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Be Prepared for your Camping Holiday!

camping collection 2014

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Well it’s here – the summer has arrived at last and it is a great opportunity to plan a cheap and fun weekend with your mates.  There is no better way to feel as free as a bird and cast off the restraints of everyday life than embracing the great outdoors on a camping holiday.  Whether you have access to a campervan or your mate’s tent being prepared and making sure that you have the right equipment is as important as looking good and feeling great.  We look at the best ways to be prepared this year.

What to Wear

Let’s face it unless you are hard core like Bear Grylls you are unlikely to be spending your camping trip in the jungle and will probably set up camp in a campsite or a clearing that is pretty close to the local pub.  This is great as it means your capacity to look cool and stylish is optimized.  There are a few essential items that are necessary for you to take with you to make sure that your trip is everything you ever dreamed of:-

  • Waterproof jacket – this is great for when the pub is shut and you have to venture outside.  We think that this Animal Technical Jacket is top stuff and will keep you cosy and dry when the heavens open during your trip.

  • Jumper – even during the summer the outdoors has the potential to make you go very cold in the evenings.  That is why we have chosen this cuddly Hilfiger Denim Funnel Knit not only will you feel warm you will also look as if you have been camping before.

  • T-Shirts – a good t-shirt can make sure that everything else you are wearing looks fantastic.  We think that due to the precarious nature of camping that three t-shirts are probably better than one and love this three pack from Animal – one even has a campervan on it!

  • Trousers – if choosing the safe option of jeans seems boring to you then you could opt for chinos which were designed for an outdoor lifestyle and still look great on an outdoor adventure.  Our Jack and Jones chinos are slim fitting and stylish to boot.

  • Shorts – when the weather really heats up there is no option than wearing a pair of shorts.  There are no better shorts to wear while tanning your sausages on a portable barbecue than these G-Star Combat Shorts – these already look as if you have had many adventures in them!

  • Socks – anyone who has ever been camping will tell you that cold damp feet are no fun whatsoever.  These bright stripy socks from Happy Socks will keep your feet snug and warm and a smile on your face.

  • Day Sack – if you decide to venture away from your camp you will need to take a few essentials with you such as sunscreen, water and your wallet.  We think that this Spiral Woodland Backpack would do the job really well.

  • Watch – if you are afraid to lose track of time you will need a robust watch that will cope with all sorts of danger.  This Casio Big G-Shock Watch can cope with everything – especially informing you of when it is last orders in the pub!

  • Underwear – Let’s face it you are probably going to wear the same trunks for the whole weekend.  However if you are very particular about your personal hygiene why not buy yourself a multipack of pants – like this Three Pack of Diesel Trunks?


Everything Else

Once you have decided what you are going to wear you really need to think about everything else such as sunscreen, sunglasses, tent, sleeping bag, camping stove, food, first aid kit and anything else that will ensure that you are comfortable.

If you would like to look at our whole selection of summer gear click on this link to visit our summer shop.


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