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Alpinestars Strikes Deal with 2013 Lotus F1 Team

Everyone’s favourite technical apparel and footwear brand, Alpinestars, has recently announced a new partnership with the Lotus F1 team that’s set to extend the brand’s involvement with Formula 1 by an indeterminate number of years.
Directly benefitting from the deal are two of Formula 1’s most exhilarating Lotus drivers – Kimi Räikkönen and Romain Grosjean – who will receive high performance racing gear and technical support from Alpinestars over the coming years.
Lotus boss Eric Boullier is reported to be delighted with the partnership, saying ‘I’m looking forward to seeing our drivers in their ultra-lightweight, safe and stylish new race attire’.

Alpinestars Stylish Apparel
It’s reasonable to expect something big from the brand responsible for the introduction of the motocross boot and, in terms of stylish man’s apparel, Alpinestars more than deliver. Years of experience manufacturing high quality and specialist clothing for top F1, MotoGP and World Superbike champions has meant that, when it comes to regular clothing, they’re more than capable of translating this expertise into wearable, every day design.

Stand Out is proud to bring you a great selection of clothing from Alpinestars, including their wildly popular Geiger Flannel shirt and the Tracer Snapback Cap – a firm favourite with sports enthusiasts and fashion conscious guys alike.

Stand Out with Alpinestars
Alpinestars are pros at making their drivers look distinctive, even when they’re ripping past at breakneck speed, so you know when you wear Alpinestars clothing you’ll have no trouble standing out from the crowd.

Expect versatility from Alpinestars – their Max Fill and Prefix jackets feature zip pull fronts and super breathable linings for total comfort when it’s warm but are also insulated enough to keep you warm in winter. The Grey Suddle Walkshorts are a great example of how Alpinestars has combined casual with smart; they’re casual enough to be worn to the beach but their smart tailoring means they’ll also look great on a night out.

As well as jackets and shorts, Alpinestars also have an instantly recognisable line of high quality, stylish shirts and T shirts, available in a wide range of colours and print designs. Browse our extensive range of Alpinestars clothing for men today, at Stand Out.

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