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Chinos: The Smarter Alternative to Jeans

If you’ve been living in your jeans for the past two years then it’s time break out of your style rut. Chinos are the new jeans and without them, your wardrobe will be left behind, so get a pair of these cotton twill trousers right away.

Military Service
Like many items of popular clothing, chinos have their roots in the military. Originating from the 1840s when British soldiers realised that their bright red uniform made them an easy target. They dyed them the colour of the Punjab terrain- ‘khaki’, and camouflage became military standard the world over. Manufactured in China, they became known as chinos, as they became better known as wars waged across the centuries.

On Campus
In America in the 1950s, jeans were not allowed on campus, so university students returning from the end of the Second World War would wear their military uniform instead. They became a staple of university and college life, they were teamed with button down shirts and loafers- the ultimate and original preppy look.

The Duality of the Chino
In the later part of the twentieth century, the chino was adopted by the wealthy as leisure wear, as well as by youth culture who wore them low-slung as a rebellious alternative to jeans. This is still true today, as you can dress up your chinos with a white shirt and a blazer and look like a millionaire, or wear them low with a printed tee for a relaxed and casual look.

The Coloured Chino
A surge of popularity in the coloured chino, as opposed to the traditional khaki, means that the chino is discovering a new height of popularity. You have to be brave and style them carefully, but a pop of colour can look bold. Pair with a t-shirt or jumper in neutral colours or something in the same pallet and you’ll have the sophisticated look down to a tee. Pick a pair in a hardier fabric and you’ll have a wardrobe staple that will not only look good in summer but will keep you warm in winter too.


If you’re looking for a new pair of chinos, whether in the classic and traditional khaki or in a bright and bold colour, chinos from Stand Out is the place to be.

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