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Behind Every Great Castle There is A Crook – Crooks And Castle Clothing

In 2002 Robert Panlilio and Dennis Calvero decided that they wanted to bring out the villain in all of us by creating a brand based on the adage that, ‘There is always a Crook behind every castle’.  These sentiments refer to the concept that we all have a little bit of deviousness in us to help us to achieve our goals of wealth and success. The Crooks and Castles brand enables us to live out our criminal fantasies without committing fraud, theft or anarchy.  If your bank card won’t land you in a whole lot of hot water if you use it then you may want to peruse our Crooks and Castles selection of threads and shake up your wardrobe with an urban edge.

Now is a fantastic time to get into Crooks and Castles clothing, as many of our t-shirts, hoodies, hats and joggers are reduced in price.  You can buy your favourite brand without being a victim of daylight robbery.  When you look at our Crooks and Castles range you will see that the designs and branding does have an edge to it that is often absent from less racy ranges.

Crooks and Castles Inked Core Logo t-shirt

This black t-shirt is bursting with bling and prosperity by displaying eye catching branding at the front.  Notice how the word, ‘Crooks’, is very brash and bold while the word, ‘Castles is much more sedate.

Crooks and Castles West Squad T-shirt

The branding on this t-shirt is far more subtle as the initials are intertwined with a circular pattern design.  It would seem that the C for, ‘Castles’, is written as a large white chain while the word, ‘Crooks’ is represented by, ‘CRKS’, where the two vowels have been omitted.  There is a yellow number 2 on the left arm accompanied by the words, ‘Crooks and Castles’.

Crooks and Castles Surreal Medusa T-shirt

This may be the only time that you cannot turn people to stone when they look at the snake clad Medusa on your t-shirt.  There seem to be two stories relating to the origins of Medusa, the first that she was one of three equally eye catching sisters called Gorgons.  The second story tells of a beautiful girl who thought she was the fairest of them all and was punished for her vanity by being turned into the snake haired vixen we know and love today.  one thing for sure is that Perseus used her head for the greater good in the film, ‘Clash of the Titans’.

Crooks and Castles Core Emblem T-shirt

If you prefer white with just a smattering of branding, this classic white t-shirt with the words, ‘Crooks and Castles’,  written in black outlined lettering, surprisingly stands out really well.  There are two branding tabs on each shoulder and the whole look is crisp like newly printed counterfeit money.

If you would like to awaken that inner crook in you please feel free to visit our entire Crooks and Castles collection by clicking here

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