  If we go further back in time we the greatest band that ever lived, The Beatles, took the world by storm wearing simple black polo necks in the heady days of the sixties.  One Direction, the new band that makes girls scream, has posed wearing polo necks and jackets reminiscent of the Beatles with their own modern interpretation.

famous polo neck

Whoever inspires you to wear a polo neck whether it is a celebrity or the winter chill you can be sure that you will look amazing in what ever you choose to wear.



January 8th, 2015

Eddie Redmayne has topped many publications’ best dressed list this year. Any guy that can pull off tartan, mint green, checked AND velvet suits as well as Eddie can gets a thumbs up in our book.  He loves his tailoring though we rarely see him in a standard black or grey suit. Subtly eccentric you might say. All in all a quintessentially English gent…makes the rest of us look bad doesn’t he…?


David Beckham of course makes the list again this year. The guy can do no wrong. Beckham sticks to quite conventional clothing choices but he works them like no one else. His kids are also set to be following in his footsteps. Romeo, aka mini Beckham, is doing a pretty good job with some big fashion names this year (Burberry to be exact) and is sure to be appearing on plenty of best dressed lists in the future.


Great, now we’re jealous of a 12 year old.


No surprise here, Benedict Cumberbatch of course. Sherlock always keeps it classy with a sense of style that is just as English as his name. He’s a great style icon for the taller slimmer gent, showing exactly the right way to wear a suit.


Will he be the next James Bond or won’t he? Idris Elba has already got the style and suaveness down to a tee. This year we’ve seen him work the red carpet with casual, smart-casual and super smart looks and he nailed them all. If you need to see how to wear an overcoat properly, look no further than this guy.


Not to everyone’s taste but we can’t deny that Kanye West has been gaining himself some serious fashion icon status again this year. He made the extra long t-shirt a key item for guys in 2014. With his unconventional style he is certainly not afraid to stand out from the crowd!


We had to give a special honourable mention to another little man too, everyone’s favourite Prince, Prince George. We’ve never seen dungarees worn so well, plus there is not one hair out of place on this kid! We can’t wait until he gets a bit older and starts dressing himself.


Who would you add to the list of 2014′s best dressed men?

January 6th, 2015

There is nothing that can make you feel more miserable in winter than cold wet feet.  When choosing winter boots it is important that they feel as good as they look.  Ideally your boots should be waterproof and have robust soles that will still have grip in snow and rain.  Our selection of Palladium boots are designed to cope with the worst of the weather while our H-by Hudson and Lacoste ranges are more suitable to be worn around town on damp days. Without a doubt leather is still considered to be the best material as it allows the feet to breathe and acts as a guard against the elements.

Palladium Boots


Palladium boots are blessed with a vulcanised sole that not only grips well but is stitched securely to the leather upper ensuring that your feet stay warm and dry.  We have four great Palladium boots to share with you, each with their own individual twist on the Pampa design.

The Palladium Pampa Sports Cuff Boots available in black or amber are equipped to contend with the most adverse conditions as they sport a rigid sole, are ankle length and are lined with with a woollen inner.  The Palladium Pampa Lux boots and High Cuff boots are padded at the ankles to keep you warm and dry. Like all of the boots in our Palladium range our Palladium boots are made of leather and are waterproof.

H By Hudson Boots

h angus h calf h mc

If you want to wear boots for walking around town and for more formal wear then our H by Hudson range is the ideal choice.  All are made of high quality patterned leather and some sport a leather sole so you will be wearing them because they look fantastic rather than because they can survive extreme weather conditions.

H By Hudson Angus Shoes are Victorian in design and features a brogue punctured detailing on the toes, heels and throughout the shoe.  A stacked heel and leather sole with branding detail certainly makes these boots a stylish choice for the season.  Much more robust are the H by Hudson Harland Calf Boots which are made of grained leather and have a stacked wood and rubber sole.   The H by Hudson Mcallister Calf Boots are smooth brown boots that have rounded toe caps and have a textured rubber sole that is stacked to provide you with extra height.

Lacoste Zinder SRM Boots


If you normally wear sneakers but would like to increase the types of shoes you have in your collection then the Lacoste Zinder SRM Boots is an ideal choice.  The boots are high and padded with a moccasin style toe, the sole looks just like a pair of sneakers with a wavy design.


All of our boots are purchased directly from the manufacturer ensuring that any choices you make are guaranteed to be great ones.


January 2nd, 2015

Olive, emerald, lime, forest, sage, chartreuse, mint, fern, army…alright so it wasn’t quite 50 but we gave it a go! The colour green has been big news this Autumn/Winter 2014 season both on the catwalk and on the high-street. It also has the extra advantage of being a traditionally festive colour so chances are lately you have been seeing a lot of it! Even with Christmas being done and dusted for another year that doesn’t mean green will be fading away. Some people are put off from wearing green as they find it hard to blend with the rest of an outfit but that has been made easier in recent years with patterns and prints, namely camouflage, and a rise in popularity of items like green chinos and knit jumpers.

