Base London Shoes

Born: 1995 - London, England | Since 1995 Base London has been producing superior footwear in a range of contemporary styles. Today they continue to offer comfort and cool and excellent quality. Random Fact: In 1995 lads mag FHM was also launched.

Your choice of shoes can make or break your outfit. Even the fanciest of tuxedos can lead you to make a fashion faux pas if you wear a pair of sneakers or rubber shoes with the suit. While you may not be called to wear a tuxedo too often (unless you run in certain circles), it's still important that you have a pair of footwear to match several different occasions. This is where Base London comes in.

Our selection of brand has a lot to offer. Base London boots will turn you into a man of elegance and exquisite style. Base London men’s shoes and Base London loafers are a must-have for the modern fashion lover. The footwear is designed to startle and seize attention. Moreover, Base London men’s boots are extremely comfortable to wear. There will become your second skin as soon as you put them on.

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