Palladium Boots

Born: 1947 - France | Experts in the rubber and canvas industry Palladium started producing hard wearing and high quality boots. You will find great designs available online now. Random Fact: Palladium started life as a company manufacturing tires for the aviation industry during WWII.

Searching for men’s Palladium shoes UK? Here, you will see a great range of items available online now. The manufacturer Palladium is an expert in the rubber and canvas industry. Originally tied to the aviation industry, Palladium opened its first footwear factory in France in 1947. The legendary French Foreign Legion adored the items. And now Palladium leather boots keep on featuring durability and utility. Chunky rubber sole that was classic for this brand acquired vogue recently, and a growing number of young men appreciate not only the high quality of Palladium footwear, but also its appearance.

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