London Marathon

Marathon Mayhem

It was 490 B.C. A legion of Persian trolls stormed into Greece hacking their way through every village and human along the way. Thick crimson blood stained the land, as men lay fallen in an attempt to save their country. In a small town named Marathon, Greek soldiers wrestled their oppressors and fought valiantly until […]


Do Women Prefer Men with Stubble?

Without a doubt, a little facial hair – otherwise known as stubble – can represent a sexy, carefree spirit. It portrays a sort of understated confidence, and can denote a slightly rebellious spirit. Indeed, new research says that packing a bit of stubble, Indiana Jones-style, is the best way to get down with the babes. […]

Men's Socks

How Sporty are your Socks?

We all know that socks are a staple of any man’s wardrobe. However, for the majority of us, socks are merely seen as just that: a staple that serves only for the benefit of practicality and function. There’s no doubt about it – outdoor activities are tough on your feet and the right socks are […]

Summer 2017

Menswear Summer Essentials for 2017

Dressing well in the blistering summer months can feel intimidating and it often seems impossible. As the heat of summer steals away our layers it leaves you wondering “how can I dress well this summer?” First and foremost you have to dress to stay comfortable, but how can you build multiple outfits if the only […]

Don Draper

The Traits of Success

Everyone wants to be successful. In life, in your relationship or in business we all strive to be successful and to live a happy and successful life. The real question is how? How do we become successful? Walt Disney suggests, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” The […]


Five Most Popular Beards on Instagram

If your boyfriend, husband or significant other wants to stop shaving and grow out his stubble or grow a moustache, don’t freak out just yet. Having a tash or beard is now the essence of manliness and the height of fashion. This intense rise in facial hair popularity has brought along with it many people […]

Snapback Cap

Snapback to Reality… The Rise of the Snapback

Cast yourself back to the steamy streets of 1940s Brooklyn. The Empire State building had only recently been completed. Sailors stroll casually across Brooklyn Bridge. Young families rest and play on the shores of Coney Island and the Snapback cap is born. The Brooklyn Excelsiors initially wore the very first style of baseball cap in […]


P P P Pick up an Original Penguin

For over 60 years Original Penguin’s distinct style and quality has been retailing around the world. It was made famous by the simple, chic designs embodied by its signature polo shirts with the iconic Penguin logo. Today, Original Penguin has evolved to become a full men’s lifestyle brand with collections across, apparel, footwear, accessories & […]

Idris Elba

Get the look – Idris Elba

Idris Elba, the man of the moment, potentially the next James Bond and world famous for starring in programmes such as The Wire and Luther. This man really does have it all. So we’re going to give you the low-down on his fashion, his style and quite frankly, everything Idris! No other A-lister we can […]

Eastpack Bag

Level Up – Accessorize Your Outfit

Accessories to an outfit are like a set of 18inch chrome titanium alloy wheels are to a car. Yes, you could leave the alloy wheels in the showroom, but we all know that your car would instantly level up when the sparkle of chrome titanium is bouncing up at onlookers from the decrepit black tarmac […]

Men's Shoes

Men’s Shoes – A Walk Through Guide

A guide to the different types of men’s shoes and when to wear them. If you are struggling to decide what shoes you should wear or want to add more style to your wardrobe then we are here to help. Share this Image On Your Site <a href=””><img alt=”Men’s Designer Shoes” src=”” /></a>

Spring Fashion

The Spring Essentials

The winter is starting to thaw out and the summer sunshine is slowly creeping in to fill the void that is left behind. Whilst the weather is starting to perk up, it is still not acceptable to dive right in with shorts and sandals. We still have that small season called Spring to deal with. […]


Supercharge Shred

It feels like we’ve blinked and its March already. Whether you’ve just realised it’s time you got stuck into your New Years resolution or you’ve been hard at work for the last three months and on the road to a chiselled finish, there is always space to ramp up the volume and take your workout […]

Layer Up

How to: Layer Up

The winter has not quite yet disappeared and we are still suffering from days of bitter wind, rain and a sprinkling of sunshine every now and then. Currently the weather is just about as unpredictable as the TfL rail service. Unlike the rail service, you’re going to make it to your destination (and on time!) […]

John Smedley

John Smedley Brand Focus

A proud owner of the “Made in Great Britain” tag on every garment they make, John Smedley is a British brand through and through. Creating beautiful, high quality garments that are designed to last and distributed all over the world, they are a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. Established in 1784 […]


Five Top Tips to Make you Look Taller

Making sure you gain the extra inches desired armed with nothing but the clothes on your back isn’t always easy (and sometimes may even seem like a tall order – see what we did there). There are some simple ways a man can dress to look taller, and the formula for dressing taller isn’t really […]

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