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July 22nd, 2014

The phrase, ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’, originates from a variety of different sources, the most prominent one being the comic strip of the same name by cartoonist Arthur R ‘Pop’ Mohamand forced his proginist to constantly compare himself to his affluent neighbours.  Mark Twain, the author of Huckleberry Finn wrote an essay titled ‘Corn Pone Opinions’, in 1901 about the very same topic.  It is believed that its initial origins are relating to particularly affluent American families based in New York.  The concept of making sure that you are as good or better than your peers still exists today and is easily maintained by the quality and branding of clothing you choose to wear.

Jack and Jones – Made in Denmark

In 1989 the clever Danes decided that keeping up with the Joneses was as simple as designing good quality reasonably priced clothes with their name emblazoned all over it. Designed for the well educated and contemporary wearer the brand is held in high esteem with a reputation for being Europe’s best fashion brand for jeans. Jack & Jones have developed a variety of different styles of clothing and have given them interesting names to define them; Vintage, Premium, Originals, Core and Tech.

Jack & Jones Summer Gear

Summer is a time to show off how hard we have worked all year round to make our bodies look better than the next man.  What better way to show your finely honed bodies than to chose the best Jack & Jones summer clothes for you.

Jack & Jones at Stand-Out.Net

A great pair of shorts and pants can make all of the difference on how you look and feel during the summer months.  The Cornstalk Colin Shorts will look great during the day with a t-shirt and can be smartened up at night with a short sleeved shirt such as our David Shirt.  If swimming and water attracts you then our brightly coloured Cobalt Blue Floral Swimming Shorts may catch your eye. There are so many t-shirts to choose from that it can often be difficult to decide what your style is, we have tried to cover all styles by selecting the Legacy Combo T-shirt , Day’s T-shirt and for those who like to bare their shoulders the Beach Tank Vest is a great choice.  Where ever you go to enjoy your summer break it is prudent to pack gear for the cooler weather.  Our Erik Anti Fit Jeans and Colin Twist Chinos are great choices for wearing when the sun hides behind a cloud while the Jon Hoodie will keep your top cosy and warm.


If you would like to look at all of our summer gear check out our summer sale at Stand-Out.Net


July 15th, 2014

camping collection 2014

(Click on image to see it more clearly!)

Well it’s here – the summer has arrived at last and it is a great opportunity to plan a cheap and fun weekend with your mates.  There is no better way to feel as free as a bird and cast off the restraints of everyday life than embracing the great outdoors on a camping holiday.  Whether you have access to a campervan or your mate’s tent being prepared and making sure that you have the right equipment is as important as looking good and feeling great.  We look at the best ways to be prepared this year.

What to Wear

Let’s face it unless you are hard core like Bear Grylls you are unlikely to be spending your camping trip in the jungle and will probably set up camp in a campsite or a clearing that is pretty close to the local pub.  This is great as it means your capacity to look cool and stylish is optimized.  There are a few essential items that are necessary for you to take with you to make sure that your trip is everything you ever dreamed of:-

  • Waterproof jacket – this is great for when the pub is shut and you have to venture outside.  We think that this Animal Technical Jacket is top stuff and will keep you cosy and dry when the heavens open during your trip.

  • Jumper – even during the summer the outdoors has the potential to make you go very cold in the evenings.  That is why we have chosen this cuddly Hilfiger Denim Funnel Knit not only will you feel warm you will also look as if you have been camping before.

  • T-Shirts – a good t-shirt can make sure that everything else you are wearing looks fantastic.  We think that due to the precarious nature of camping that three t-shirts are probably better than one and love this three pack from Animal – one even has a campervan on it!

  • Trousers – if choosing the safe option of jeans seems boring to you then you could opt for chinos which were designed for an outdoor lifestyle and still look great on an outdoor adventure.  Our Jack and Jones chinos are slim fitting and stylish to boot.

  • Shorts – when the weather really heats up there is no option than wearing a pair of shorts.  There are no better shorts to wear while tanning your sausages on a portable barbecue than these G-Star Combat Shorts – these already look as if you have had many adventures in them!

  • Socks – anyone who has ever been camping will tell you that cold damp feet are no fun whatsoever.  These bright stripy socks from Happy Socks will keep your feet snug and warm and a smile on your face.

  • Day Sack – if you decide to venture away from your camp you will need to take a few essentials with you such as sunscreen, water and your wallet.  We think that this Spiral Woodland Backpack would do the job really well.

