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April 28th, 2015

Palladium Boots

Another great competition is underway. This time Palladium have given us 3 pairs of their TW Sport boots to giveaway. All you need to do to enter is simply enter your details below, follow us on twitter, facebook, instagram and share with your friends.

Rules and Terms:
- Closing date is 4th May 2015.
- Competition is for a pair of Palladium boots – selected by us.
- 3 winners will be selected at random and be notified after closing.
- Your email address will be added to our mailing list.
- You agree to be emailed with special offers and updates from Stand-Out.

April 21st, 2015

guide london

When you fasten up the buttons on your Guide London white shirt you probably don’t realise that wearing a white shirt was once considered to be a garment to be worn by the upper classes during the summer months. You may have heard the phrase, ‘You can’t wear white after Labor Day’, this was a fashion rule made specifically to discourage people from flaunting their wealth by wearing white all year round. Of course that rule never became law and we wear white all year round, sometimes you may hear Labor Day referred to in films such as, ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’, during the prison scene where one of the inmates insults Boss Hogg who is wearing a white suit.

Guide London white shirts are in keeping with the British tradition of style and and can be worn with smart clothes or casually with jeans and chinos.  Guide London white shirts also include little details in the buttonholes, collars and front pockets to add a little flourish to your attire.  At Stand-Out.Net we have five Guide London white shirts for you to choose from.

Guide London Plain Stretch Shirt


The Guide London Plain Stretch Shirt is a slim fitting crisp white shirt with full sleeves, cuffs with button detail.  This white shirt is one that can be smartened up with suit trousers and a waistcoat or worn informally with jeans.

Guide London Short Sleeved Trim Pattern Shirt


The Guide London Short Sleeved Trim Pattern Shirt has a curved hemline, button down collar, contrasting brown buttons and pocket flap.  This white shirt would make perfect work wear or beer garden attire during the warm summer months.

Guide London Plain Long sleeved Shirt


The Guide London Plain Long Sleeved Shirt has a low hemline, is slightly fitted and has contrasting collar, buttons and cuffs.  Perfect for looking your best and dressing to impress.

Guide London Plain Short Sleeved Shirt


The Guide London Plain Short Sleeved Shirt has a curved hemline, plain stitching to the sides and clear buttons on the front.  This subtle shirt will definitely help you to stand out from the crowd.

Guide London Polka Dot Trim Long Sleeved Shirt


The Guide London Polka Dot Trim Long Sleeved Shirt adds a bright contrast to the white shirt design.  with contrasting neck collar, false pocket detailing and bright button holes, this shirt is bound to be eye catching.

If you would like to wear white this summer and liked our Guide London Shirts why not check out all of our white shirts available in the many brands we stock.  Click here to see the whole range.


April 17th, 2015

Religion Look Book -10

Stand-Out.Net recently caught up with Religion Clothing and got the opportunity to find out more about the great minds behind the innovative and exciting brand that allows us to choose our own identity and reminisce about the Rave era.

Since the 90’s your identity hasn’t changed, how do you achieve such a strict brand vision whilst still keeping things current ?

The devils in the details!

Religion Look Book -3

What can we expect from Religion over the next year ?

Partying, good style, laugh, and loud music.

Religion Look Book -21

How do religion staff balance their work social life based in such a busy city ?

Work and social life mould into one, when you work for what you love and love the work you do.

What’s your favourite piece from Religions new collection ?

Crib drop crotch quilted joggers.

Religion Look Book -16

What’s Religions 5 must do’s for 2015?

  • Lose your mind at Glastonbury Festival
  • Sleep under the stars on the Ibiza sands.
  • Find a hangover cure.
  • Drink lots of beers at the Camden crawl.
  • Visit proud galleries for a burlesque show.

Who’s the craziest artist/musician you have ever met ?

That’s an easy one – Liam Gallagher

Religion Look Book -22

Funniest celebrity story you have ?

We have a few but there best not told, but a funny celebrity fact is that George Foreman (the boxer, grilling machine) named all 5 of his sons George Foreman Jnr!

What advice would you give to people wanting to get into the fashion industry?

Be true to yourself and take things with a pinch of salt.

Religion Look Book -14


April 13th, 2015


I know it may seem a little premature, getting excited about wearing flip flops just because we have had a few sunny days.  The thought of flip flops bring memories of being relaxed and and enjoying either the company of our friends or silent adventures by ourselves.  We call these thonged sandals flip flops because that is the sound that they make when we walk. Flip flops are known by different names by different cultures such as, ‘air sandals’, in India, ‘thongs’, in Australia and,  ‘Jandals’, in New Zealand.

