Summer BBQ

WARNING: These 7 Mistakes Will Destroy Your BBQ!

BBQ’s are unquestionably, the greatest part of summer. A good BBQ is nothing less than a huge concoction of ingredients that we all love, resulting in the greatest tasting cocktail. A shot of sunshine, a dash of great music, pour in your best pals and chuck a Harvey Wallbanger of a menu in there for […]

Lightweight Jackets

3 Jackets That’ll Kick Up A Storm This Summer

Don’t you just hate it when it’s the middle of May and the barometer is still languishing in the numbers below 20? You step outside your front door and you’re greeted by yet another thunderstorm and the weather app delights you by telling you that this gruelling weather is what you’ve got to look forward […]

Mens Shorts

5 Pairs of Shorts You NEED This Summer!

We’ve all been there. Pulling out last year’s shorts from your wardrobe and realising that 1) they don’t fit anymore – the gym must be working out (yeah right! More like the 12 Krispy Kremes you ate last week has added 2 inches to your waist) and 2) you must have had a mental block […]


Style Icon: Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah burst on to the scene in 2010 with his huge UK number 1 ‘Pass Out’ and from this point on his career and personal style has sky rocketed. The UK rapper, who has now taken over Dizzee Rascal by having the most UK numbers 1’s by any rapper (6), has created just as […]


The Fashion Rules of Racing

You’ve got your crew, your girl and a wad of cash to hand. You’re set for a grand old time at this year’s Races – but what about your suit? It’s time to talk race day style. It’s the one time of the year where men can play fancifully – lashing out on colour, texture, […]

Kings Will Dream

Kings Will Dream – Brand Feature

Bursting fresh onto the scene (and, Kings Will Dream are quickly becoming one of the biggest streetwear labels in the game. Taking menswear to the next level, they are all about individuality, with clean cut apparel and accessories influenced by urban lifestyle. Featuring a growing selection of tees, tracksuits and accessories you’ll find everything […]

A-Z Brands

The A-Z of Fashion Part III

P-Z We have reached the final leg of our quest through each fashionable letter of the alphabet. Bringing you a number of sensational must-haves it’s only right to finish how we started! From polos to sunglasses, we have you covered this summer season… P – Polo Ralph Lauren When is Ralph Lauren ever wrong?! The […]

A-Z Brands

The A-Z of Fashion Part II

G-O As we continue upon our epic quest through each letter of the alphabet we bring you some of the greatest picks from our brands. From flip-flops to button downs – we’ve got it all! G – G-Star RAW G-Star Dark Police Blue Ospak Hdd Pocket Jacket – £139.95 We love the versatility of this […]

A-Z Brands

The A-Z of Fashion

A-E Back in the 90s, long before the times of smartphones with their funky navigation apps or satellite navigation systems, if we ever found ourselves stranded down a country lane in a foggy abyss between two villages we could pull out the local A-Z and scour the index until we found exactly where we were […]

Spring Clean

Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

With a spring in your step and a clear goal to achieve head straight for your wardrobe and follow our simple guide to help you spring clean. Pump Up The Volume Any tedious task is certainly made better by music. So find your favourite tunes and blast them out to keep you motivated throughout the […]

London Marathon

Marathon Mayhem

It was 490 B.C. A legion of Persian trolls stormed into Greece hacking their way through every village and human along the way. Thick crimson blood stained the land, as men lay fallen in an attempt to save their country. In a small town named Marathon, Greek soldiers wrestled their oppressors and fought valiantly until […]


Do Women Prefer Men with Stubble?

Without a doubt, a little facial hair – otherwise known as stubble – can represent a sexy, carefree spirit. It portrays a sort of understated confidence, and can denote a slightly rebellious spirit. Indeed, new research says that packing a bit of stubble, Indiana Jones-style, is the best way to get down with the babes. […]

Men's Socks

How Sporty are your Socks?

We all know that socks are a staple of any man’s wardrobe. However, for the majority of us, socks are merely seen as just that: a staple that serves only for the benefit of practicality and function. There’s no doubt about it – outdoor activities are tough on your feet and the right socks are […]

Summer 2017

Menswear Summer Essentials for 2017

Dressing well in the blistering summer months can feel intimidating and it often seems impossible. As the heat of summer steals away our layers it leaves you wondering “how can I dress well this summer?” First and foremost you have to dress to stay comfortable, but how can you build multiple outfits if the only […]

Don Draper

The Traits of Success

Everyone wants to be successful. In life, in your relationship or in business we all strive to be successful and to live a happy and successful life. The real question is how? How do we become successful? Walt Disney suggests, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” The […]


Five Most Popular Beards on Instagram

If your boyfriend, husband or significant other wants to stop shaving and grow out his stubble or grow a moustache, don’t freak out just yet. Having a tash or beard is now the essence of manliness and the height of fashion. This intense rise in facial hair popularity has brought along with it many people […]

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