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October 14th, 2014


Religion is defined as being a set of organised beliefs shared by different groups of people to explain their existence on this beautiful blue and green planet.  Religion is overwhelmingly associated with the worship of a specific deity or in the case of the Ancients a variety of gods.  With approximately 42,000 religions all over the world there is a theory or explanation of,  ‘life the universe and everything’, that will suit everyone.

Different religions generally originate due to a charismatic prophet prompting a revolution with their amazing new ideas.  Whether a religion is based on faith or ritual it provides a network of support during the happy and sad times in our lives.  All religions seem to be based on promoting peace on earth but unfortunately not accepting other people’s beliefs tends to cause a friction that is far from peaceful.

Religion Clothing

It is therefore hardly surprising that over time youths have found other ways of identifying themselves and formed groups based on their interest in clothing and music.  Religion clothing was formed in the 1980’s and 90’s during the heady days of rave.  The brand is not only inspired by the music of the time but also by the people who believed that it was important to have a good time.

Initially Religion Clothing produced garments which were brightly coloured and garishly patterned in order to keep up with the rave scene.  The, ‘We Believe in Black’, slogan is testament to how the brand has matured with its followers.  Religion Clothing has evolved to accommodate the modern youth and the mature raver, with a wide selection of styles and designs there is a look that will suit everyone.

Graphic T-Shirts


A t-shirt is one of the most versatile blank canvases that you can have to show who or what you believe in.  Whether you have a jokey slogan, a large graphic or a plain white t-shirt it speaks volumes about you.  Religion Clothing allows you to choose graphic t-shirts that are quite frankly shocking in design or more subtle block coloured t-shirts with only a small logo to show where your clothing has come from.  At Stand-Out.Net we have a great range of Religion Clothing t-shirts that will most certainly cause a stir.

Block Coloured T-Shirts


If you are afraid of scaring your Auntie Marg with some of the graphics available on our graphic t-shirts then maybe it would be advisable to select one of our bold Oil Wash T-shirts – your Auntie will never know how rebellious your t-shirts actually are!

Be Who Ever You Want To Be And Wear Whatever You Want To Wear.


Whichever t-shirt choice you make it will most definitely be a great one because it is your choice.  Life is too short to hide your beliefs behind an ill fitting badly designed t-shirt so make sure that you choose Religion Clothing as your inspiration for Style.


October 9th, 2014

A Dutch brand founded in 1989, G-Star has made a name for itself making ‘raw’ (unwashed and untreated) denim. Taking a lot of inspiration from military clothing they keep their styles pretty rough and rudimentary.

With denim being the main focus, G-Star Raw have been responsible for many denim ‘firsts’. For example they introduced luxury denim for the street – bringing untreated denim onto the high street as a desirable item and also using a variety of different washes on the denim to create original and distinctive looks.

They are also a very environmentally conscious brand and their latest venture has seen them partnering up with Pharrell Williams to turn scrap, waste plastic from the oceans into a range of awesome street clothing including jackets, t-shirts, jumpsuits, jeans and snapbacks.  The photo below is Pharrell showing off a few items from the range. You can follow the campaign by searching RAWfortheoceans.


If you are after a new pair of darker denims the Indigo Arc Aged 3D slim jeans could be just what need. The 3D range of jeans is another innovation in denim wearing from G-Star. They are architecturally inspired and taper around the leg to give a more streamlined appearance.


For lighter, more washed out looking denim wearers there is also tons to choose from. These Medium Aged 3301 Low Tapered Jeans are, again, that modern tapered shape and add a bit of edge to your look whilst also being smart enough to wear with a nice pair of polished shoes.


Keeping in with G-Star’s military theme this cool G-Star Sulphur Camo Jacket is a great addition to any outfit. An ideal companion to a light pair of washed jeans, a modern camo jacket will inject some interest into your off duty wardrobe!


For denim in all of it’s glory click here for the full G-Star Raw collection.


October 7th, 2014

Autumn is an Equinox season where the heat of the sun reduces significantly enough to make us feel chilly and grab for warmer clothes.  Many of us get caught out at this time of the year because we either wrap up too much and boil all day or we wear too little and suffer from the cold. There is a Norwegian saying, There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes,’ which is a very optimistic phrase considering the extremes of weather they have to encounter.  There is a waking shop in Keswick in the Lake District that has this phrase above the door as if to encourage walkers to buy the, ‘good’, clothes from their shop.

