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Celebrating Father’s Day in Style

It is a fantastic weekend for Fathers, first we have England Playing Italy on Saturday then we have the prospect of a slap up meal on Sunday to celebrate all things paternal.  If you are not a father you are most likely to be a son and therefore choosing a suitable gift to show your appreciation of the times your Dad acted as; taxi driver, football coach, bank and many other thankless deeds that we only appreciate as we get older.  There are many gifts you can choose to give your father but time is probably the one he will appreciate the most.

Origins of Father’s Day

The cynics amongst us generally consider Father’s Day to be a celebration manufactured by the card companies to generate a bit more cash in the wake of the well established Mother’s Day celebration.  However, although commercialised celebrations of Father’s day are less than one hundred years old it is thought that its origins are from the Pagan worship of the sun and universe – the Sun is considered to be the father of the universe.  Really it doesn’t matter how the celebration started because it is a wonderful opportunity to thank your Dad for everything he has done for us throughout our lives and laugh about the times that you came to blows when you were trying to exert your independence as a man!

Possible Gifts

We have raided our accessory section to suggest possible gifts you could give your Dad this year starting with sunglasses to tie in with the concept of the Pagan celebration of the Sun being the father of the universe.  All of our sunglasses are from the Bellfield range and have fantastic reductions at the moment.

Bellfield Gold Aviator Sunglasses

If your Dad is a fan of Top Gun then these sunglasses are the pair for him at only £11.99 you can afford to show your dad how cool you think he is.  These Bellfield Gold Aviator Sunglasses just make anyone look like Tom Cruise and show your father to be the action hero he is!!!

bellfield sunglasses

If your Dad has to wear a suit to work and favours cufflinks over buttons we have a range of good quality good value cufflinks for you to choose from.

Novelty Black Football Pitch Cufflinks

As it is the World Cup we thought that these Novelty Black Football Pitch Cufflinks may be truly appropriate particularly if your Dad likes football of course.  These delicately designed cufflinks are presented in a designer box making them a special gift for any father.

football cufflinks

Your Dad has probably opened his wallet to pay for your existence more times than you would dare to remember so it is likely to be wearing out a bit by now.  Our range of good quality good priced wallets would make a fantastic gift – you can even choose a wallet that may have meaning for him and you.

Mustard Black Pulp Fiction Wallet

This wallet will bring back memories of the 1990’s – a time when your Dad would have been learning all about the world before the words ‘Credit Crunch’ and ‘Recession’ became part of our everyday language. This Mustard Black Pulp Fiction Wallet has the characters from the film emblazoned across the front and brings back happy memories to those who were young that time period.


However you choose to celebrate Father’s Day – as long as you let your Dad how much he means to you it doesn’t really matter what you do.  To have a look at our complete range of gifts check out our website www.stand-out.net for more ideas!

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