Carhartt WIP Clothing

Born: 1889 - Detroit, United States | Carhartt Work In Progress began as a producer of hardy, top quality workwear and the brand has evolved into a modern casual fashion star. Carhartt WIP clothing is now sold worldwide and word is still spreading. Random Fact: Carhartt is known for a supreme collection and its dedicated support of upcoming artists. Workwear clothing for the fashion man!

Even now, years after the company has been founded, Carhartt remains true to the standard of excellence that has defined the brand. Given this philosophy, it's no wonder that the label has been able to withstand the test of time and continues to be the brand of choice for many buyers.

Carhartt clothing has now been produced for an amazing 120 years far longer than most clothing brands ever hope to last. From workwear to contemporary casual fashionwear, Carhartt clothes continue to appeal to stylish men of all ages.

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