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Are you a perfect match for a sexy lady?

OK I love a sexy lady as much as the next guy but not too sure I would want one plastered across my chest, I don’t know if I could pull it off. Just before you think I am crazy let me clarify that I am of course talking about a printed t-shirt and not a real life stunner. I will probably have to die and go to heaven before I have a Babe-station girl or even better Victoria Secrets Angel wrapped around my arm (Miranda Kerr – WOW!).

Sexy Girl T-Shirts

The latest trend which seems to be coming through for Summer (Yes we will have one eventually!) is printed t-shirts and jumpers featuring provocative prints. The Religion tees are especially risqué, see if you can spot the one with cream dripping from a ladies breast, however this will of course be a great hit when you are in a bar on the strip of Ibiza! I especially like the Lego re-enactment of a certain sex act or two very attractive young ladies sharing an ice cream.

Every brand seems to be getting involved, from the premium label Eleven Paris to the cheaper high street brand CrossHatch and I think we can expect to see more and more brands adding these styles as the months go on. As I type I have been told we have more t-shirts to be added later next week! If you are not brand orientated then your best bet is to visit the complete sexy printed t-shirt range we have setup on the site especially for this trend.

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