Roll Neck

How to Wear a Roll Neck

As we drag our way out of November – quite literally – we have a front runner for first big man trend of winter. I give you the roll neck. Often used as a styling alternative to a classic shirt, the roll-neck (also known as the polo-neck) looks superb underneath a suit or overcoat and […]


Stylish Winter Gloves

We have embraced the blustery days and crisp evenings that autumn’s had to offer and our hands demand some warmth and security. With that, we thought we’d give you the low down on some of the most fashionable hand warmers around that will keep you not only warm, but fashionable this winter. Check out our […]

Country Breaks

Country Break Essentials

Out of the shelter and into the storm. Are you planning a break into the great outdoors this winter? Going to explore the Yorkshire dales or cosy up in a log cabin? Then look no further. Here at Stand-Out, we know how important it is to be prepared and face every challenge that may come […]

Top Gift

Top Gift Ideas For Men

Sometimes it can be hard to think of what to buy a loved one. So we have come up with a list of some great gift ideas to buy the man in your life this Christmas. Share this Image On Your Site <a href=””><img alt=”Men Gift Ideas” src=”” /></a>

Hair Style Trends

Hairstyle Trends 2017

In the world of barbering the latest fashion trends for men’s hairstyles can change more frequently than the manager of the England Football Team. It is becoming more and more apparent that us guys take a lot of consideration into our fashion choices and hair is definitely one area we pay extra special attention to. […]


The History of Jeans

Denim, Denim, Denim, we’re all about Denim right now at Stand-Out. With the likes of brands such as Levi’s, Edwin, G-Star and Replay producing a whole range of fits and styles to put on your pins, we take a look into the history of this versatile fabric… The Denim story begins in Europe, originally a […]

Super Six

The Super Six

Traipsing through endless items of unworn clothes in your wardrobe can be pretty tiring work and who wants to rummage through clobber dating back to the 80’s when looking for an outfit for the weekend – and we don’t mean the fashionable vintage kind! We at Stand-Out have the perfect solution! A super six checklist […]

Winter Workout

Winter Wardrobe & Workout Revival

Time spent in the gym and not seeing the results you wanted? Now is not the time to turn back, there’s no need to throw in the towel and admit defeat just yet… you definitely have a few more rounds left in you! With just a few tips to revive your workout this winter, whether […]

Base London

The Base for all your Autumn Needs

Looking for dapper, easy to wear, relaxed footwear you can kick leaves in this Autumn? Perhaps you’re searching for versatile shoes which will take you from the office to the old favourite without a second thought? For laid back footwear ideal for unpredictable autumn weather, whether you’re looking for something contemporary or classic, look no […]


Man Up for Movember – Stop Men Dying Too Young

It’s that time of year again when brothers and sisters all over the world are about to unite to support the face of men’s health. That’s right. Movember is back! If you are unsure what this means, creep out from that rock you’ve been living under and listen up! Back in 2003 two friends (Luke […]


March on – Palladium

Six decades after their first leap into making footwear and with the winter fashion season in full-swing, we couldn’t help but share all the love Palladium boots have to offer. The brand started out making tires for the aviation industry in 1920 before realising they could apply the same canvas-and-rubber technology to make lightweight and […]


Fabric Guide – 3 Fabrics to keep you from being frozen this winter

Wind, sleet, hail and even snow have already been forecast to attack us again this winter and we are in no doubt that those (not so) trusty weathergirls will get one thing correct this winter… …it will be cold. With this information in our possession we felt it was only fair to give you a […]

Happy Socks

How Happy are your Socks?

London needs some cheering up, the bitter greyness of winter has slowly crept up on us and gone are the days of blistering sunshine and bright colours swimming around you… Or so you thought. Happy socks to the rescue! These little bursts of joy are warming feet all over the world and luckily they are […]

Men's Gym Routine

Fitness Fallacy – 5 Things to Ignore in the Gym this Winter

It’s 6.00am. Friday morning. The blinding fluorescent lights ping and flicker as they welcome the world’s early morning gym goers through the doors of the local iron pumping warehouse. Murmurs of how Steve grew a 62 inch chest in 6 weeks dart around the gym floor and no one is quite sure if Steve’s accomplishments […]

Hunter Boots

The Hunt is on – Hunter

Trudging through the mud or splashing in puddles? Wet weather walking or weeklong working? The iconic Hunter Wellington boots are loved by farmers, festival go-ers and everyone in between and are now split between the Hunter Field and Hunter Original collections to suit every need. We know the season is approaching in which these will […]

Sneaker Fresh

Trainer Hacks – 5 Ways to Keep Your Sneaks Fresh

Gangs of puddles stagnate on each street corner, while crunchy leaves lurk in gangs beneath your feet. The dark truths of winter have crept out from behind their dust covered shells and wreaked havoc on the souls of our trainers for another year. But, don’t panic, below we cover 5 trainer hacks that will ward […]

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