Ellesse Clothing

Born: 1959 - Perugia, Italy | The Italian fashion brand Ellesse has been around for some time, producing classic polo shirts, t-shirts, hoodies and jackets. The iconic style, quality and comfort can be seen in all the clothing they produce. Random Fact: The Ellesse name comes from the initials of the founder Leonardo Servadio (L.S).

Ellesse clothes: sport fashion for everybody

Today the brand is broadening horizons. The growing popularity of sports among young generations is trending, bringing on new approaches to style. Sport is effective for building up your body, though it is taboo to dress trashy while working out. The company has specifically designed ultimate outfits for training. The Ellesse T Shirt will boost your presence in a gym session. It is comfortable, stylish, and up-to-date. It is going to overcome all of your troubles, and direct the spotlight right onto you. Those who strive for more of an aggressive look will find solace with the mens’ Ellesse hoodie – a piece of clothing every man should store. Its intricate design makes this outfit balance between tough and appealing. Get it on and get ready – you are about to steal the show. In search of a classy look? Ellesse jacket (Mens) is an extraordinary chance to enhance your exceptional sense of style. Get ready for the action, because Ellesse is making sport fashion suitable for everyone.

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