Duck and Cover, Bjorn Borg, Levis, Palladium and Foray Clothing

We are not going to suggest that you purchase a shed load of walking gear to help you to counteract the inclement weather.  We are in fact going to explore the concept of layering your clothes so that you can dress to impress and feel the right temperature whatever the weather.  We are going to look at how you can layer clothes from; Duck and Cover,  Bjorn Borg,  Levis, Palladium and our newest brand Foray Clothing to give you some ideas.

brand image

Bjorn Borg As A Base Layer

Originated in Sweden it is hardly surprising that Bjorn Borg has thought about warm cosy underwear to keep you warm.  We are talking long johns, socks, underpants and a Levis vest top.  The purpose of the base layer is to draw sweat and moisture directly from the wearer’s skin so that they maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the day.  If you choose to wear the whole suggested base layer ensemble you will be able to watch a bonfire or go trick or treating in great comfort.

Foray Clothing As A Mid Layer

Basically the purpose of the mid layer is to provide even more insulation, this layer needs to be looser than the base layer so that air can circulate and provide extra warmth.  Obviously you can mix and match brands to make up this layer but as we are all in a whirl about Foray Clothing at the moment we are going to use their pieces as an example.  This layer is made up of jeans, long sleeved polo and a zip up tracksuit top. All of these selected items are loose enough to allow air to circulate but close fitting enough to look tidy and stylish.

Duck and Cover As A Shell Layer and Palladium Boots

A shell or outer layer is the final layer that protects you against all of the elements and therefore needs to be wind and rain proof as well as allowing the moisture to evaporate.  We have chosen three robust coats from Duck and Cover that will certainly serve this purpose.  The Flitwick 4 in 1 Parka has its own mid layer included. While both the Richmond and Langport provide a robust and stylish waterproof outer layer.  We have suggested Palladium boots as a great footwear choice because there is nothing more miserable than cold damp feet to ruin your day.  Palladium are renowned for their hard wearing soles and robust tops and will definitely complete your Autumn ensemble.


October 6th, 2014

Win Foray Clothing

Enter our competition to win a wardrobe worth up to £100 of Foray clothing. You will receive a pair of jeans, t-shirt and jacket in this exciting new competition. All you need to do to enter is submit your details below.

Rules and Terms:
- Closing date is 24th October 2014.
- Competition is for Foray t-shirt, jeans and jacket up to the value of £100.
- The winner will be selected at random and be notified after closing.
- Your email address will be added to our mailing list.
- You agree to be emailed with special offers and updates from Stand-Out.

October 2nd, 2014

Do you ever feel like your bag is too boring? Well we guarantee that you would never feel like that again with a Spiral bag! Spiral spun onto the scene a mere year ago but have seriously impressed us in that time. The words unique, creative and stylish all describe Spiral Industries. Starting out with backpacks, Spiral have now branched out, making different types of bags and also producing t-shirts, hoodies, belts and hats too, all in their awesome designs!


Whatever your taste there will be Spiral design to suit it. These guys want to give you something contemporary and original and they are most definitely achieving that, making great quality, strong visual designs printed expertly onto bags to suit every occasion. In all honesty it’s quite hard narrowing them down to pick out just a few to show you but we will give it a go!


This is the Star Shower Backpack – it even sounds cool doesn’t it?! A lot of Spiral’s designs are galaxy inspired and they have a great impact. This one comes complete with a laptop pouch so is great for the commute to work or a weekend away!


This one really grabs your attention! Super realistic looking we are almost scared to touch this Spiral Fire Backpack. Be prepared for people trying to put the fire out!


Be on cloud nine with a Cloud Hampton bag. New in for the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, this bag would make any rainy day seem better for sure. A larger bag, this one is practical for walking, hiking and trips away. Also, it has a double strap fastening for extra security.

pluto tshirt

As we mentioned earlier, Spiral also produce a range of clothing which is equally as awesome and eye catching as their bags. This Pluto Galaxy T-shirt makes us want to go and get lost in space!

There is no doubt that you will truly Stand-Out with a Spiral bag! For the full range, just click here. Plus you can also follow our Spiral board over on Pinterest to keep up to date with what’s new!


September 30th, 2014


At Stand-out we really like to be ahead of the crowd and stock brands that are established and introduce new brands that we believe are the next big thing.  One brand we are sure that you will be hearing a lot more of is Foray Clothing and we are delighted to start building up our stock of Foray gear.

Foray Clothing

Foray Clothing is a new brand that benefits from many years of experience in the fashion industry.  Established this year (2014) the guys at Foray are determined to make their mark on the fashion industry.  Foray Clothing is only available from a small selection of outlets at the moment and we are lucky to be one of them.  If you want a new look that is fresh and unique now is the time to invest in some stylish Foray threads.


It would seem that Foray Clothing has taken inspiration from its name and outlook from the guys at Duck and Cover because if you type in the word, ‘foray’, into a search engine the definition has military undertones.  Whether the brand defines itself in terms of, ‘making a raid’, or going, ‘into profit or adventure’, we think that the big brands need to watch their backs because this stealthy brand is going to take everyone by surprise.

