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Check Out Our Vintage Gola Bags

Here at StandOut, we’re extremely excited to announce the arrival of our Gola bags… in vintage…

That’s right, vintage. Not only do we stock a huge range of Gola bags, in the most funky and retro colours, but we now have three fantastically antiquated and perfectly matured antique Gola bags.

With that superb back-to-school look, Gola bags help to bring out the youth in all of us. Gola is one of Britain’s oldest sporting brands and offered in two superb ranges, Gola Classics and Gola Sport, this vintage sporting brand really brings us back to the oldschool times, with oldschool tunes and retro fashion. Whether it’s nostalgia or flair, practicality or just utter good taste, Gola bags are a portal to an era of the groovier kind.

Gola Vintage

With no real answer of where the GOLA name is actually derived from, some of us can only speculate that with its sporting background, the word is a simple anagram of the word ‘goal’. As this still remains a mystery to us all, Gola bags are a fashionable choice for the enigmatic male who loves a bit of mystery in his life. And any man who loves to look funky, loves Gola bags. Why? Because turning function into fashion is easy; carrying a spare pair of trainers and a can of deodorant can be a trendy odd job. So here at StandOut, we are proud to stock a vast collection of Gola bags, and now including the fantastic the range…

Shop online today and find the Gola Redford Vintage Dispatch bag in three different designs. Posted by for Stand Out.

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