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A Rough Guide To Surviving Christmas Shopping

There is one weekend left before Xmas to do your Christmas shopping. If like me you’ve been in denial about the whole thing, and have a list as long as your arm of presents left to buy, chances are you’ll be braving the throng and stepping out into town this weekend. Unless your idea of a top day out is being squashed like a crazed sardine in a too-hot and brightly lit shopping centre with thousands of other desperate, under-prepared men (and you know it’s gonna be blokes, all the women finished their xmas shopping weeks ago!), then you are probably dreading it. So, to make the experience a little more bearable, here’s our rough guide to surviving Christmas shopping.

1)      Stay Sober The Night Before

Now I know it’s Black Eye Friday on Friday, and it might be difficult to say no to a few (hundred) drinks after work before everyone scatters for the holidays, but if you intend to go shopping this Saturday you’d be far better fixed snuggling up with a mug of cocoa and the Bad Santa DVD this Friday night. The only thing worse than shopping with a hangover is shopping with a hangover on the last Saturday before Christmas. Dehydration, nausea and the shakes do not a happy queuing experience make, and believe me there will be queues! Oh there will be queues!  So take my advice and stay off the pop this Black Eye Friday (you might save yourself from a festive shiner too).

2)      Regulate Your Temperature

It’s pretty chilly out there at the moment so the temptation to pull on your parka and wrap up like a Scott of the Antarctic for your Great Big Shopping Expedition might be strong. But wearing a huge hulking great coat is never a good idea for a hard day flexing your plastic at the till face. Shops have powerful central heating, and when they’re packed full of hundreds of panicking, sweaty dudes they can feel hotter than Rihanna in a bikini. A lightweight, fitted jacket like this brilliant Sapphire Fleece Waxed Coat from Original Penguin will keep you cool, calm and collected.

3)      Wear comfortable shoes

At the risk of sounding like your granny, if you’re stepping out this weekend WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES! These tan coloured Lacoste trainers blend supreme comfort with a street smart and sophisticated style. In this season’s must have tan shade, with a high top and suede detailing, they are everything the fashion forward gent needs. Plus, they have a vulcanized rubber sole to provide superior traction, so you can power through the crowds on Market Street.

4)      Visit The Christmas Markets

They might be our sworn enemy when it comes to the football, but when it comes to Christmas Markets I’m very much on team Deutschland. These days most big towns have a German Christmas market and they can make a Christmas shopping trip a whole lot better. Grab a Gluhwein, chow down on a Bratwurst and buy your mum a wooden candle holder with a reindeer on it. Fantastisch!

5)      Stay in and do all your shopping online

If it all sounds like just too much hassle, why not just bomb it off completely and do your Christmas shopping online. We have something for pretty much everyone in our Christmas Shop with some awesome price reductions. It’s the last day for UK Standard delivery tomorrow (Thursday 19th), UK Tracked Delivery closes on Friday 20th, and UK Special Delivery is available up to Monday the 23rd. So why not do all your Christmas shopping online now, and you can go out for Black eye Friday after all?!


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