Sperry Top-Sider Footwear

Born: 1935 - Massachusetts, United States | Sperry Top-Sider known for their comfort and long-lasting wear. From the world's first boat shoe to today's contemporary styles that remain true to their heritage, Sperry exists for those drawn to the sun, surf and soul of the ocean. Creating nautically-inspired collections for men of boat and deck shoes. Random Fact: The design of the grooves on the bottom of the original boat shoes were inspired by Paul Sperry's cocker spaniel, Prince.

Sperry boat shoes have become the icon of seaworthy style. Made pointedly for seaside exploration, with various attractive design elements, they are very comfortable for wearing both on deck and on the shore. Over boat shoes, you can find Sperry top-sider shoes on sale here. They are also well-known thanks to their long-lasting wear. Special construction helps to provide stability, superior fit and durable comfort. Non-marking rubber outsoles provide a fast dry of the footwear. You can choose any item you like – we have a great number of them, with stitch detailing on the vamps, lace closure and branding inside. Sperry shoes UK. Now available online.

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