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Bring Out The Animal In You This Summer


Whether you are a keen surfer or just like spending time in the great outdoors you will be very familiar with the Animal Clothing brand.  Animal clothing captures everything that is cool about living your life on the crest of a wave.  The origins of the Animal brand are pretty cool as the first product, the unbreakable watch strap, was invented in 1987 because two surfing dudes were fed up of their watch straps snapping in the water.  They set up a little watch strap making factory in the spare bedroom and sold their invention to their fellow surfers.  The watch strap proved to be popular and they sold enough to fund mega surfing trips to Australia and Hawaii.  It wasn’t long before other extreme sport enthusiasts such as; biking, snowboarding and windsurfing.  Eventually the two guys progressed to selling waterproof watches and then embarked on developing their own sports clothing brand for those who are really active and of course those who want to pretend to be active.

At Stand-Out.Net we stock a wide variety of Animal clothing for those who seek action and adventure and those who like to watch the excitement or just chill out.  Our Animal selection is very much about enjoying the outdoors and relaxing with friends and family.  We are going to focus particularly on swimwear and fun in the sun.

Animal Swimwear


With a wide choice of patterns and styles Animal enables everyone to look cool in their swimming shorts.  If you really like to stand out from the crowd these relaxed graphic printed swimming shorts would fit the bill.  If you would rather be a little more subtle, these fitted single coloured plain swimming shorts would certainly look good.  If you would like to see the whole of our Animal swimming shorts collection, please click here.

Animal Flip Flops

flip flops

In a previous blog post we looked at ‘Why we love flip flops’ and ascertained that its was simply because they are cool to wear and make a lovely flippy floppy sound.  Animal have designed a selection of fabulous flip flops that vary in colour and have different shaped T – bars.

Animal T-shirts

t shirts

You always know that a t-shirt is an Animal t-shirt simply because it has a huge Animal logo on the front.  Sometimes the logo can be a little more subtle like the little one in this two toned long sleeved t-shirt.  Animal also like to decorate their t-shirts with philosophical graphics such as in the case of this, ‘Love Hurts’, t-shirt or the, Wish You Were Here’, t-shirt.

Animal clothing is a brand that you can rely on to make any experience you have fun and exciting, whether you are a; surfer, windsurfer, biker, swimmer or just like to observe – you will definitely find an Animal design to suit you.


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