The Vietnamese use the name , ‘smagul,’ from the word smuggled because the shoe design was inspired by the footwear American soldiers wore after serving in the war in these parts of the world.  Since the 1960’s flip flops have become very popular indeed.  We do have to remember that the origins of the footwear design is in Ancient times when the Greeks and Egyptians wore them to walk around in.  You may have worn flip flops and a white sheet at a toga party.

That’s enough  historical facts about flip flops, we want to show you why we are still in love with them in 2015.  The first thing you will notice about flip flops is that they are not made of natural materials.  Flip flops these days are engineered to fit well and designed to look fantastic.  You can almost get away with wearing flip flops to more formal functions, but I would check the dress code first.  At Stand-Out.Net we stock flip flops by Havaianas, Animal and Lacoste, all have the familiar t-bar design but have introduced their own style differentiating them from each other.

Havaianas Flip Flops


Havaianas were created in Brazil in the sixties and are made with a secret rubber formula that allegedly makes the most versatile and comfortable footwear you can buy.  Havaiana Flip Flops are available in many different colour combinations are hard wearing and extremely comfortable.  If you prefer your feet to be more covered Havaianas have a range of comfortable espadrilles as well.

Animal Flip Flops


When you consider that the Animal brand was established by two surf dudes in Dorset, it would be criminal if they didn’t have a range of flip flops. Animal Flip Flops are still constructed using the original t-bar design but have also added  a little more detail on the cross bar.  The Animal brand is all about extremes, so if you like extreme paddling, extreme sunbathing, extreme waterfights or extreme beer drinking, then Animal flip flops are definitely the brand for you!

Lacoste Flip Flops

l1 l2 l3

We all love Lacoste and have been wearing that cute crocodile on our chests since 1933 when Rene Lacoste invented the polo shirt and other tennis equipment.  You may not find, love’, on the tennis courts when wearing Lacoste Flip Flops but you may find romance at the beach bar.  Lacoste remains a popular brand and have designed a collection of, sliders’, or slip on sandals if you only like the sand between your toes.

If you would like to see our complete flip flop and beach shoes range click on this link and be ready for a fun filled summer.


April 10th, 2015


When we say the words. ‘Scotch and Soda’,  you would be understandably mistaken in believing that we were referring to a popular drink among the laud and gentry,  consumed after a busy day hunting deer in the Scottish hillsides.  For those who are fashion savvy, the words, ‘Scotch and Soda’, brings up connotations of free spirited fashion that appeals to nubile young men and their seasoned counterparts.  Establish in Amsterdam in 1984 Scotch and Soda has consistently provided the world with high end styled clothing at surprisingly affordable prices.  The Scotch and Soda brand has been inspired by classy attire, vintage rock and Californian sunshine all wrapped up in a tasty European package.

Scotch and Soda On The Rocks


The ultimate classy jacket has to be the blazer.  A blazer can be worn with just about any trousers as long as you remember to wear a t-shirt or a casual shirt if you are wearing it with jeans, chinos or if you are lucky with the weather, shorts. The two Scotch and Soda blazers we have in our collection give you a choice between cooling linen or a more formal knitted style.  Both are navy blue and can adapt to what you are wearing simply by choosing equally as stylish accessories.

Scotch and Soda On The Tee


Well tee- shirt that is, if you like wearing t-shirts above anything else then but you want to have a classy edge these tasteful t-shirts from Scotch and Soda will give you the best of both worlds.  The Polka Dot and Stripe t-shirts are made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, giving you the cool feel of cotton with a little bit of flexibility.  The Grey flower t-shirt is 85% cotton and 15% linen, while the white flower t-shirt is 100% cotton.  All of the t-shirts are classy and tasteful allowing you to wear your favourite item of clothing and look great at the same time.

Scotch and Soda In A Short Glass


Well shorts, trying to say witty phrases relating to poshness and Scotch and Soda is trickier than you think, available in and beige chinos style and a more formal tailored style.  The chino shorts are made up of 97% cotton and 3% elastane, they are machine washable and described as being peach twill, which gives a lovely slightly downy texture.  The exact colour description of these shorts is cobalt and sand. The tailored shorts are made from 100% blue checked cotton and would look good wherever you choose to spend sunny afternoons. These Scotch and Soda shorts are definitely worth considering when choosing your summer wardrobe.

If you would like to add an element of European design into your wardrobe, visit Stand-Out.Net and look at our complete Scotch and Soda Range.


April 5th, 2015

Hey, it’s here at last the sun is out and the wind is calm – it is almost beer garden weather.  There is still a tiny chill in the air so layering up is still essential.  Hilfiger Denim have a wide range of shirts that you can wear with a plain t-shirt underneath and short sleeved shirts, if the sun is being particularly friendly. Hilfiger Denim shirts are available in a checks, flowers, dots, blocks and neutrals so there is a style and design that will suit everybody’s look.

