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Beach Body Blitz

So, you’ve just grabbed yourself your new favourite swimming shorts and donned them in front of the mirror only to realise that you are still some way away from the chiselled Adonis that you thought you were…

Don’t panic!
There is still time to blitz your body to beach ready in just a few short weeks. Using some of the workouts below you will have bikini clad ladies fluttering eye lashes from behind their Ray Bans as you stroll along far away shores.

High intensity interval training, or HIIT for short, is THE most effective way to blitz fat and transform physique in the shortest time. This magic workout formula; that combines explosive periods of exercise with short periods of rest will keep your body burning fat for hours even after you have finished in the gym! HIIT training will supercharge your metabolism, whilst stimulating muscle growth hormone IGF-1 to allow you to quickly become the lean, mean, lady-killing machine that you are!

Workout 1
Employ a Tabata style protocol (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest) to this workout and complete 4 sets of each exercise before moving on.
– Burpees
– Press Ups
– Jump Squats
– Crunches
– Tricep Dips
– Jump Lunges
– Plank
– Sit up Burpees

Workout 2
Repeat this workout 3-6 times dependant on your current level of conditioning.
– 1 minute sprint. 90 seconds recovery.
– 1 minute sprint at 3% incline. 90 seconds recovery.
– 1 minute sprint at 6% incline. 90 seconds recovery.
– 1 minute sprint at 9% incline. 90 seconds recovery.
– 1 minute sprint at 12% incline. 90 seconds recovery.

Workout 3
– 30 seconds kettlebell swings.
– 30 seconds kettlebell snatch.
– 30 seconds kettlebell push press.
– 30 seconds overarm walking lunge with kettlebell.
– 30 seconds sprints.

Repeat this for both arms and take 90 seconds rest between sets. Aim to complete this 3 times.
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See you at the beach!

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