Men's Emporio Armani: Underwear, Boxers & T-Shirts - Stylish, Classy

Born in Milan in 1934, Giorgio Armani, the iconic men's fashion designer, took inspiration from watching Hollywood stars in his local cinema, his place of refuge to escape the hard life he had.

Armani worked hard and eventually formed his own men's designer clothing business in 1975. With men's boxers, briefs, vests, pyjama tops, pyjama bottoms, trunks and socks from the underwear range, Armani's men's clothing is synonymous with style, elegance and class, which is embodied in its exquisite underwear to include:
* Emporio Armani boxers;
* Emporio Armani trunks;
* Emporio Armani t shirts;
* Armani socks;
* briefs and vests;
* pajama tops and bottoms.

Armani underwear (t shirt included) is a modern symbol of style and status. It not only gives you pristine quality, but also creates elaborate image by manipulating your entire appearance. Armani brings its superior class to its underwear and t-shirt range with several bold designs that differ from many others. From being the first designer fashion brand to unveil a new line online to one that outfits many of the casts in blockbuster films, Armani refuse to be relegated to a classic past.

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