The Gear

Priced very fairly and competitively you can afford to enhance your wardrobe with Foray Clothing.  Designed to allow the wearer to look good and get on with their lives without worrying about being restricted by uncomfortable gear.

Foray Jeans

foray jeans

If you want to look as if you are ready for action Foray Jeans definitely fit the bill, they look as if you have already been on an adventure and come out on top.  They manage to combine smart and casual to produce a stylish blend.  With a classic five button styling the secret of the look is in the wash and engineering.

Foray Polo Shirts

polo shirts

With bright designs and a subtle stripe these well appointed polo shirts serve to make you stand out from the crowd so people will definitely see you coming.  Each colour has a turn down collar and a brand logo patch on the left hand side of the chest.

Foray T-Shirts


There are plenty of t-shirts to choose from but we have decided to showcase these grey and white t-shirts with a huge brand logo across the chest.  We think that as the logo is so new and unusual that you will be asked about its origin.

If you like what you have seen so far and would like to explore our entire Foray range click on this link Foray Clothing to see more.

September 25th, 2014

It may sound like a bit of an offender but Criminal Damage is definitely not offending us here at Stand-Out. Criminal Damage has legitimately become one of the most popular alternative clothing brands available today.  Nowadays, making a statement with your clothing is definitely a top trend and these guys make sure they make a strong one!  Born in 1991 in the East of London when the brand creator, Jas Aytan, decided to mix urban looks of the past with looks of the present, they have since expanded from designer t-shirts into now making hoodies, jeans, shirts, jumpers, snap backs and everything in between. They particularly cater to alternative, punk rock and street wear fashion.  Recognisable for their bright and bold graphic prints, the brand likes to experiment with different lines, materials and designs to make sure there is plenty to please everyone.

For this t shirt, Criminal Damage brings its own cheeky twist to some classic artwork. The Mona Lisa certainly looks a little different to how we are used to seeing her!


Whether it is bold clothing you like or if more simplistic designs are your sort of thing, it is fair to say that Criminal Damage clothing has it covered. Bright, full print t-shirts, slogans (often tongue in cheek) and intricate details are what we are used to seeing from them but this pocket t-shirt is simple and slightly more low key.


Glorious crystal blue water and gondolas aren’t just the exclusive to the Mersey or the Tyne it seems. This stunning all over Italian port tee features elasticated crew neck and the Criminal Damage tag on the seam and is sure to have a pretty mesmerising effect on people as they stare dreamily at it imagining they were there.



Criminal Damage also do their own denims. Why not pick yourself up some classic, skinny jeans in black – great for any occasion whether it’s college or a night out in town.


For the full selection of Criminal Damage clothing visit here. Remember, it’s not a crime to get treat yourself to a bit of Criminal Damage every now and then!


September 16th, 2014


Palladium was established in 1920 to provide robust tires for the newly established aviation industry.  The composition of the tyres were so advanced that the majority of the planes in Europe were fitted with them.  Palladium benefitted greatly from the increased use of planes during the Second World War.  As the war ended the demand for aviation tyres decreased and the French company diversified into producing hard wearing footwear. 1947 saw the birth of the legendary Pampa Boot which was adopted by the Foreign Legion in North Africa due to their durability and comfort.  The Pampa Boot is still used to explore the world 60 years later and the company has increased it repertoire of designs ensuring that wearers can continue to explore their own corner of the world.

Palladium Boots At Stand-Out.Net

pampa boots

Palladium Boots combine the look of high top trainers with the durability of boots allowing you to take on whatever the weather and the terrain has to offer.  The many styles and colour combinations we have available will allow you to coordinate  your Palladium Boots with your favourite clothes. Being able to choose either leather or canvas allows you to select a Palladium Boot in your price range.

Canvas Boots

Two of the canvas boots we have in stock have been designed in collaboration with Hi Alpha Industries producing a bespoke logo design and orange detail that contrasts with the black and sage colouring.  Both the Palladium Sage/Orange Pampa HI Alpha Industries MA-1 Boots and the Palladium Sage/Orange Pampa HI Alpha Industries MA-1 Boots incorporate a zipped side and a vulcanised sole. While the Pampa Hi Cut Boots are all black with a robust vulcanised sole.

Suede/Leather Boots

If you are a fan of the more robust leather boots then our Pampa Sport Cuff WPS Boots  and Pampa Hi Cuff Boots in either desert yellow or classic brown and the robust and durable sole may be just to your liking.  If you are undecided between canvas or leather the Pampa Sport Cuff WP2 Boots combine the two materials together stylish and tastefully allowing you to get the best of both worlds.