  • Watch – if you are afraid to lose track of time you will need a robust watch that will cope with all sorts of danger.  This Casio Big G-Shock Watch can cope with everything – especially informing you of when it is last orders in the pub!

  • Underwear – Let’s face it you are probably going to wear the same trunks for the whole weekend.  However if you are very particular about your personal hygiene why not buy yourself a multipack of pants – like this Three Pack of Diesel Trunks?


Everything Else

Once you have decided what you are going to wear you really need to think about everything else such as sunscreen, sunglasses, tent, sleeping bag, camping stove, food, first aid kit and anything else that will ensure that you are comfortable.

If you would like to look at our whole selection of summer gear click on this link to visit our summer shop.


July 10th, 2014

Who has time to tie their shoelaces when there is fun in the sun to be had?!  Slip ons are always a big trend throughout the spring and summer months as they are easy to wear, stylish, smart, and casual all at the same time. Whether you’re at the beach, in the city, in the garden or on holiday, one thing is clear, you don’t always need shoelaces. If its espadrilles you are into or classic slip on trainers, Stand-Out has got you covered.  Versatile and easy to wear they will go great with your jeans, chinos, or shorts!

Now if you haven’t tried espadrilles before we recommend you do. Espadrilles have been around for centuries, maybe even thousands of years. Made with a canvas or cloth upper and nowadays  either rubber or rope sole, espadrilles are light and airy and will keep your feet cool and comfy whatever the occasion.  The Havaianas Espadrilles are simple and subtle in design and come in a choice of four colours so you can coordinate with whatever you are wearing!

havianas espadrilles white

If you are looking for something slightly more robust  there are of course there the slip on trainers and we have got plenty of them!  Classic Vans have been around for years and are pretty much a staple of any man’s wardrobe. Not just a shoe for skaters by any means, a pair of Vans will last you a long time.  If it’s a plain all black or all white you fancy to keep it simple and also easily customisable too if you want to get creative and sport a pair of really unique trainers, that’s not a problem.

vans slip on black

Or if you prefer something with some colour already why not try a slip on from our Lacoste Marice with their rubber soles, mesh panelling on the sides and of course signature croc logo.


lacosrte marice red slip[ on

July 8th, 2014


Whether you wear them short, long, cropped, tapered or baggy there is no disputing that Chinos remain eternally popular. The cotton twill fabric originated in China and was used as a military uniform for the English and French soldiers in the 19th Century.  Its popularity increased when many American soldiers returned from the Philippines wearing the comfortable khaki coloured trousers.  Historians are not entirely sure of the exact origins of the name ,’Chino’,  believing it to either originate from the Spanish American word Chino, which translates as toast, or indeed an adaptation of the word China – where the cloth originated in the first place. Chinos are now made from a cotton blend and come in many different colours enabling them to remain a popular smart casual trouser that can be worn for many occasions.

A Chino for every Occasion

Initially military wear, Chinos, are now considered to be a popular alternative to jeans and have been adapted by brands such as, Crosshatch, Jack and Jones and Voi Jeans.  Each brand has added their own twist to the style but the chino’s style still shines through.  Chinos are available in trousers and shorts so you can dress to impress what ever the weather or occasion.  The comfortable style lends itself to summer days and summer nights and you can wear them with any types of shoes and tops you wish. Wear them loose and be prepared to roll up the bottoms to accommodate desert boots, if you are an Indiana Jones type, or espadrilles and flip flops if you are a wise guy and love fun in the sun.

How to Wear your Chinos

  • Make sure that they fit comfortably at the waist – you will want to be able to wear a belt with them if you choose to.

  • Make sure that they are loose around your bottom.

  • If your chinos are seamless wear them long so that they can be rolled up.

  • Gentlemen make sure that they give your, ‘crown jewels’, the opportunity to breathe by making sure that they are not too tight.

Chinos or Jeans?

Jeans are associated with cool dudes while chinos have always been the attire of preppy types carrying mountains of textbooks to the library.  Cooler than jeans (in terms of temperature that is) chinos often become more popular during the summer months and Hollywood stars such as; Johnny Depp and Leonardo diCaprio are chino fans.  There is something sort of sexy about a man wearing chinos with a crisp white t-shirt and well buckled belt.  Thank goodness the summer gives us the chance to look so great!!

