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BORED of Shopping? It’s not your fault! It’s SCIENCE!!!

BORED of Shopping? It’s not your fault! It’s SCIENCE!!!

OK so there are approximately 36 hours left to buy your Christmas presents, so if you haven’t finished your shopping right now you better get on with it. But for many blokes, the thought of spending 8 hours trawling around the Arndale shopping is about as appealing as Peter Stringfellow in a mankini.

Peter Stringfellow

For years many of us have suffered abuse at the hands of our frustrated girlfriends, who do not seem to understand why we don’t want to waste hours of our lives sitting outside the changing room in Topshop while she tries on 50,000 different (identical) dresses… and then decides not to buy ANY OF THEM!

Well today I stumbled upon a little article that proves that it is categorically NOT OUR FAULT if we get bored when shopping. A study of 2,000 Brits found that in fact eight out of ten men find clothes shopping with their partner boring, with 45 per cent admitting they avoid shopping with their other-half at all costs.

26 minutes!

Apparently it takes us just 26 minutes to get bored when shopping, compared to women who can last for up to two hours. I can’t think of any other activities where there is such a disparity between men’s staying power and women’s. Ahem. Taking a sandwich could stave off some of the boredom – according to the study hunger was cited as one of the main reasons why we feel the need to run for the hills after shopping for about as long as an episode of The Simpsons.

Top ten contributing factors to men’s shopping boredom:

  1. If my girlfriend is taking ages to make a decision or find what they want
  2. When I’ve bought what I needed in the first shop and they are still looking
  3. When I’m hungry/thirsty
  4. When my partner drags me into the same shop several times – ughhhhh
  5. When it’s too busy in the store/shopping centre
  6. When they keep asking for my opinion on things which look identical to me
  7. When it is too hot in the shops/shopping centre
  8. If the weather is nice and I’m stuck in the shops
  9. If I’m missing something on TV/ the footie/ sports
  10. If the weather is cold/wet

Fight Club

The study also states that prolonged shopping can lead to couples having arguments – with half of all couples polled reporting that they usually ended up rowing when they go out shopping together. No surprises there! However, the study also reports that over half – 58%- of us would be more likely to pretend to enjoy a day in the shops with our girlfriends if we were promised a treat at the end of the shopping trip. I know I could probably grin and bear it for a while longer if I knew there were a steak and a pint in it for me at the end of the day.

The good news!

Now you know that you are predisposed by your gender to be bored to tears by shopping for more than 26 minutes at a time, you can set up your case for avoiding town altogether in the future. The good news is that these days you can do all your shopping online. We are still running our Christmas treat of 20% off selected items across the store, and today is the last day for UK special delivery. So spend your 26 minutes watching The Simpsons from the comfort of your sofa, eating a sandwich and ordering your last minute gifts from Stand-Out.net. And if your girlfriend moans, tell her it’s NOT YOUR FAULT!

Happy Christmas!



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