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Believe The ‘Hype’ And Spice Up Your Life!

We often spend so much time trying to fit in that it is often difficult to stand out as individuals.  When we embrace fashion trends we become slaves to a new uniform that fails to single us out as free thinkers and makes us into fashion sheep.  Making a difference to your appearance often requires just a little bit of tweaking and an adventurous spirit.  If you favour safe white t-shirts and blue jeans you can stamp your style mark with carefully chosen accessories.  One of the most versatile and useful items you can add to your wardrobe is a useful and fantastic looking bag.  Many brands generate a lot of hype when they launch a new range and have their fingers crossed that they will be noticed.  One brand’s bag and backpack selection that always stands out and is noticed is Hype.  With their kaleidoscope bags and their technicolour t-shirt you can’t fail to get second glances from people around you.

Hype bags are fresh and youthful, simply because the brand was created in 2011 by two students on their break from university.  Talk about innovation and determination the entrepreneurial spark was ignited after the pair won a t-shirt printing competition.  These guys sold out of their first batch of t-shirts within hours of them coming off the press.  When it comes to courting social media then it is without a doubt that Hype certainly knows how to shake everything up a bit causing the Hype brand to burst out of the room it was created in. The official Hype website looks back on its rise to fame and reminisce that it all started, ‘with a lighter inscribed: ‘Get Your Own F#*#ing Lighter’, and a simple script over a floral print t-shirt has snowballed into what HYPE. is today’.  

If you are a student and you want to earn some cash this summer then maybe you should take a leaf out of Hype’s book and think of a good idea!  You will need a bright eye catching bag to carry your sandwiches, note pad and phone in – and we know exactly which brand you should be looking at.  The Hype bags featured in this article are; Hype Flags Backpack, Hype Fruit Backpack, Hype Imagination Backpack, Hype Jewels Backpack, Hype Metallic Backpack, Hype Placement Stripe Backpack, Hype Tartan Backpack, Hype Purple Backpack, Hype Tie Dye Backpack, Hype Denim Backpack, Hype Black Backpack and Hype Winterslick Backpack.

If you would like to see our complete Hype range, which includes t-shirts, shorts and hoodies, please click here.

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