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Carhartt WIP – Brand Focus

If you didn’t already know about popular street-wear and skate brand Carhartt, it’s about time you updated your knowledge on what is popular on the street.

Carhartt is a brand that primarily focuses on work wear and was first established in 1889 in Michigan. At this time it was all about steam, steel and locomotives. The Carhartt family started producing work wear after some in depth market research with the railroad workers. They were in dire need of quality work-wear that could stand the pressures of working on the railway. The Carhartt Bib Overall was born with this motto alongside it “Honest value for an honest dollar”.

The company stayed true to this motto and word was quickly spreading that a new hardwearing brand of work wear was available. It wasn’t long before the company was a hit from Paris to New York.

The brand supported industrial workers and even went on to support the US Army during the war. It was during this period of time that a classic was produced, ‘The Carhartt Chore Coat’ and it has remained almost identical to its first design back in 1917.

Fast Forward 100 years and we find ourselves here today with Carhartt still a prominent clothing brand. The brand has now become extremely popular with everyone from Hip – Hop artists to skaters to models on the catwalk. The brand saw a huge rise in popularity in the 1970s when city kids witnessed a number of crack dealers wearing the branded jackets. It was not long before hip hop artists were brandishing the Carharrt logo all over our screens and the street cred went through the roof. Since then we have seen Carharrt featured a number of times in the mainstream media, most recently when the cast of the movie Interstellar wore Carhartt jackets.

Carhartt has built up a huge cult following and it is easy to understand why it has become popular. Not only does the brand produce some industrial inspired on trend clothing, its also produces clothing of exceptional quality that has been seen to stand even the Earths most rugged conditions which is testament to their tagline “Outworking them all since 1889”.

Carhartt Wip Soft Rose/White College Script Logo T-Shirt £29.95

Carhartt Wip Soft Rose/White College Script Logo T-Shirt

It’s a pastel colour and we love it. A great summer tee and looks perfect against khaki chinos.

Carhartt Wip Parsley/White College Logo T-Shirt – £29.95

Carhartt Wip Parsley/White College Logo T-Shirt

A majority of Carharrt clothing features big, bold, punchy logos and this is no exception. This varsity style college tee is a great addition to your wardrobe for any casual affairs.

Carhartt Wip Black Nimbus Pullover Logo Jacket – £144.95

Carhartt Wip Black Nimbus Pullover Logo Jacket

This is an extremely popular jacket that also provides the perfect shelter from any unexpected downpours this summer. If you’re heading to a festival in the next few months then this jacket is one you do not want to leave behind.

Carhartt Wip Blacksmith Rinsed Presenter Chino Logo Shorts – £59.95

Carhartt Wip Blacksmith Rinsed Presenter Chino Logo Shorts

Exceptionally stylish and extremely comfortable. The Carharrt chinos come a range of colours and are a favourite among skaters for their durability and movement, not to mention how great they look.

So, if you wasn’t already a Carharrt fan, we hope you are now.

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