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Be Ready For Anything With Duck and Cover!


The phrase, ‘Duck for Cover’, relates to the advice given to people in order to aid survival if they are in danger of encountering a surprise nuclear attack.  As soon as as the nuclear flash is seen, people are advised to lie flat on the ground preferably under the cover of a table or next to a wall.  This method has saved many people who would have otherwise died had they had been standing up in the open at this point in time.  In Japan during the second world war in 1946 a Hiroshima policeman went to Nagasaki to teach the policemen there the, ‘Duck for Cover’, method of survival. As a result there were more policemen available to help with the relief efforts, unfortunately the rest of the population had not been tutored in this method and perished immediately in their quest to find out where the source of the bright light was.  In 1950’s America a Civil Defence Film was produced to train children in the act of duck and cover, it depicted a turtle surviving a blast by ducking and covering.

Be #readyforanything with Duck and Cover

With the origins of the phrase duck and cover it is hardly surprising that Liam Tootil, the brand ambassador set up the #readyforanything campaign.  The spirit of the campaign is twofold; keeping ahead of the fashion stakes or being able to face up to any challenges that life may throw at you.  Duck and Cover is a relatively new brand that has been inspiring a generation to stand out from the crowd with their alternative take on current trends since 1996.  As the summer sun is fading and unpredictable autumn is heading our way, it is important that we are ready for anything the weather may bring.  These Duck and Cover jackets will make sure that you are prepared for whatever the elements may throw at you!

Duck and Cover Havant Jacket

 havant jacket

This substantial navy jacket will ensure that you can get on with your life whatever the weather.  With its hood and cuffs you are certain to keep warm and dry on those cold autumn mornings.

Duck and Cover Kempston Jacket

 kempston jacket

The Kempston Jacket is slightly more understated than the Havant Jacket due to its sleekness.  Again it has a hood to save your hair from the elements.

Duck and Cover Mullery V2 Blazer


If you are planning on looking formally casual this autumn then this blazer would look great – it would look great with a smart pair of jeans and suit many occasions.

Duck and Cover Theon Jacket

 theon jacket

This Windsor blue jacket could be your last chance to grab a Duck and Cover bargain with its warm design and plenty of decoration.

Duck and Cover Owen Jacket

 owen jacket

If you like to fill your pockets with loads of gadgets then this coal coloured Owen jacket would certainly do the job.  It has generous front pockets that will be able to take the strain of anything you put in them.

If you would like to see our complete Duck and Cover collection come and visit us at Stand-Out.Net

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