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A Legacy in Denim

Trends come and go but some things never go out of the fashion radar. Edwin Jeans, for instance has been wowing various generation of hip kids since the late 1960s and until now this brand that has an unsurpassed Passion for Denim still rocks. From its humble beginnings in the Land of the Rising Sun during the late 1940s, Edwin is now considered a mammoth in the global clothing and apparel market. Aside from its reputation as pioneer in high quality denim production, Edwin has also been recognized as a revolutionary entity via introducing stonewashed jeans during the height of punk and new wave in the 1980s. Soon enough, every cool kid in town can been seen strutting their stuff in that familiar elegantly beat-looking pair of denim pants.

Aside from inventing the stonewashing process, this pioneering jeans company never stops in outdoing itself in terms of quality and innovation. By wearing one of those very comfortable pair of Edwin Jeans you will definitely be mesmerized with the high level of craftsmanship employed in assembling it. Excellent craftsmanship is paired with the use of only the best raw materials. Premium fabrics are used in making every single pair of jeans delivered in various stores worldwide. This means that your pair of Edwin Jeans can last for many years and endure wear and tear with honor and grace. On this particular area, no other brands come close.

Every pair of jeans produced by Edwin is a product of a longstanding legacy in fashion and culture. The company indeed has been very consistent in living by their motto. After five decades, Edwin has really became very successful in creating dreams, movement, as well as culture for many generations. But even without all of these big words, the mere fact that Edwin has been creating jeans fit for everyone is enough to give the denim company a lifetime achievement award of sort.

So who actually wears Edwin Jeans? People with febrile passion for life wear Edwin. People like Brad Pitt. In fact, the iconic Hollywood actor has been the official spokesman for the denim brand. It really is no surprise at all since Brad Pitt epitomizes the personality that Edwin has been promoting for years. A personality oozing with unfettered individuality and lust for living the good life— sort of an existential anti-hero. A modern day Hamlet clad on denim negotiating the highway of life with nothing but his high-speed motorcycle mind.

Edwin Jeans

No jeans exudes much personality that a pair of Edwin denims. Jeans made by Edwin in the tradition of revolutionary icons in the history of popular culture has got soul. It celebrates your humanity and individuality. It fits your personality no matter who you are. Whether you are an urban warrior who takes pride in wrestling with daily city life or a romantic who opts to rejoice his being in the great outdoors, there is a pair of Edwin denim jeans that would fit you. So be a part of a dynamic tradition and denim with Edwin Jeans.

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