Hilfiger Denim Long Sleeved Check Shirts

group long check

We have five different Hilfiger Denim check shirts in stock, all are based on crisp shades of blue, relaxing green and a tinge of red.  You can wear them with a Hilfiger Denim long sleeved t-shirt underneath to counteract the cooler weather.  The Hilfiger Denim long sleeved check shirts featured are; Hilfiger Denim Norbert Check Shirt, Hilfiger Denim Nate S2 Check Shirt, Hilfiger Denim Otis Long Sleeved Check Shirt,Hilfiger Denim Sobert Check Shirt, and the Hilfiger Denim Stuart Check Shirt.

Hilfiger Denim Long Sleeved Plain Shirts

group plain

If you prefer to wear neutral colours or just one bold colour maybe you would prefer to look at our Hilfiger Long Sleeved Plain Shirts.  Our colours are; pale blue, crisp white, navy blue and pale purple. The Hilfiger Denim Long Sleeved Plain Shirts featured are; Hilfiger Denim Sabim Long Sleeved Plain Shirt, Hilfiger Denim Ottley Shirt, Hilfiger Denim Sabim Shirt in Peacoat, black and white

Hilfiger Denim Short Sleeved Mixed Shirts

group short

As we get closer to summer and the days and evenings are getting warmer there is nothing more versatile than a short sleeved shirt.  Not only can they make any pair of jeans, chinos or shorts look stylish they are cool and comfortable to wear.  Short sleeved shirts seem to welcome bold patterns and colours simply because they are associated with brighter sunnier weather.  The Hilfiger Denim short sleeved shirts featured are; The Hilfiger Denim Newton Floral Shirt, Hilfiger Denim Sabim Plain Short Sleeved Shirt in white and peacoat and the Hilfiger Denim Zander S2 Polka Dot Shirt.

 If you would like to see the full range of Hilfiger Denim shirts we have in stock click here.

March 31st, 2015

As well as being credited as the ‘Daddy of Denim’, Levis Strauss also introduced the concept of the denim jacket in the form of a, ‘working blouse’, which is very similar to the denim jackets we wear today.  Denim jackets have been worn by cowboys in the Wild West, super models and the everyday guy on the street.  Levis jackets enable the wearer to to dress down in style and if you are particularly creative you can customise your jacket to suit the type of person you are.  As with everything, Levis have introduced a variety of jackets to their collection that are not specifically denim but do stay true to the original ethos of Levis by being both practical and stylish.

Levis Barstow Shacket Jacket


The Levis Barstow Shacket Jacket is styled very similarly to a denim shirt but is black with grey shoulder patches.  It is many made of cotton with a polyamide lining.  It has metal stud button fastening which is also found on the pocket, along with the little red logo tag.

Levis Windbomber 3 Jacket


The Levis Windbomber 3 Jacket is dark blue and made from 100% cotton.  It has a front zip pockets to the shoulders and flap pockets at the front. This jacket would be superb to protect you from the wind but doesn’t have any extra padding so you may have to wear a gilet over it or a jumper under it.

Levis Down Mountain Parka Jacket

down mountain

The Levis Down mountain Parka Jacket is so called because it has a duck down lining rather than its sole purpose being wearing it down a mountain.  This jacket is as toasty as you can get , not only will the polyamide outer keep the wind and rain at bay, the luxurious duck down lining will keep out that sneaky chill.

Levis Good Sherpa Trucker Chattanooga Jacket


The Levis Good Sherpa Trucker Chattanooga Jacket represents the levis denim jackets we all love.  It has a sheepskin collar and warm lining, allowing you to wear the traditional denim jacket style and outwit the weather at the same time.

Levis Polyfilled Puffer Jacket


The Levis polyfilled puffer Jacket is superb if you are the type of guy who feels the cold.  This warm lined and wind cheating design is finished off with a fluffy collar to make you feel comfortable in the wind.

Levis Trucker Charlie Denim Jacket


The Levis Trucker Charlie Denim Jacket is for the traditional type of guy who expects to add layers on top of the jacket or is simply not going out in the wind for too long.

If you would like to see all of the Stand-Out.Net Levis jackets on one page and the reduction on offer please click here.


March 24th, 2015

Bellfield Competition

Our friends over at Bellfield are giving away £100 worth of clothing from their new Summer range. To have a chance of winning simply enter below.

The winner: Cecelia A

Rules and Terms:
- Closing date is 25th April 2015.
- Competition is for Bellfield items up to the value of £100.
- The winner will be selected at random and be notified after closing.
- Your email address will be added to our mailing list.
- You agree to be emailed with special offers and updates from Stand-Out.

