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Converse – Originality for Millions

Converse has become a universal brand over its 100 year lifetime, from its inception as a company making simple rubber shoes – through its associations with basketball and squash – to a label worn by millions. From rock stars to the average guy on the street, Converse shoes have an enormous appeal and yet people can still look original in them. This is partly thanks to the various styles of Converse available.


Converse American Hi Trainers
These sneakers are ideal for fans of the ol’ US of A as they are bedecked with stars and stripes.

Converse All Star Leather Ox Trainers
All Stars are the classic Converse design and this pair is covered in leather rather than fabric for an alternative look and an added hardiness.

Converse Low Profile Chambray Shoes
The slim, low profile vulcanised sole is the standout feature on this pair of stylish Cons.

These are just a few examples of the multitudinous designs available, so despite their popularity Converse can still create an original look. Posted by for Stand Out.

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