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Become Your Favourite Comic Character With LogoShirt

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Summer is a time of great expression, as we are no longer shackled by the heavy winter coats and practical clothes we are burdened with in winter.  We stand up tall and are proud to puff out our chests and enjoy the sun on our faces.  The sunshine helps us to produce more vitamin D,  which helps to keep bones and teeth healthy.  We tend to eat less stodgy food and become more conscious of our physique simply because we feel good.  Sunlight boosts serotonin which in turn makes you feel happier and more positive.  Time spent in the sun reduces stress, relieves pain  and helps you to sleep better.  Summer is a time to feel our best because our Mind, Body and Soul is at the top of its game.  We feel so good that it is easy to feel invincible – just like our favourite comic character.

There are two main approaches you can take to showing the world who your favourite comic character is; the first one is to dress up as your superhero, including mask, cape, boots and pretend to fly around the streets.  This behaviour is acceptable for a toddler but not really for a grown man so you may wish to opt for the more subtle approach of wearing a character t-shirt.  People will still notice you but only for the right reasons LogoShirt is a clothing brand that likes to ignite the inner superhero in us all.  These 100% cotton t-shirts are available in a variety of colours and graphical designs representing characters such as; Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Captain America, Thor, The Simpsons and The Muppets.

Logoshirt was established in 1994 in Essen in Germany as the, ‘Original Vintage T-Shirt Company’.  Logoshirt has secured rights from franchises such as; The Simpsons, Peanut, Star Wars, Marvel and the Muppets who allow them to recreate their images on their cool t-shirts. We have a collection of popular Logoshirt t-shirts for you to choose your favourite comic character from.  Our featured t-shirts are only a small taste of the wide range of t-shirts we have in stock are; Superman The Last Hope T-shirt, Star Wars Droids T-shirt, Captain America Portrait T-shirt, Batman Logo T-shirt and Disney Mickey Mouse T-shirt.

If you would like to see our complete LogoShirt collection to find your own inner comic character click here.

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