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Converse All Stars – Rock ‘N’ Roll Footwear for 60 Years

Converse All Stars are perhaps the most famous and most iconic items of footwear ever to be worn and they remain hugely popular today, despite the fact that they came into being way back in 1908. Not many clothing items can claim such a thing and the persisting popularity owes a lot to rock ‘n’ roll music.

All Stars were designed as basketball shoes and were worn primarily for sport until the 1950s, when a new social phenomenon was emerging: rock music. Rock ‘n’ roll developed from American blues music and it captivated the 50s youth, but they needed a uniform to identify themselves. They donned leather jackets, denim jeans and their footwear of choice was Converse All Stars.

Converse All Stars

This adoption gave these simple sneakers a sense of cool that is incredibly hard to achieve and from the 50s until today, All Stars have been part of an alternative scene that has included rock, metal, hip hop, grunge, indie, emo and numerous other subgenres of music and so, 60 years on since fledgling rock ‘n’ rollers started wearing this footwear, Converse All Stars are still the epitome of cool. Posted by for Stand Out.

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