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Burning Rubber – Converse Low Profiles

Things are hotting up here at the Stand Out HQ. We think we’re actually going to get into some training for one of those wonderful charity running races that everyone but us seem to enter every year. Don’t call us lazy though! We’ve been burning the midnight oil rather than rubber and spending all our time making sure we’ve built up the best ever collection of men’s clothes for you to enjoy browsing through. But of course that’s left us with very little time to get into training for anything other than making cup after cup of very strong coffee.

We’re particularly attracted to the shorter distance runs. We wouldn’t want to wear out our new converse low profile trainers just after we’ve managed to get hold of some of the best styles and colours that are out there. And you can only get hold of them from Stand Out today!

Converse Low

We think the Converse Low Profiles might be a little on the precious side to actually wear them to run a 5K dash for a charity, plus if we need to actually train for this marathon I wouldn’t want to cover the gorgeous bright colours and white rubber with mud too soon. Anyway the very thought of getting up early every morning for a training job round the park is already making me feel like staying in front of the TV with a beer. Maybe we’ll think about the marathon idea again next year instead, after all you shouldn’t rush these things, should you?

To get your hands on a pair of classic Converse Low Profile Shoes visit the Stand Out online shop today! We’ve got the lot in stock right now just for you to order online in comfort from your home. Posted by for Stand Out.

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