March 24th, 2015

bellfield-logo o.1209

When looking at the history of particular types of clothing it becomes very apparent that their intended usage was to ensure that the wearers could undertake practical tasks in comfort.  You may be aware that  denim was first  used to produce hard wearing clothes for labourers, but did you know that chinos were originally designed as comfortable clothing for the English and French Military? Chinos were adopted as civilian wear,  making these khaki coloured and comfortably designed trousers very popular. Different clothing brands such as Bellfield Clothing and Original Penguin have adapted the concept of chinos to create an original take on the classic design.

Chinos are now available in many different colours and are made from either 100% cotton twill or a cotton and synthetic mix.  The origin of the chino name is still unsure, as some believe it may be rooted in the American Spanish name chino, meaning toast.  Others think they may be named after China, the country the fabric was originally manufactured. These days  the style of chinos you choose to have depends entirely on the clothing brand you favour the most.  We are going to consider Bellfield Clothing and Original Penguin Clothing’s take on the traditional design.

Bellfield Clothing is a brand that was established in the 1970’s and has managed to maintain a link to its original heritage of allowing people to dress up as individuals while wearing; quality, elegant and highly fashionable clothing.  Bellfield clothing is so tasteful and appreciated that the hottest Hollywood hunks and fashion geeks are embracing the brand.

Bellfield Tan Uppsala Slim Leg Chinos


These Bellfield Tan Uppsala Slim Leg Chinos are made from 100% cotton, sport four pockets and a zip fly. The slim leg design will complement any outfit you decide to wear as you can dress them up with a blazer or look really casual in a t-shirt. You can also buy these chinos in navy, Bellfield Navy Uppsala Basic Slim Chinos, giving you a choice of two neutral colours that will help you to look like the hippest guy in town.

Original Penguin Kelp Slim Fit Chinos

original penguin

If you prefer your clothes to have a sporty feel to them then you are probably looking for these Original Penguin Kelp Slim Fit Chinos.  This light slim fit style includes the traditional four pocket design and a button fly.  If you prefer a darker colour the same design is also available in dark sapphire  or for those who can’t imagine what colour that could be – navy.

We also stock chinos by Voi Jeans, Hilfiger Denim, Carhartt and Bench.  Click here to see our whole chinos range.


March 17th, 2015


The Italian’s are very astute and grab a great fashion opportunity when they see it.  Andrea Pensiero and Giuseppe Albarelli are two designers who live up to this accolade.  A chance finding of an old Franklin and Marshall sweatshirt in a second hand clothing shop in London inspired them to found  a sporty clothing brand based on the alumni theme.  At the time the two Italian designers were unaware that the sweatshirt had originated from a world famous American college and set up their brand in the year 2000.  By 2003 Franklin and Marshall College had got wind of the design company and contacted the two designers and worked out a licensing deal.  As a result of the deal Franklin and Marshall College receive a percentage of all American sales but none from the rest of the world.

As it happens, the connection between Franklin and Marshall clothing and Franklin and Marshall clothing has resulted in both institutions being able to promote each other.  The attendance at Franklin and Marshall college has increased since the introduction of the brand and Franklin and Marshall clothing benefit from being able to showcase their new designs to the intended demographic with very little effort.  The Alumni look is sporty, comfortable and very fresh, Franklin and Marshall are particularly appealing because it is the all American look with a subtle Italian twist.  Franklin and Marshall clothing remains loyal to the grey, blue, black and white of the college colours little splashes of red add extra impact to the clothing design.

Franklin and Marshall Jackets and Coats


Our Franklin and Marshall  jacket and coats range incorporates the Franklin and Marshall design with various practical uses.  Jackets range from the understated grey varsity jacket to the waterproof floral zip jacket which is bursting with colour.

Franklin and Marshall Joggers


Franklin and Marshall understand the need to look good and feel comfortable and this understanding of practical fashion is demonstrated in the comfortable yet cool jogging bottoms in the Franklin and Marshall range.

Franklin and Marshall T-Shirts


When you look at a Franklin and Marshall T-shirt there is no mistaking which brand you are looking at.  The clue is not just in the quality but in the colour and the Franklin and Marshall logo that stands out from the front of the t-shirt.

Franklin and Marshall Vests


If you are looking for a cool sporty look then there is nothing like a Franklin and Marshall vest to highlight the body tone you have worked so hard to achieve. These cool vests are loose fitting and have the number 24 emblazoned on the chest.

If you like the Franklin and Marshall selection we have shown you but would like to see the complete range, please follow this link.


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