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Converse All Star Trainers Inspired by Musical Legends

Music is the food of love, and here at the StandOut office, there’s an awful lot of love! Because we eat music, sleep music and wear Converse All Star trainers like true rock kids.

Well some of us wear Converse anyway. Here at StandOut.Net, we’re a perfect mix-bag of jocks, cheerleaders and long-haired, hairy bellied bikers, so we all have our own unique fashion sense. If you’ve been following our blogs, you’ll probably have gathered by now, that we also like to exaggerate. So we could well be, in fact, a bunch of shirt and tie wearing squares. But I can assure you – we’re not.

Are you rock ‘n’ roll enough to fashion a pair of Converse All Star trainers? Do you throw televisions out of hotel windows? Have you been caught out in a drug scandal? Okay, so maybe you don’t have to be that extreme, but if you’re a bit of rough, a bit of rock, and a little bit of roll then you’ll probably salivate at the thought of rock-inspired Converse All Star trainers (It’s ok, we all drool from time to time). This is the latest craze from the Converse brand. If you hate music festivals, guitar solos and mosh pits, then turn away now. This is a square-free zone. Entry is open to crazy rockers only.

Converse All Star trainers have long been integrating the famous Chuck Taylor logo into all aspects of modern and street culture. But unlike your clean cut, underwear-modelling, chiselled Calvin Klein number, Converse All Star trainers are a little more ‘off the beaten track’. Add a tablespoon of alternative, a sprinkle of edginess, an ounce of anarchy and a touch of enigma and you get Converse All Star trainers. But it doesn’t stop there. The latest Converse All Star trainers collection is inspired by no other than the most notorious rock legends of our time…

Converse Rock

Celebrating 30 Years of London Calling

The Clash, Kurt Cobain, Metallica, AC/DC. What an incredible line-up! These artists define rock music and everything that it stands for. As long as you consider yourself to be rock ‘n’ roll – you are. So whether you’re throwing TVs out of windows on a Friday night, or curled up in front of your TV watching Harry Hill’s TV Burp – as long as you love loud music – you’ll always find comfort in Converse trainers. The new music collection has been inspired by the 30th anniversary of the London Calling album, a band as powerful as electricity itself, the most famous face of grunge, and the pioneers of metal. Visit our Converse page to find the latest Converse All Star trainers. Posted by for Stand Out.

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