Edwin Clothing

Born: 1947 - Japan | Edwin jeans is one of Japan's most famous fashion brands, and is one that prides itself on innovation, quality craftsmanship and hand wash techniques. Random Fact: When Edwin jeans were first made the denim had to be shipped in from the USA. Just for that extra bit of quality and style!

Edwin has been in the business for over 60 years, which is why it is not surprising to find a lot of people dubbing the brand as the denim expert. The brand was established in Japan in 1947 when the founder, K. Tsunemi, became distraught when he saw just how inferior and expensive the denim jeans available in the market were. The resulting products were not only affordable, but were also high-quality, having that perfect fit and style that is so difficult to find even today. The brands name even came from denim, with the letters essentially an anagram of denim with the M flipped to a W.

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