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3 Reasons Why You Should be Wearing a Knit

If you’re not already wearing knits you need to be. Here’s why.

Fashion is Cyclical
You might think that cardigans are just for old men and women, but you’d be wrong. The cardigan itself was in fact made popular by the 7th Earl of Cardigan. He was a very manly man – he carved himself a career in the army as a Lieutenant General in the 19th century. He wore an open sweater, making it the hottest fashion for men of the time. Cardigans have now become associated with women, but they are essentially a unisex item. Don’t let anyone define what you can and cannot wear – it is a useful addition to any man’s wardrobe.

Warmth Without Bulk
A knit offers practicality as well as style points. A quality jumper will usually be made of natural materials, like cashmere wool, which means that it will be able to keep you warm without having to wear a jumper. They are also great for autumn and those days where the weather can’t decide what it’s doing, as you can open or close your cardigan depending on how warm you are.

The best thing about cardigans and knits is their versatility. They can be worn at any time of year and with a whole variety of outfits. They can be worn with a shirt and tie to make a smart outfit more casual. For an even more laidback look, wear a check shirt and woollen trousers with a chunky knit for a great winter look. A grey or neutral cardigan can be used to tone down brightly coloured chinos and patterned polo shirts, or do the opposite and make a statement with a bold cardigan paired with more neutral pieces.

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