Now we’re not saying you leave the house head to toe in different shades of green but we don’t want you to neglect it either. Here we have picked out a few pieces for you to mix and match with other colours in your wardrobe.

Untitled-3 copy

Let’s start with outerwear. This Alpha Industries Polar Jacket is a coat that you won’t want to take off. Great for the outdoors but also the commute and would work well layered over a suit or shirt and trousers. Dark greens like Hilfiger Denim Parka work particularly well when contrasted with black. Both of these are top quality coats and though a bit of investment piece will last you a fair few years!


If you are going for a green sweatshirt or jumper like either this Jack & Jones Raffia Sweatshirt in ponderosa pine (that’s a new one to add to the list) or the Carhartt Bottle Green/White College Sweatshirt (and another!) , earthy and neutral trousers will work well for a preppy/smart look or jeans for a more casual outfit.

Untitled-2 copy

Everyman knows you can’t go wrong with a classic polo t-shirt and the Hilfiger Denim Pilot Flag Polo is no different. A nice rich green, you could pair it with a casual jacket or wear it under a jumper.  If you are into your baseball or sports jerseys the Curved Hem T-shirt from Sik Silk will make you a very happy man. As smooth as it looks it comes in a long fit and would look great with joggers down at the gym or with some skinny jeans for out in the town.

green accessories copy
If you can’t justify splashing out a whole new green wardrobe (which is fair enough), why not go for a few green accessories instead? Here we have picked the Eastpak BackPack, Lyle & Scott Colour Block Socks and New Balance 410 Trainers.

December 22nd, 2014

Daniel Craig surprised everyone when he wore a reindeer jumper to announce the name of the new James Bond film Spectre. Whether he did it for a bet or as pure amusement we are still talking about it – if he had worn a traditional tuxedo we would not even be mentioning the suave James Bond in an article about Christmas jumpers.  At Stand-out we have many jumpers that are most certainly not Christmas jumpers but we have chosen a small number that do have a Christmassy pattern but are tasteful enough to be worn on more than one occasion.

Crosshatch Oxblood Red Chartel Patterned Knit


This mulled wine coloured jumper with snowflake detail from Crosshatch really looks Christmassy – you could even team it with a matching hat and scarf and you will have Christmas all wrapped up.

Scotch and Soda Red/Blue Micro Knitted Sports Knit

scotch and soda

Is a vibrant combination of red and blue snowflake patterns that are definitely eye catching.  It is advised that you wear neutral colours with this Scotch and Soda knit or you may just over stimulate anyone who looks at you.

Hilfiger Denim Ernest Knit

Hilfiger denim

If you like blue, burgundy and geometric patterns then you will love how Hilfiger Denim have combined all of those elements to produce a truly bewitching jumper.  You will look seasonal and tasteful at the same time and be very cuddly in this great knit.

Lyle and Scott Navy Fairisle Sweatshirt

lyle and scott

This design from Lyle and Scott is actually a sweatshirt disguised as a Christmas jumper. The knitted patterned design will have anyone fooled into believing that you are wearing a seasonal jumper when in fact you are wearing a wonderfully designed sweatshirt.

Original Penguin Rain Heather The Kurt Pattern Knit

original penguin

The description of this Original Penguin Knit, ‘Rain Heather’, is awesome and that is what you will look like wearing it. The combination of grey, turquoise and white incorporate snowflakes and stripes in a great way that will show everyone that you have embraced the Christmas spirit.

Native Youth Mono Fairisle Contrast Sleeve Knit

native youth

If you want to catch everyone’s eye this holiday this Native Youth Fairisle pattern knit with contrasting sleeves will indicate to your friends that you are having a very merry Christmas.

Bellfield Ecru Saga Jacquard Crew Neck Knit


If you like skiing you will love this knit form Bellfield, this cuddly grey and white jumper with a little bit of red trim will not only be cosy but will attract many a gaze from friends and strangers alike.

Gant Multicoloured Lambswool Jacquard Knit


This colourful jumper from Gant is only partially multicoloured so will not overpower you or your friends.  It is subtle enough to blend in with everyone else but also suggests that you thoroughly enjoy Christmas.

We have many jumpers for you to choose from at Stand-Out.Net click here to view our wide range so if you would rather not look like Daniel Craig this Christmas you can still look like a 007 agent!


December 15th, 2014

When we are not dressing to impress during the Christmas period we need to feel comfortable and look stylish during our down time.  Often visitors call round with very little warning so it is important that you are not wearing your oldest t-shirt and scrappiest trackie bottoms when you answer the door.  If you are staying with family you can guarantee that one of them will be snap happy and you won’t want to look a state in your photographs. At Stand-out.Net we have chosen a selection of pyjamas and lounge wear that incorporates comfortable and style

Calvin Klein Pyjamas & Lounge wear

calnin klein

If you can never decide between check or stripes then the range from Calvin Klein offers a selection of patterned pyjama bottoms with designs such as; Stewart Plaid Pyjama Bottoms, Brilliant Red Plaid Pyjama Bottoms, Blue Shadow Pyjama Bottoms and Murray Stripes/Blue Shadow Pyjama Bottoms you can certainly look bright and cheerful on a relaxing winter day. If you would like to look at the rest of the Calvin Klein range click here.