If you would like to look at our full stock of Palladium Boots at Stand-Out.Net Just click on this Link and explore our range at your leisure.


September 11th, 2014

Some of you may well be about to start uni (eeeeeeekkk!) so we thought it apt to tell you about the university clothing brand UCLA. For those not quite in the know, UCLA stands for the University of California. UCLA sort of epitomises what we think about when someone says ‘USA college’. They have a very rich sports history background, populated (we imagine) by countless beautiful people, and is set against the gorgeous California sun and sea. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? That idealisation has made UCLA a pretty distinctive brand with a big following and they are now probably the worlds most famous college brand.  They’ve really nailed that aspirational California lifestyle by blending collegiate heritage, LA street style & sporting achievement together.With a sporting heritage definitely worth bragging about it is no surprise that they have put their stamp on athletic clothing – namely t-shirts, hoodies and sweats.

Stand-Out has some new season UCLA arrivals in time for the new term, so feast your eyes on these! Firstly, feel like part of the team in  a classic, simple UCLA t-shirt, the Powell shirt – nice and simple with the recognisable logo stamped on the front. You can’t go wrong really!

ucla tshirt

We couldn’t talk about UCLA without putting in some baseball threads. This is the Grey Marl Morrilton Baseball Jacket. It features a swan neck, poppers up the front and the branding stamped on the chest.  The baseball jersey below is the Harmon Baseball Jersey and has the classic baseball style fastening at the front and is soft to the touch!

17564a (1)


You‘ll notice that UCLA use a lot of blue and gold on their clothing.  The blue represents the ocean and California’s 840 mile long coastline and the gold represents the California Gold Rush in the 1840′s and 1850′s (and also the infamous California sunshine). For those of you who don’t know, the colour red is affiliated with UCLA’s biggest rival, USC (The University of Southern California) which is why you don’t tend to see too much red in their collections.

Lastly, you’ll need some joggers for all the time you spend running track (…or sitting around the house).  The Hayward joggers are classic, comfy and affordable.


So if you want to look like you’ve spent the best years of your life at a sun soaked American college, you know that UCLA are here to help!


September 9th, 2014


Described by Karen Key in the Observer, as the, ‘world’s great egalitarian footwear’, in her article about an exhibition of 40 iconic trainers were displayed in Covent Garden Piazza in an exhibition aptly named, ‘Sneaking into Fashion’.  Tory Turk the curator of the exhibition described his carefully chosen selection as one that, ‘tells the story of the development of trainers from simple generic plimsoll to fashion staple; a cornerstone of popular culture, sport and style.’  So whether you wear your trainers to run the London Marathon or to go to the supermarket you are wearing an iconic piece of footwear.

New Balance and Chicken Feet

Trainers have developed from a very simple design that enabled the wearer to enjoy the freedom comfortable footwear gives you.  Now of course trainers have been scientifically designed so that they optimise your running performance.  Technical development of trainers is by no means a new idea and the inspiration behind the technology can be somewhat surprising.  In 1906 William J Riley, a 33 year old Englishman, set up his, ‘New balance Arch Support Company’, in Boston.  The company initially manufactured arch supports to improve shoe fit in the Boston area.  His unique selling point was the concept of three support points in the insole, this was a concept inspired by the way that a chicken’s three clawed foot results in perfect balance.  He used to have chicken feet on his desk so that he could demonstrate his concept to prospective customers.  The name New Balance was inspired by observations of chickens running about in the yard.  The company expanded in many ways from its humble beginnings and in 1960 Riley’s daughter and husband bought the company and manufactured the ‘Trackster’, which was the world’s first running shoe with a ripple sole.  Now of course New Balance trainers are manufactured in the UK and USA and are very popular throughout the world.


New Balance at StandOut.Net

All New Balance trainers are identified by a number rather than a name simply because they are made in different width and support fittings to cater for everyone’s needs.  Not only can you choose your trainers to fit your feet you can also select a pair to coordinate with your clothes and individual style each style family, such as the 373, comes in different colours and designs.

New Balance 373 Family

373 family

This collection is described as being a classic sneaker with a retro design that makes it look like you have been wearing these trainers for a long time.  Of course they have been manufactured with the most up to date technology resulting in the best of both worlds – style and performance.

New Balance 410 Family

410 family

These low level running shoes are inspired by the US track and field running teams of the 1980’s.  The design is flexible and promoting amazing freedom of movement.

New Balance 574 Family

574 family

Described as a retro running shoe that simply looks good and feels fantastic you cannot go far wrong in choosing your next running shoe from the 574 range.


If you would like to browse Stand-Out.Net’s full range of New Balance trainers you are very welcome to explore  our New Balance selection.



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