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Be, Right on the Money, this Autumn with Money Clothing


According to the Urban Dictionary the phrase, ‘Right on the Money’, means to be correct or true or in other words. ‘hit the nail on the head’. Money plays an almighty part in our lives whether you have loads of it or you have to count every penny it is always on our minds.  Money is filthy and has been known to carry the flu virus for up to 17 days and there is evidence of other nasty germs that live on our banknotes.  Did you know that 90% of US$ have traces of cocaine on them?  Dealers contaminate the money during transactions and cash machines spread the particles throughout the money supply.  Bob Marley’s final words were, Money can’t buy me life’.

Money Clothing


Money Clothing exploded on to the fashion scene in 2003 and has been rising through the popularity ranks due to its fresh approach and unique range of menswear.  The company describe their style as a combination of classic artisan design and British lifestyle, humour and swagger.  Its ethos in its tenth year is to, ‘Continue to Create’.  Money Clothing is certainly not ‘filthy’ and can only be described as fresh and clean, as many of the designs are monochrome and bright.

Stand-Out.Net and Money Clothing

Amongst our new arrivals we have selected a great taster range of Money Clothing for you to indulge in.  If you are looking for trackie bottoms and long sleeved tops to wear as you relax in front of the TV, gym or pub as the nights draw in then our collection is, ‘Right on the Money’.

All Over George Gorilla T-Shirt

This wonderful eye catching t-shirt speaks for itself and is not only comfortable it will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

money tshirt


Money Classic Sweat Pants

With a large logo on the back pocket these stylish sweat pants would look great in a multitude of settings.

money grey track suit


Money Howl Signature Sweatshirt

We love the cheekiness of this long sleeved top.  If you want to attract attention to yourself, this clever combination of dollar signs and cartoon style looks fab.

micky mouse money

Money Raglan Signature Ape Sweatshirt

Not mono-chromed but a lovely burgundy colour – this warm looking sweatshirt will look great at the gym, pub or at home.

burgandy money


If you have liked our Money selection why not see everything we have got at www.stand-out.net


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