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Black Friday At Stand-Out.Net



Black Friday is a major sale day in America.  It originates from retailers kicking off the holiday sale season after Thanksgiving Day.  Black Friday is not traditionally a holiday but in California and a number of other states; schools, people in the non retail sector and government workers tend to take the Friday after Thanksgiving as a holiday.

Black Friday is a tradition that has been adopted by countries all over the world.  Retail outlets reap the benefits of people wanting to buy Christmas gifts at bargain prices.  In 2009 Cyber Black Friday became a phenomenon devised by online retailers allowing customers to grab bargains without having to get out of their pyjamas.  At Stand-Out.Net we too like to give our customers the opportunity to grab a bargain and hold our own Black Friday Sales.  Customers can get a whopping 20% off selected lines, if they choose to purchase goods during the Black Friday Promotion.  Get your mouses to the ready and get ready to click for a bargain on Friday 28th November.

As you know Stand-Out.Net stock a huge variety of garments from over 70 designer brands so you can expect to get a fantastic deal on Black Friday when you visit our store.

If your money is burning a hole in your pocket and you want to take a sneaky peak of some of the wonderful bargains to be had here are some of the wonderful items in our sale.

Animal Clothing


 You can never not have enough t-shirts, vests or back packs and Animal Clothing certainly knows this with high quality garments and accessories that will prepare you for your next holiday abroad.  We have a variety of Animal products available in our sale, many of the half price so you can easily buy two t-shirts for the price of one.

Levis Jeans


If you have always dreamed of owning a pair of Levi jeans then you will be delighted with the selection we have on offer in our sale.  Levis Strauss certainly knew what he was doing when he designed his classic denim jeans.  All we say is don’t go too near the fire or you will feel the heat from those famous rivets.

Converse Trainers


If iconic clothing is what you are after then you will be delighted at the Converse trainers we have available at bargain prices.  Instantly recognisable with the ability to raise your street cred exponentially just by tying a bow and wearing clean socks you would be a fool not to take the opportunity to buy a pair of Converse trainers in our sale.

If you are able to keep your cool while waiting for Black Friday keep visiting Stand-Out.Net to get updates on our Black Friday Offers.  Remember all our brands are purchased directly from the manufacturer so when you purchase anything at a reduced price you are really getting value for money.

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