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A Man’s Girlfriend T Shirt with Washing Instructions

Taking the men are useless excuse even further, then making them wear it too!

This French Connection t shirt design idea will either make your girlfriend laugh her head off, or thump you soundly, either way I think you’ll end up washing your own t shirt, socks, pants and everything else by yourself for the rest of the relationship (or the rest of your life) if you intend to marry her. This cute French Connection T Shirt has its own washing instructions plastered over the front of the chest and then, under a dotted line the word “or” then the words “Give it to your girlfriend” in large capital letters underneath. Personally if it was given to me by my boyfriend, I’d throw it straight back at him, I mean, how hard can it be to wash a t shirt correctly? Especially when it has its very own instructions printed on the front in standard symbol form, as well as written out in long hand. But the part that’d make me furious is are the words “It’s her job” at the bottom, although they have made that text a lot smaller, probably to avoid compensation claims from injured boyfriends.

French Connection

Unless your boyfriend is a complete numbskull, when it comes to laundry day, washing a t shirt should be a cinch, although I noticed that it doesn’t include how to operate the actual washing machine. That’ll stump him if nothing else does!

On the other hand it’s a great t shirt to buy as a present too. Check out the great designs available on Standout.Net today! Posted by for Stand Out.

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