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Being a Crook to get the Castle

If you aren’t familiar with Crooks & Castles, it’s about time you were.  Fresh and modern with a gangster, hipster edge, they are a Los Angeles based street wear brand with tons of attitude.

The idea behind the brand and name is all about ‘crooks’ i.e the criminals, gangsters and hustlers who managed to get rich and get their ‘castles’, taking inspiration from colourful characters of the past like the Vanderbilts and the Rockefellers (two of the wealthiest American families ever) to modern day billionaires.

In their range you will see a lot of black, white and greys as the main colours with splashes of bright red and gold to make an impact and create that luxurious, regal appearance. You will also see key slogans and designs across their clothing, with bold, graphic prints but also simpler more low key designs. Whatever mood you are in their is something to suit you, whether you want to say more by saying less or say more by saying lots!

The brand has been doing great since starting out in 2002 and has even captured the interests of mega stars such as Kanye West and Jay-Z. Here’s P Diddy sporting their now famous Cocaine & Caviar t-shirt.

Cocaine-Caviar1 p diddy

Crooks & Castles are moving the boundaries of men’s streetwear and Stand-Out.net is excited to have them! Here are a few of our picks and new arrivals to get you started.

The Son of Crooks T-shirt sums up what Crooks & Castles are about pretty well. Mostly black, some bold colours and a criminally good design (huh huh huh).


Amongst our new arrivals are an awesome collection of snap back caps.  We’ve  picked the Bandana Multi Luxe Bandit Cap here but there are tons of others so you will find whatever you are looking for. A snapback is the perfect accessory to complete your ‘crook’ look.


The Imperial T-shirt is great for a subtler look. Light and comfortable with just an understated gold logo on the front and a ermm, shall we say, cheeky statement on the back for people to see as you walk away. This t-shirt will be as versatile as you like but will still give that gangster edge to any outfit.
c and c imperial t shirt

Now obviously we aren’t suggesting you turn to the crook lifestyle but we definitely do suggest you get some of their clothes to make you feel like one! If you’ve ever had a rooting for the villain have a look at all of Stand-Out’s Crooks & Castles range here and live life a little closer to the edge.


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