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Be Shaken Not Stirred With Scotch And Soda


When we say the words. ‘Scotch and Soda’,  you would be understandably mistaken in believing that we were referring to a popular drink among the laud and gentry,  consumed after a busy day hunting deer in the Scottish hillsides.  For those who are fashion savvy, the words, ‘Scotch and Soda’, brings up connotations of free spirited fashion that appeals to nubile young men and their seasoned counterparts.  Establish in Amsterdam in 1984 Scotch and Soda has consistently provided the world with high end styled clothing at surprisingly affordable prices.  The Scotch and Soda brand has been inspired by classy attire, vintage rock and Californian sunshine all wrapped up in a tasty European package.

Scotch and Soda On The Rocks


The ultimate classy jacket has to be the blazer.  A blazer can be worn with just about any trousers as long as you remember to wear a t-shirt or a casual shirt if you are wearing it with jeans, chinos or if you are lucky with the weather, shorts. The two Scotch and Soda blazers we have in our collection give you a choice between cooling linen or a more formal knitted style.  Both are navy blue and can adapt to what you are wearing simply by choosing equally as stylish accessories.

Scotch and Soda On The Tee


Well tee- shirt that is, if you like wearing t-shirts above anything else then but you want to have a classy edge these tasteful t-shirts from Scotch and Soda will give you the best of both worlds.  The Polka Dot and Stripe t-shirts are made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, giving you the cool feel of cotton with a little bit of flexibility.  The Grey flower t-shirt is 85% cotton and 15% linen, while the white flower t-shirt is 100% cotton.  All of the t-shirts are classy and tasteful allowing you to wear your favourite item of clothing and look great at the same time.

Scotch and Soda In A Short Glass


Well shorts, trying to say witty phrases relating to poshness and Scotch and Soda is trickier than you think, available in and beige chinos style and a more formal tailored style.  The chino shorts are made up of 97% cotton and 3% elastane, they are machine washable and described as being peach twill, which gives a lovely slightly downy texture.  The exact colour description of these shorts is cobalt and sand. The tailored shorts are made from 100% blue checked cotton and would look good wherever you choose to spend sunny afternoons. These Scotch and Soda shorts are definitely worth considering when choosing your summer wardrobe.

If you would like to add an element of European design into your wardrobe, visit Stand-Out.Net and look at our complete Scotch and Soda Range.


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