Dressing For Summer in The Office

Sometimes it may be impossible to believe that it is summer due to the weather ranging from blazing hot to cold and damp but it is still summer.  The mercury may not be consistently in the 30’s but the overall temperature is warm and muggy.  Looking and feeling good in the summer season is often […]


How To Wear Florals Without Looking Like The Irritating Guy In Movies

Every time the sun comes out it is traditional to; wheel out the barbeque, slip on the flip flops and dare to wear a floral shirt.  When you decide to wear floral you can be guaranteed that everyone will have something to say about your eye catching attire, what you wear with your shirt will […]


Believe The ‘Hype’ And Spice Up Your Life!

We often spend so much time trying to fit in that it is often difficult to stand out as individuals.  When we embrace fashion trends we become slaves to a new uniform that fails to single us out as free thinkers and makes us into fashion sheep.  Making a difference to your appearance often requires […]


How To Look Sublime Not Ridiculous In Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week #SS15

On June  28th the Parisian catwalks were illuminated by a cacophony of colours and patterns during the 2015/16 Menswear Fashion Week in Paris. As many high street styles are inspired by elements of each design, we thought that we would look at the gear we already have in stock and match them up with the […]


Make History With Converse Trainers

If you are a fan of Converse Trainers because you like their style, durability and their iconic status you are not alone. Stars such as; Drew Barrymore, Demi Lovato and Kirsten Stewart have all worn them on the red carpet. While Super Mario, Dr Seuss and Jimi Hendrix have all had special addition Converse trainers […]


Why The Polo Shirt Is Making A Comeback This Summer

With the introduction of different fabrics and modern new cuts, the polo shirt has cast off its reputation of being worn exclusively for sports and for PE lessons.  Once the the favourite garment of golfers and tennis players but now a versatile stylish alternative to wearing a  short sleeved shirt in the summer months. Originally […]


Treat Your Dad To Socks This Father’s Day

Socks have always been considered to be a joke present because they sound so simplistic and a little bit boring.  This used to be in a time when footwear available for men was either formal or scruffy and socks tended to be white or black.  These days of course men have shoe collections that compete […]


Get The Look This Summer With A Lightweight Jacket

When the sun is blaring down and your skin is getting visibly tanned (or redder in some cases) you can get away with wearing; vests, t-shirts and short sleeved shirts without feeling the inkling of a chill.  Unfortunately these heady days of vibrant sunshine can be quite rare, requiring you to choose your threads wisely. […]


Stand Out In Red #SS15

Red is an unmistakably bold colour and whenever you wear it you are definitely making a statement about yourself.  When you look at the psychology of colour the intensity of red makes it a very emotional colour. This passionate hue can be interpreted as either the colour of love or as a sign of aggression. […]


Should You Wear Socks With Sperry Top Sider Boat Shoes?

If you have read our previous blog post about Sperry Top Sider Boat Shoes you will be aware that the soles of Sperry Top Sider Boat Shoes were inspired by the herringbone pattern on the soles of Prince, the Spaniel’s feet.  Up until then any kind of footwear worn on boats exposed the wearer to […]


Win a pair of Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoes

For your chance to win a pair of Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes simply enter the competition below on our blog page. We have 2 pairs to giveaway and will pick 2 random winners at the end of June. Remember for more chances to win follow us on twitter, facebook, instagram and share the post with […]


Stand-Out.Net Festival Guide

Music Festivals have been in existence since ancient times and were mainly associated with religious ceremonies.  The very first recorded music festival was in Dublin, Ireland in 1897. The very first music festival, as we know them today was the Tanglewood Festival in Massachusetts.   This was followed by the very famous Woodstock festival which was […]


Showcase Your Trainers With Levis 501 Tapered Jeans

Why customise your Levis 501 jeans when Levis will do it for you?  We are used to the original cut of Levis 501’s where they cover the top of your trainers and this is perfectly acceptable, especially if you like to follow Levis tradition.  For many years people, who want to showcase their trainers, have […]


What Do Gaz Beadle, The Lake District and Eleven Degrees Have In Common?

What do Gaz Beadle, the Lake District and Eleven Degrees have in common?  Most people will have heard of at least one of these, unless they have been hiding in isolation for the past few years.  First of all Gaz Beadle is the hunk from Geordie Shore, who thinks that he, ‘Should have a degree […]


Anyone For Tennis With K-Swiss Trainers?

Although Wimbledon won’t be hosting its international tennis tournament until July it is never too early to invest in a stunning pair of tennis trainers.   Not only have K-Swiss trainers won awards for style, they have also helped tennis players to compete in major championships. K-Swiss describe their trainers as,  being comfortable athletic shoes for […]


Competition – Enter to win a pair of K-Swiss trainers

This time we are giving away 3 pairs of K-Swiss sneakers. You can enter below by submitting your email address and sharing on twitter, facebook, instagram and with your friends. THE COMPETITION HAS NOW CLOSED Rules and Terms: – Closing date is 25th May 2015. – Competition is for a pair of K-Swiss trainers – […]

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