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Common fashion mistakes men make

Now, no one is immune from making a fashion mistake from time to time, even the red carpets around the world have seen their fair share.  Let’s be honest, making the best dressed list isn’t a concern for most of us but if you are worried about making a slip up here and there, this list points out a few of the most common fashion faux pars we see men making:

1.       Wearing socks with sandals

Yes, that’s right, people are still doing this! This is generally a look reserved for your dad (sorry dads!) but occasionally we see others joining in too.  Really, if you think about it, wearing socks with sandals completely defeats the purpose of sandals.  If it is too cold to go without socks then maybe you should be wearing trainers and if you’re off to the beach, why would you want to get sand in your socks!? Let’s just all do ourselves a favour and have these two kept strictly as far apart from each other as possible.

2.       Overdoing the labels or patterns 

Now don’t get us wrong, we love our wonderful brands and labels, however, if your favourite top is one of those that comes with a big, bold logo it may be best just to wear one logo per outfit and keep your other brands low key and discrete.  One logo, like this Diesel Alin T-shirt, or monogrammed piece per outfit will help you express your love for the brand in question, but anything more may be verging on tacky.  After all, you don’t want to look like a billboard do you?

The same goes for bold patterns – team them with something plain and simple to avoid making people feel dizzy when they look at you.

diesel t shirt


3.        Wearing running shoes outside the gym.

We’re afraid to say it but running shoes should be reserved for running, sports and the gym ONLY.  If you like to keep it comfy when out and about stick with a casual trainer or plimsolls instead.  They can look stylish and smart and not as though you are about to start a sprint.

4.        Oversized or undersized clothes.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a man in clothes that are clearly struggling to hold him in.  If you’ve put on a few extra pounds, invest in a couple of new items until you can work off the excess. Although it can be a bit depressing, it’s better than having button marks permanently imprinted into you and believe us you will look much better for it.

Not wanting to sound too picky but the same kind of goes for oversized clothing too. It may have been all the rage in the 90’s to look like your shirt was drowning you but not so much any more. If you are a larger man, loose clothing can make you look even bigger so stick to wearing the right sized clothing for you, you will always look best in clothes that fit you properly

5.       White socks with smart shoes or suit

This is indeed a common sight! All we can say is that white socks should probably just be reserved for the gym. Socks should match the colour of your trousers for a more streamlined look.

6.       Creased clothing

If you are going to wear a smart shirt, like this Farah Vintage Brewer Shirt, it needs to be un-creased and crisp otherwise it defeats the intended formal look.  A crease or two in the wrong places can give a bad impression at a formal event or at the office, so don’t skimp on the ironing guys!

farah vintage shirt

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