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Black and White and Rad All Over: 5 Ways To Wear Monochrome

Black and White and Rad All Over: 5 Ways To Wear Monochrome.

Monochrome was one of the stand out trends at many of the Men’s Fashion Week shows this year. From James Dean to Justin Timberlake, monochrome has been a friend of the fashion conscious fella for decades. The simple pairing of black and white adds instant, effortless cool, and this simple combination can be worn in many different ways, depending on your mood and destination. Take your pick from these key monochrome looks that should see you right through til Spring.

The Wild One
Easily one of the most timeless classics of men’s fashion ever, a black leather biker jacket can swing the coolometer straight round from Bieber to Brando. Avoid looking like you’re in fancy dress as a 1950s teen angel by swerving the stonewash jeans in favour of a darker denim. This biker jacket from Religion ticks all the right boxes and can be worn with a hoody and black skinnies for a relaxed, urban look, or even dressed up for work, teamed with grey tailored trousers, a white shirt and a black tie.

The Original Don, Marlon Brando, in The Wild One, by Columbia Pictures [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Great Gatsby
Another timeless incarnation of the monochrome look is the classic white shirt, black tie, black jacket combination. Whether you want to channel Jay Gatsby, Frank Sinatra or Justin Timberlake, you will feel like a million dollars and will be irresistible to ALL WOMEN. Ok I can’t actually promise that, but believe me, wear Gatsby monochrome at the right party this winter and you will have OWNED one of the strongest looks of the season.

Dawn Til Dusk
Monochrome is the perfect look for those days when you have to go straight out after work. It is smart, it is cool and if you err on the side of black, it doesn’t show up the day’s dirt! Result! Try teaming black trousers with this simple and stylish polo shirt from Original Penguin. In ‘True Black’ with white contrast trim, logo and buttons, this classic polo from Penguin will easily carry you from the office to the bar.

Raging Bull
If dressed-up monochrome feels a little bit Robert Palmer for you, and you prefer your black and white a bit more Jake La Motta style, how about rocking the trend in a subtle, sporty tracksuit. This awesome black and white tracky from UCLA might be just what you need. Understated, monochrome: tracksuit perfection.

The Enter-trainers (sorry)
If you just can’t commit to a wholehearted embrace of this season’s monochrome look, a nod to it with these fantastic black and white trainers from Religion will send out all the right messages to those in the know. Plain black with a white sole from the front, but with a fun zebra style fur patch on the back quarter, these shoes say you’re sartorially savvy but you don’t take yourself too seriously.

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