July 3rd, 2014

So we’ve been hearing this week that the suit jacket matched with a pair of shorts is becoming  the new thing. As the name suggests a short suit is, in essence, a formal suit but with shorts instead of full length trousers.  The forerunners in fashion have been trying to push this trend recently but understandably men are hesitant and so far we haven’t seen the look on too many members of the public…we’ve largely just seen it on Pharrell Williams to be honest.  If there has ever been a man who can rock a pair of shorts in any situation it is Pharrell, just take a look below and see him wearing short suits at three different formal occasions.

pharrell shorts suit

The trend isn’t actually anything new, think along the lines of oil paintings from a few hundred years ago – men in white wigs posing in front of a bookshelf, tailcoat, white socks pulled up to their knees.  Chances are they are wearing a short suit.

Wearing a full suit in the summer months can be a nightmare.  However, if you are not ready or daring enough to splash out on a fully tailored short suits why not try some of Stand Out’s smart shorts matched with a blazer or suit jacket so you can still look sharp even on those warmer days.

These French Connection Blue Oxford Denim Chino Shorts are a smart match to any grey blazer, and would look great paired with a crisp white shirt and either a tie or bow tie.

The Samsoe & Samsoe Balder Shorts are both simple and clean cut can be teamed with really any style or colour of jacket.

 s&s shorts


If you want to lighten it up and think a cream suit could be the way to go, the Edwin Cream Bermuda Twill Shorts would be perfect for any occasion, whether it be a day in the park, a festival or an evening out.  Plus a pale suit will always grab some attention, just be sure to keep it clean!

July 1st, 2014

When looking online to find out the latest fashion trend for any season we are swamped by extreme suggestions regarding the type of clothing that we should wear.  If the prospect of looking strange wearing ill fitting suits and simply weird designs scares you half to death then do not fear we have scoured articles relating to Summer fashion and have selected the styles favoured by celebrities and those who are not catwalk models. In fact we have so many fantastic designer brands to choose from it would be impossible not to find a style that you will love.

More Choices Than Ever

Gone are the days when men just wore suits and adapted their formal wear to be a little more comfortable in the summer.  Designers have really excelled themselves with intriguing outfits for men to wear in the heat with styles including; lots of colour (mainly red), florals, all white, checkered trousers, mesh, patterned suits. beige shorts, nautical hoodies, geometric patterns and highly decorated suits. As with everything in fashion you take the best parts of each look and make it your own.

Red Red and More Red

We have chosen a variety of garments with the fashion trends in mind and have settled for a selection with a decidedly red hue and thrown in a few florals and whites in too so that you can be certain of looking great when you hit the beaches and hills this Summer.  We have even included a couple of items of swimwear so you can look cool by the pool.  In the real world less is more so don’t be tempted to wear red from top to bottom because you would just look like some kind of warning beacon and that simply is not a good look. The same applies to florals – if you wore flower patterned shorts and t-shirt you would look more like your Auntie Dot’s curtains than a fashion icon!  Everything needs to be worn in moderation and it will look just right.

T-Shirts and Vests

We have chosen the bright and bold Felix T-Shirt by Hilfiger Denim to kick off our collection, with a bright red background and eye catching motif you can capture almost all of the looks in one item of clothing.  This bright and bold design is contrasted with the subtle Original Penguin logo on a grey distressed t-shirt and the almost invisible Jack and Jones name on a white t-shirt. The very first item of clothing you see in our slide show is the subtle Carhartt Executive Vest, which is a well fitting and subtle dark red top.

Floral and Checked Shirts

Checked shirts will remain eternally in fashion due to their versatility and ability to look brilliant in many different fashion styles.  The checked shirt we are looking at today is the Hilfiger Denim Spark Checked Shirt, which has short sleeves and a slightly fitted style so that you don’t look like a lumberjack this Summer. Florals have always been like Marmite – you either love them or hate them and if people around you hate them they always seem to compare them to tea towels or grannies curtains.  For years designers have been trying to cast off the association with Hawaiian shirts and are making great progress.  Scotch and Soda have produced a variety of floral shirts that look simply fantastic, we particularly like the slight Hawaiian look in the blue floral shirt we have chosen.

