Calvin Klein Men's Boxers, Underwear, Pyjamas & Trunks

Since forming in 1968 in New York, USA, Calvin Klein has become a world leader in men’s fashion, producing outstanding designer underwear including boxer trunks, pyjama tops and pyjama bottoms. Did you know that the name Calvin Klein was mentioned by Marty McFly in the first Back to the Future film?

One of the leading designers in quality, exquisite underwear, Calvin Klein has been around for a long time and is a name that carries sheer class, style, and durability for men. Wearing CK, you can walk tall, look good and feel sexy all at the same time. After all, boys love wearing them.

CK’s entire range is designed to be super comfortable and reliable at the same time. Boost up your confidence and make yourself look classy and sophisticated in a manly way.

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