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Converse High Top Trainers – Keep the White Bright

Ok, so you’ve got your new smart Converse High Top trainers out of the box and they are sparklingly pristine. In fact they’re almost too pretty to wear and risk getting muddy but not to worry your white canvas trainers are easy to keep clean at home without even buying any fancy new polishing products.

Converse Trainers

Cream cleaners such as CIF can be used to buff up the bright whiteness of your shoes. Some people even just chuck them into the washing machine on a low temperature cycle. You might want to place your trainers inside a pillow case to make sure that none of the attachments on the boots get stuck in your washer and break it as they’re spun round and round. And remember to remove the laces. Laces can be washed separately or you risk losing them in the edges of the washing cylinder. Sometimes the inner soles are made of unwashable materials so it might be a good idea to take those out prior to a washing machine spin too.

Other options for keeping your trainers as white as bright could be:

  • Delicate use of bleach (very delicate)
  • A stiff brush to remove caked on mud (but be gentle with it)
  • White shoe paint (as used for tennis shoes)

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