Shorts and Trousers and Swimwear

We have selected Twill shorts from Farah Vintage and five pocket chinos from Jack and Jones as a neutral base for your bright and bold t-shirts and shirts so that you don’t look like an explosion in a paint factory.  We have been very conventional with the choice of swimwear and have opted for a red or bright claret pair of swim shorts by Lyle and Scott and a white pair by Voi Jeans both are stylish and would look great with almost any t-shirt you chose to wear with them.  Obviously we do have floral swim shorts to choose from but you will have to visit our Summer Shop to see them.


June 26th, 2014

Ok, so hands up if this has happened to you too – the sun comes out, the days start to heat up and first chance you get you are out in the shorts and t shirt thinking to yourself, ‘Yes! Summer is finally here.’ No more hoodies, no more jeans and no more coats….then a couple of days later the clouds are back, the drizzle is falling and the breeze is remarkably cooler than you’d like.  If you are in the UK we are guessing that this may have happened once or twice…but most likely a lot of times.  There is always that awkward time of year (and we are pretty much in it now) when it is too hot for your normal winter coat but not quite sunny and warm enough for going without one and braving it in just a shirt.

Enter the summer jacket!  Light enough not to make you too hot and sweaty but enough for the days where the sun fails to show and enough to keep you happy and dry if an unwelcome shower comes your way.  We have a fair few options for you here at Stand-Out in the way of a light jacket.

This G-Star Pacific Correct Bergmann Hooded Overshirt Jacket is simple and highly effective! It is lightweight, fashionable and has a flattering cut. Ideal for layering over a polo or a shirt.

g-star pacific jacket

The Original Penguin Hooded Ratner, available in navy or black, will keep the rain off you but if the sun does decide to come out it is thin and light enough just to tie around your wait and forget about. It would also a great accompaniment for any dreary commutes to work.

 original penguin hooded ratner


Or a blazer might be just what you need, plenty smart and enough to keep you warm in the evenings.

In this unpredictable UK weather, a lightweight jacket can be a real lifesaver!

June 24th, 2014

standout 2

The countdown is nearly over as tomorrow thousands of music lovers will be descending on Worthy Farm in Somerset to celebrate the 44th year of the Glastonbury Festival.  In 1970, the day after music legend Jimi Hendrix died,  and only a few people were aware of the festival 1,500 revellers paid a pound to see greats such as; Marc Bolan and Keith Christmas.  Last year saw the festival emerge like a phoenix from the ashes after a fallow year in 2011 and a year off in 2012.  Acts such as the Arctic Monkeys and the Rolling Stones  prompted organisers Michael and Emily Rose to post on the Festival website early on the Monday morning, ‘ Thank you for making it a truly vintage year for Glastonbury.  It really was one of the best.’

Comfort and Style

Let’s face it with a few rare exceptions festivals have the potential to suffer from the extreme effects of the elements and the camping area becomes a mud bath.  If you have ever been camping before then you will know that comfort win over fashion every time.  As well as selecting your festival gear it would be prudent to take a number of changes of clothing and some thermals so you can party on throughout the whole weekend without just relying on the alcohol and festive spirit to keep you warm.

Some Festival Staples

Apart from the tent, Pot Noodles and a sack load of beer you will have to make sure that you do wear the clothes that give you the right look as you most definitely don’t want to Stand-out for the wrong reasons.  We have chosen a selection that would look great, especially when the weather is good,  We have tried to cater for all temperatures and suggest that you bring your own wellies and extreme rain gear for the worst days because nobody will actually care what you are wearing then.

religion god save the queen

cross hatch shorts

spiral galaxy tshirt

bellfield sunglasses

replay distressed

levis denim shirt

new balance trainers

havana flip flops

bench waterproof


If you like the Festival look but only in your own back garden then visit our Summer Shop for all of your summer and festival needs.


June 17th, 2014

All of our favourite denim brands; Levis, Diesel and G- Star to name a few are really getting into the spirit of vintage and festival fashion and how to make your jeans look scruffy and well worn.  You have two main options where achieving the look is concerned – you can distress the jeans yourself or buy designer threads that have already been treated to look patchy, worn out, faded and scruffy.

