Men's Lacoste Trainers, Shoes, Flip-flops & Boots. Comfy, Durable, Historical.

Born in 1903, René Lacoste won his first major tennis tournament at only 17 and went on to win the French Open in 1924. He then forever changed the sport and revolutionised the men's shoe industry in 1933, when he formed his fashion house in Troyes, France.

Lacoste shoes set the trend in men’s footwear, flip-flops, trainers & boots and are one of the most popular footwear brands at Stand-Out. How many symbols in the world correspond to an unchanging quality? Not many. Yet the Lacoste crocodile must be on the list: a symbol of footwear class, first for tennis men, then for sailors and golfers and now for you. The iconic crocodile logo can be found on lacoste footwear range, which includes the following:
* Flip-Flops. Lacoste flip flops men’s is an ultimate solution for those eager to unite comfort with style.
* Lacoste trainer shoes for those striving to find balance while working out or taking long walks.
* Lacoste slides for those willing to accentuate their image with an elegant note.
Did you know that Lacoste was a legendary inventor? His first fashion creation was the modern-day polo shirt!

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