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Brighten up Your Spring with a Check Shirt

Most of the clothes we wear today have their origins in the work wear of our ancestors, denim jeans are the most obvious example of such clothing.  Checked or flannel shirts were originally worn by lumberjacks and have now been adapted by designers to become one of the staple fashion items in our wardrobes.  The designs of the shirts have become more tailored and the material is much more refined giving a sense of style and a classic appearance.

Each Brand Has its Own Style

Whether you are wearing your shirt to go to the pub or for a spring stroll in the countryside there is always going to be a plaid shirt to suit your look.  With the different cuts and patterns available you will also be able to select a brand that makes your body look the best it can be.  Here are three classic pieces that are varied enough to help you to make a choice about shape and style.

Voi Jeans Steel Grey Voyage Shirt

This grey and blue plaid shirt from Voi Jeans is made from 100% cotton and has button detail on the pockets and cuffs.  The overall style is quite fitted on the torso allowing you to show off a well toned chest and a slim waist.  You would not look out of place anywhere wearing this shirt.

voi shirt

Levis Dress Blue Check Sawtooth Western Shirt

This classic red and grey checked piece from Levis is again 100% cotton with white button detailing.  It is slightly looser fitting giving a slightly more casual look.  The obvious accompaniment to this shirt would be a pair of classic Levis 501 jeans and converse trainers.

levis shirt

Hilfiger Denim Navy Blue Stuart Check Shirt

In classic Hilfiger Blue and white checks, this 100% cotton shirt would be great to wear for a lad’s night out. The style is quite loose and very comfortable allowing space for a delicious meal before you hit the town. 

diesel shirt

Wear your checks like Bendtner

It seems that everyone is into checks at the moment even Arsenal’s part time striker Niklas Bendtner was spotted wearing a checked shirt and purple pants while relaxing in his apartment complex in Hertfordshire.  It seems that Bendtner is one to watch at the moment as he is experimenting with a variety of fashion ideas in between training sessions.

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