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Albert and Agyness Spotted in Matching Converse High Tops!

At a glance, you might think that I’m talking about a daytrip OAP couple clinging onto their rock n roll youth…

You’re wrong – Albert as in Albert Hammond, the legendary Strokes guitarist and Agyness as in supermodel Agyness Deyn of course! If you knew who I was talking about all along then you’re a well-deserved Converse High Tops owner!

This trendy, neo-punk couple (on/off, but who isn’t these days!) have proved that they are rock ‘n’ roll through and through after being spotted out and about wearing identical Converse High Tops.

As if they weren’t being cosy enough (Yuk!), they even had to make sure that their matching Converse High Tops were bright red so the world could see their orchestrated foot fashion. Cute? Not really – but at least they’re keeping up the garage rock revival with coordinated post-punk footwear. As two of the most influential people in modern music and fashion culture, their romantic little outing has fortified the reputation and prominence of a classic shoe.


Past to Present…

The Converse brand has long been intertwined with musical legends of our time such as AC/DC, Metallica and The Clash, as well as marrying up to the world of skaters, punks and extreme sports kids – and of course, we can’t forget the original launch of Converse High Tops for the world’s best basketball players, including Chuck Taylor.

The first ever performance Converse shoe shaped the sport of basketball in the early 1900s, and as the shoe travelled the long and winding timeline, it picked up plenty of people along the way; the badminton star, the classic rocker, legendary metal musicians, the 70s punk, the skateboarder – and this all started from a game of basketball.

Today, Converse High Tops can say whatever you want them to say. The long history gives us the freedom to create our own styles. Get a pair of Converse like Agyness and Albert… Posted by for Stand Out.

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