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Boxfresh Clothing in Collaboration with Don’t Stay In

“Ahead of our time, but behind on our rent,” is the slogan you’ll see on one of the t-shirts from our Boxfresh clothing range. It’s also the philosophy of the Boxfresh clothing brand as a whole. Although they are in no way encouraging late rent and missed payments, this motto represents the Don’t Stay In clubbing attitude; party now, and deal with the consequences later.

Life and soul of the party, or just plain irresponsible? You decide.

Don’t Stay In is the world’s largest and most influential dance music and clubbing scene movements. With all the right music connections, such as Creamfields, History of Hardcore, Mixmag, Godskitchen, L.E.D Festival, LOVE-BUG, Cream Techno, and many others, this clubber’s events coordinator is a true bedfellow of Boxfresh clothing.


Boxfresh clothing is fresh out the box (literally), and is the epitome of rebellion, revolution and rave culture. The Boxfresh clothing brand was born out of the cultural changes in music from around the world, including drum & bass, garage, grime, dub step, acid jazz and trip hop. Today, Boxfresh clothing partners with Don’t Stay In of the global clubbing scene to bring you the Boxfreshers Tour 2010.

The first stop was in Liverpool on 20th September, headlined by Mixmag DJs, and our Boxfresh clothing has been flying off the shelf! Our Boxfresh clothing collection includes funky casual footwear, hoodies and baseball jackets, and a range of t-shirts ideal for clubbers.

Here at Standout, we don’t condone scratching into your landlord’s pockets by missing your rent. But we do love dance music. Whether you’re a fan of the commercial dance floor or you love the filthy beats of dub step, you’ll love our Boxfresh clothing range.

It’s inspired by music, and inspiring to music lovers. Shop online for Boxfresh clothing now… Posted by for Stand Out.

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