Men's Hype Clothing – Bags, T-Shirts, Joggers, Sweatshirts and Jackets

Born in 2011 and from Leicester, England, Hype’s men's clothing range came to life thanks to two young close friends and entrepreneurs who met on a Uni summer break. Their new venture was so successful that they sold out of their first batch of hype t shirt within hours of them coming off the press!

From modest beginnings, men's Hype has grown into a recognised global designer street-wear and men’s clothing and bag brand, available from only a select few retailers. Why Stand Out? It’s in the name!

Our men's Hype clothing range includes: bags, backpacks, t-shirts, hype joggers, men's hoodies & hype sweatshirt. With Hype, you'll look youthful, energetic, unique & vibrant. Put on hype jacket or hype trainers and you are ready to rock!

Bang on trend with sharp, youthful designs, Hype have created eye-catching technicolour men's t-shirts, sturdy kaleidoscope bags and stylish bold-printed hoodies & sweatshirts. The hype about men's Hype clothing continues to grow!

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