Ripping your own Distressed Jeans

If you can spare the time and have some sewing skills you can destroy your jeans yourself in five easy steps:-

  1. You need a well fitting pair of washed out jeans from a charity shop, sandpaper, sponge, cheese grater, bleach, scissors, needle and thread.
  2. Use the cheese grater to make holes by rubbing it on your jeans – it won’t take long with an old pair of jeans.
  3. Apply a little bit of bleach onto the sponge and rub carefully around the holes to make them look even more distressed – don’t forget to wear rubber gloves.
  4. Sandpaper is good to get that gentle worn look on pockets and knees.
  5. Use the scissors to cut rips out at the knees or where ever you would like then to be – If you don’t want it to rip too much sew around the rip preventing it from spreading more.  If you want your jeans to rip naturally just don’t bother with the sewing.

Designer Distressed Jeans

If DIY is not your style and you would prefer to buy designer brands we have a great selection of designer distressed jeans for you to choose from:

Replay Blue Anbass Slim Fit Jeans

These tastefully distressed jeans feature a bleached effect with carefully placed holes and fraying.  You would achieve the distressed jeans effect with the click of a button and will be festival ready as soon as your Reply Jeans arrive in the post.

replay distressed

G-Star Medium Aged Destroy Type C ¾ Jeans

If you are planning on going to a festival this year and want to save the bottom of your jeans from mud or you are hoping for sun these ¾ distressed jeans from G-Star would fit the bill.  Looking brilliantly scruffy these distressed jeans have enough holes and abrasions to look as if you have been wearing them for years.

Gstar distressed

G- Star Grey Arc 3D Slim Destroy Jeans

If you would prefer to have a different shade of denim these dark grey jeans by G-Star have designed these distressed jeans with a dark grey hue.  These jeans are distressed but formal so you can wear them for lots of occasions and still look smart.

g-star distressed grey

If you would like to look at our full range of jeans click on this link at and you will find a large range of brands and styles for you to choose from.

June 10th, 2014

It is a fantastic weekend for Fathers, first we have England Playing Italy on Saturday then we have the prospect of a slap up meal on Sunday to celebrate all things paternal.  If you are not a father you are most likely to be a son and therefore choosing a suitable gift to show your appreciation of the times your Dad acted as; taxi driver, football coach, bank and many other thankless deeds that we only appreciate as we get older.  There are many gifts you can choose to give your father but time is probably the one he will appreciate the most.

Origins of Father’s Day

The cynics amongst us generally consider Father’s Day to be a celebration manufactured by the card companies to generate a bit more cash in the wake of the well established Mother’s Day celebration.  However, although commercialised celebrations of Father’s day are less than one hundred years old it is thought that its origins are from the Pagan worship of the sun and universe – the Sun is considered to be the father of the universe.  Really it doesn’t matter how the celebration started because it is a wonderful opportunity to thank your Dad for everything he has done for us throughout our lives and laugh about the times that you came to blows when you were trying to exert your independence as a man!

Possible Gifts

We have raided our accessory section to suggest possible gifts you could give your Dad this year starting with sunglasses to tie in with the concept of the Pagan celebration of the Sun being the father of the universe.  All of our sunglasses are from the Bellfield range and have fantastic reductions at the moment.

Bellfield Gold Aviator Sunglasses

If your Dad is a fan of Top Gun then these sunglasses are the pair for him at only £11.99 you can afford to show your dad how cool you think he is.  These Bellfield Gold Aviator Sunglasses just make anyone look like Tom Cruise and show your father to be the action hero he is!!!

bellfield sunglasses

If your Dad has to wear a suit to work and favours cufflinks over buttons we have a range of good quality good value cufflinks for you to choose from.

Novelty Black Football Pitch Cufflinks

As it is the World Cup we thought that these Novelty Black Football Pitch Cufflinks may be truly appropriate particularly if your Dad likes football of course.  These delicately designed cufflinks are presented in a designer box making them a special gift for any father.

football cufflinks

Your Dad has probably opened his wallet to pay for your existence more times than you would dare to remember so it is likely to be wearing out a bit by now.  Our range of good quality good priced wallets would make a fantastic gift – you can even choose a wallet that may have meaning for him and you.

Mustard Black Pulp Fiction Wallet

This wallet will bring back memories of the 1990’s – a time when your Dad would have been learning all about the world before the words ‘Credit Crunch’ and ‘Recession’ became part of our everyday language. This Mustard Black Pulp Fiction Wallet has the characters from the film emblazoned across the front and brings back happy memories to those who were young that time period.


However you choose to celebrate Father’s Day – as long as you let your Dad how much he means to you it doesn’t really matter what you do.  To have a look at our complete range of gifts check out our website for more ideas!

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