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Bright coloured chinos and trainers – how times have changed!

A couple of years ago my football team decided to have a rainbow themed Christmas party, no not the TV program with Zippy, George and Bungle, but for each person to pick a colour out of a hat and go out dressed in just that! My colour was red, which at the time I owned nothing in that colour! So I decided to pop to my local shopping centre and have a browse around the cheap stores like Primark. I managed to find a cheap pair of bright red chinos and a red shirt and decided to paint an old pair of plimsolls red as didn’t want to splash the cash on a pair of shoes I thought I would never wear again! It was a great night out and lots of banter with all the lads. I threw away the shoes and the red chinos soon followed after being at the bottom of my wardrobe for months never being worn again!

Now it’s crazy to think today my wardrobe is filled with about 4 different shades of red chinos and every week I go out more and more guys seem to be wearing them, now if I kept the bright red chinos I would be wearing them every week! Chinos in a variety of colours seems to be the “in thing” at the moment and I would be surprised if you didn’t own at least a classic sand colour, like the chinos by Bellfield (they go with pretty much everything)!

Mens Chinos

The moral of the story is to keep hold of your clothes for as long as possible as fashion is always changing and you never know when that shirt or pair of jeans you haven’t worn for ages will be the next best thing! I even just got a new pair of red Vans, although they are a lot better than my painted plimsolls!

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