Bjorn Borg Long Johns

bijorn borg

If the name Bjorn Borg sounds familiar it is because it is brand based on the legacy of a brilliant Swedish tennis star who won 101 titles and Wimbledon five times in a row.  The Swedes are accustomed to the cold weather and Bjorn Borg have designed funky long Johns that would look good as outer wear around the house and as an insulating layer under your jeans when you go out.  You can choose from the blue patterned  Bjorn Borg Generation X  or the more subtle Bjorn Borg Phantom Long Johns to keep you cosy and warm in the cold.

Diesel Pyjamas & Loungewear


Diesel have a selection of pyjama bottoms and comfortable vests and t-shirts for you to choose from.  If you want to look as if you are wearing trackie bottoms then the Diesel Black Massi Pyjama Bottoms would fit the bill.  If you would rather charm in checks then the Diesel Derik Checkered Pyjama Bottoms will catch everyone’s eye.  If you would like to look at at the whole selection of Diesel lounge wear click here

Gant Pyjamas & Lounge wear


If you prefer to look more relaxed and chilled out when vegging out at home the Gant selection oozes comfort and style. The Gant Navy Pyjama Pants are not only smart to wear they are also available at a smart reduced price. If you like grey the Gant Grey Melange Pyjama Pants fit the bill.  You can finish the look with soft white pyjama t-shirts, crack open those chocolates and  relax in front of the games console.

If you would like to look at our complete pyjamas & lounge wear range come and visit Stand-out.Net.


December 8th, 2014

Stand-Out.Net have selected a wide range of good quality Christmas gifts that are so stylish and useful that they will be appreciated and used over and over again.  When we talk about practical gifts we are referring to wallets, bags, belts, hats, scarves, watches, pyjamas and socks. All of our gifts have been purchased directly from the manufacturer so all of the brands are genuine and have the feel of a good quality item.

Black Diesel Wallet and Keyring

Everyone needs somewhere to store their cash at this time of year, slip in couple of notes into this Black Diesel Wallet and Keyring and the recipient will be delighted with his gift.  The Black Diesel wallet is made from a light waterproof material and has plenty of space for Christmas money.  The keyring is a great bonus item that is reinforced so you won’t be left out in the cold this Christmas.

diesel wallet & keyring

G-Star ZED Belt

This G-Star ZED Belt available in brown or black leather sports a metallic buckle with the G-Star name engraved on it and is made of thick high quality leather that will make any outfit look extra special.

g-star z belt

Crosshatch Blues Ice Retro Hat and Scarf Set

This retro hat and scarf set from Crosshatch is available in blue and andora (which is burgundy red colour).  Its retro Christmas design will look smashing with any winter coat.

cross hatch blue

Casio Gold Combo Watch

Christmas is not Christmas without Casio, for many decades our lives have been touched by either the Casio calculator or indeed the classic Casio watch.  As everything seems to be harking back to the good old days and retro is big news we thought that this Casio Gold Combo Watch would be a fantastic gift for the mate who is always late. Not only does this watch shine it is also waterproof and has a digital display – what more could a man want?


Happy Socks Gift Pack Of 4 Socks

happy socks

It is always considered to be a naff joke present to receive socks for Christmas but the reality is that socks do wear out and disappear throughout the year.  This Happy Socks Gift Pack of 4 Socks comes in a lovely presentation box and includes a cheerful selection of designs.


We have only touched the surface of the gifts we have available for you to buy this year.  Follow this link to the Christmas Gifts section of the Stand-Out.Net site to view the whole selection.


December 5th, 2014

Assuming that you aren’t donning some sort of reindeer onesie or a novelty snowman jumper, Christmas parties can mean routing through your wardrobe looking for a suitable outfit to wear. Whether you need to impress the boss, co-workers, friends of friends or a special someone (wink wink) you might need a little help getting it right.  The smart- casual look can be a hard one to nail and it can cover a pretty broad spectrum from polo tops to blazers to chinos to brogues. So, check out our office party lookbook below and see if any might suit your style.

 Look 1 – Casual

look1 copy


Bench Brown Pivotspin Chinos Lacoste Black/Black Ampthill LCR Trainers Casio Silver Stainless Steel Watch Farah Vintage Green Bud Merriweather Longsleeved Polo ShirtOriginal Penguin True Black Hooded Ratner 

Look 2 – Smart-Casual


H by Hudson Tan Houghton 2 Boots , Diesel Brown B-Star Cintura Belt Original Penguin Tawny Port Crew Neck Knit Guide London White Plain Stretch Shirt Levis Eternal Day 511 Slim Fit Jeans 

Look 3 – Smart

look3 copy


Diesel Black Vishal Scarf Casio Silver Edifice Watch Jeffery West Black/Silver College Loafer Shoes Farah Vintage Bordeaux Steen Shirt Scotch & Soda Night Tailored Wool Blazer Diesel Navy Darron 8QU Slim Jeans G-Star Black Zed Belt 


Remember though - If you are ever in doubt, dress up, not down!

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