John Smedley Clothing

Born: 1784 - Derbyshire, England | John Smedley has been producing luxury knitwear for a number of years. Made from the best natural fibres to ensure each garment is comfortable and of high quality. Random Fact: Merino wool naturally absorbs and releases moisture, to cool or heat up your body.

Surely you’ve heard about John Smedley knitwear. Its quality is above praise, it has no competitors with similar properties. The John Smedley brand was established in 1784 when John Smedley and Peter Nightingale established Lea Mills in Derbyshire. Later, it cooperated with such designers as Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood and finally got its own position in the world of fashion. Nowadays, the brand produces different clothes made of ultra-fine knitwear including a luxurious collection of John Smedley T-shirts, jumpers, cardigans, sweaters and polos. Each product has a specific design and all the clothes are very convenient to wear. Order the finest knitwear at the discount prices now and assure yourself of its perfect quality.

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