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Choosing Wardrobe Staples that can Apply to any Occasion

Apparently we only wear 10% of the clothes in our wardrobe because we tend to choose our favourite garments to wear and leave the rest for special occasions.  The fashion team in the,’Men’s Health’, offices compiled a list of twenty four items that include a variety of formal and informal clothes and shoes that can be mixed and matched.  We think that twenty four staple items is a little excessive and are going to choose selection of clothes that no self respecting bloke will be without!

Smart Shoes

Keep it simple and opt for practical smart pair that will suit being worn with jeans or a suit – why bother filling your wardrobe with lots of shoes that you are unlikely to wear. We really like these cool H by Hudson Washed Tan Angus Shoes because they have the duel personality of looking formal when worn with smart trousers and will look great with jeans too.  We like interesting details and the shine of the leather

h by hundson


Let’s face it when faced with a choice of shoes to wear – our comfortable trainers will always win hands down.  These days if you are not wearing trainers to specifically do sporting activities the choice you have is quite vast.  We quite like these Vans Navy Old School Trainers because not only are they are a nostalgic throw back to when we were kids but also because they are so comfortable to wear.

vans trainers


We are opting for this not too scruffy pair of Diesel Dark wash Carrot Jeans because we know that you have plenty of scruffy jeans hiding in your wardrobe.  The style allows you to dress both casually and smartly without looking as if you have just been painting or doing any other DIY type of activity.  They will also look great with the H by Hudson Shoes!

jeans diesel


It is so tempting to fill your drawer with impressively designed t-shirts and wear them with pride, however there are times when you need to wear a t-shirt that is understated and will go with anything.  There are lots of white t-shirts to choose from but we have settled on this White Denny T-shirt by Farah Vintage.  The old style design means that it is slightly fitted but not too tight or to baggy and would look great under either a blazer or a zipped top.

farah vintage white denny tshirt


As we are heading for warmer weather the type of jacket we need to wear is as much for show as it is for practicality.  We have chosen this UCLA Kenneth Jacket because it looks summery and is also practical at the same time.  Its varsity jacket qualities mean that you can get away with wearing it in the evenings in the beer garden.

ucla jacket


Finally we have chosen a Hilfiger Denim shirt to round off our very small capsule wardrobe.  We particularly like this crisp white offering of a Hilfiger Denim Classic White Thomas Shirt.  You just can’t go wrong with a classic like this and it will dress up or dress down for any occasion.

hilfiger denim shirt


Well we have shown you a very select few of staple clothes that you can choose from to give you a head start with your clothes choices this season and will continue to explore what’s hot and what’s not for the summer season.

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