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Baracuta Jackets: 50 Million Fans Can’t Be Wrong

If folks like Liam Gallagher, Daniel Craig, Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra, and the King of Rock and Roll himself— Elvis Presley find Baracuta jackets cool enough for them then why should not you? Baracuta has been synonymous with high end menswear since the 1930s. Ever since the first Baracuta┬áJackets were introduced in the market, it created a huge impact on some of the most famous names in the world of show business, music, and even sports. If big names dig this brand, it certainly means that you can never go wrong with it and despite the presence of cheap imitations in the market today, still nothing comes close to Baracuta in terms of quality and style.


An Iconic Fashion Item
Baracuta jackets are very iconic. In fact this fashion item can be found in different A list wardrobes owned by the most notable names in Hollywood and the fashion world. However, jackets made by Baracuta are not only highly fashionable but they are also extremely functional not to mention durable. Perhaps one of the best legacy of the brand in the world of fashion is the G9. G9 or the original Harrington jacket is exclusively created by Baracuta. A lot of second-rate imitators have attempted to emulate the legacy of this particular jacket model but despite enormous efforts, these cheap imitations do not even come close even to the most beat-up Baracuta jacket.

Certified High End
Now, discarding the celebrity mystique of Baracuta jackets, one might actually wonder what makes a mere jacket so iconic. The answer is quality, quality, and quality. Despite it being lightweight, a Baracuta jacket is impressively durable. Durability, however, does not mean that this piece of clothing garment feels uncomfortable. On the contrary, wearing a Baracuta jacket feels like not wearing any bulky clothing article at all. Made from high grade polyester, cotton, suede, or wool, jackets manufactured by Baracuta never gets in the way of your regular movement. In fact, it stimulates better limb and body function due to its light built. And yes, it actually looks good on you.

Baracuta jackets accents your physique so you will actually look better no matter what type of setting you are in. The design of a Baracuta jacket is usually done with check-patterned lining and traditional Fraser tartan giving it an outdoor-ready yet highly stylish feel.

Surviving Trends
One of the most impressive things about the Baracuta G9 is its staying power. It started to make waves among hip and trendy youth during the late 1950s via Elvis, particularly in the film King Creole. Just as fashion doomsayers thought that it will go pass during the 60s, the emergence of the skinheads and the mods revived its glory. It again resurfaced in the 70s during the Mod revival era. Yup. There really is no way to stop the status of the Baracuta G9 in modern pop culture. Today, Baracuta jackets are regarded as a status symbol and the mere mention of the brand name itself evokes class, style, and high fashion.

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