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Be A Man About Town With Bewley & Ritch


When you hear the name Bewley & Ritch you could easily be mistaken to believe that it was long established brand that has been around for decades.  Therefore you would be surprised to hear that Bewley & Ritch was established in 2011 in Manchester.  The company took inspiration from city traders, Ralph Bewley and Eddie Ritch, who are described, ‘partners in crime’, on the company’s website.

Bewley & Ritch knew how to party and party they did. During the swinging sixties they were city traders and had plenty of cash to spend on having a great time and wearing the finest quality clothing they could find.  These two party guys left the city behind and flew off to Monaco where they subsidised their party organising and event planning by trading in textiles.

‘Mature beyond your rivals. Rebelling against conformity. Style is your greatest asset.’

Bewley & Ritch clothing is described as a modern twist to a classic style and perfect for the man about town. Our Bewley & Ritch collection is all about the shirt on your back and turning an ordinary shirt and polo shirt into an extraordinary one.

Bewley & Ritch Short Sleeved Shirts

short sleeved

As the weather is getting warmer it is almost time to bare your arms in a short sleeved shirt.  Bewley & Ritch certainly know how to dress up a simple short sleeved shirt by adding contrasting details to the collar and sleeve cuffs.  The buttons and buttonholes produce a stunning central pattern.

Bewley & Ritch Long Sleeved Shirts


These Bewley & Ritch long sleeved shirts could be worn on a night out with your mates or dressed up a bit if formal attire is required.  Again decorated with contrasting collars, cuffs and sporting beautiful button detail, these shirts are definitely ones to watch.

Bewley & Ritch Polo Shirts


These vibrant Bewley & Ritch polo shirts allow you to look formal and feel casual at the same time.  The range of styles means that you will definitely stand out from the crowd wherever you choose to wear them.

If you like what you see and would like to look at our complete Bewley & Ritch collection click here.


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